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02 May 2012 20:02:53
I live/work in Russia and big rumours Sunderland are in talks with Lacina Traoré (born 20 May 1990 in Abidjan), an Ivorian footballer, who plays as a striker for Kuban Krasnodar in Russian Premier League.
Brilliant player the new Drogba 6ft8 tall but good on the floor aswell as in the air.Great first touch and strong as a ox.Pace and power suited to the premiership without a doubt.
Story in various russian papers and media.

Clive Thompson

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Hope so. Know mon was in europe checking out players last week

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Dream on you will end up with davies,fletcher,heskey

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Why or why do sad asda dwellers from the depths of the unclean always come on our sites and slaver so much crap? I would never type in their name in any search engine it would tarnish my fingers for the rest of my existance! Stick to your own sites I hope that the cats sign some good players and we can progress onwards and upwards.

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02 May 2012 17:59:29
Kevin Davies,Dunne,and Hooper are almost done deals. Mon is tracking Broadfoot (Rangers) and Snodgrass (Leeds). Be a few to leave,squad too big at present and overloaded with sub standard players.

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Davies maybe. The others are rubbish

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What thrilling signings

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I quite like snodgrass, but we have mcclean, a johnson would be a great signing for us

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02 May 2012 17:06:47
mon at chelsea tonight who do ye think his looking at cant see it being one of the skunks though ba would be easily in our price range with his sell out clause and wages

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No-one from either team tonight would take a massive step back in their career so maybe he is going to see other formations other than 9-1-0 and pick up some tips?

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Kalou or Ba I'd say, some deluded geordie was saying Alex song to buy for next season, now why would song take a huge step back and sign for the skunks!

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Ba are u having a laugh can u see him leaving a team in europe to come to sunderland bottom half...yer you could meet his clause release fee that does not mean he will leave....edd could you clarify some thin if your release clause is met does does mean u have to go and the club have to sell or not....smb {Ed001's Note - they are not set in stone in the UK, not legally enforcable. But they just mean the team has to accept the offer, the players often reject the offer.}

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If sunderland match the clause and offer him 10 to 15k a week more then i think his agent will advise him to take the deal just like tiote cabaye krull cisse ben arfa if chelsea or man city/utd or any side in europe come along and offer to put a 1 in front of what they getting now then they will be off so worry about ye own team for if they as good as you think then you will have no one playing for ye next season

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Point is we want players who play for the shirt not just the cheque,so if they chase the cheque then i for one will be glad they are gone.

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02 May 2012 07:38:11
sess is happy on wearside and is stayin at safc so thats good news to wake upto

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Lol mackems ain't even happy on wear side nothing happy about the place

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