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30 Aug 2012 23:02:06
SAFC rumours please

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Dempsey will be a Sunderland player by end of the day 100% true

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Dempsey rejectes villa

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Liverpool Before The Deadline

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30 Aug 2012 21:55:36
Bryan Oviedo fc copenhagen left back now linked to safc, you heard it here first

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Hes coming to everton, back up for the best left back in the league Leighton Baines

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Cole is the best lb in the league. Safc93

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Colback is

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Can't believe we are still looking for a left back, that we have not signed another ball-winner for MF, or that Bramble/Kilgallon might still get the odd game. Attacking options greatly improved this week, but defense still needs attention. When you have spare defenders that not even championship sides are looking to take on a permanent basis you know you need better players.

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Defo rid of Bramble & Ji Don, Kilgallon i'd keep, need a left back, another striker therefore possibly let go of Campbell, as with tough tackling midfielders we have Catts, Vaughan & Gardiner!

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30 Aug 2012 21:55:10
Mk dons away in the league cup. Don't fancy newcastles chances away to man u. Safc93

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We have a tough game tbh but these lower division teams are never a walk in the park my friend.....k

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Your right. As we found out against notts county and you lot found out against Stevenage 2 seasons ago. Safc93

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30 Aug 2012 20:44:05
Who do you think may come in that we are linked with:

Danny Rose - Loan


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Defoe just signed a contract extension with spurs, would'nt have left london anyway

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I think (my opinion only) that we will get 2 players. Danny Rose and maybe at a push Clint Dempsey. If not Dempsey then maybe Downing? Don't want him to be honest but he won't get regular football with that Sterling bloke that LFC have now. Great little talent that lad. But ye, 2 players, rose and dempsey.

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I admit to only watching half the Liverpool v Man City match but that Sterling lad seemed to run down blind allies, make poor decisions and bad passes. He must have been superman in the other half, or is it another case of over-rating some teenager. It was hardly the second coming of Ryan Giggs.

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30 Aug 2012 21:19:15
Now that Carroll has joined West Ham, it appears Dempsey will be on his way to Liverpool. Really hope Sir Martin still brings in another forward, but can't think of who else is available. Maybe Guidetti??

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Thought Lpool needed the money from Carroll to fund Dempsey, so hopefully they ll still be struggling + they have apparently made a bid for Sturridge.

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He's on his way to safc cos I say so

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30 Aug 2012 20:24:07
Carroll moving south so that means dempsey to liverpool.

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No not really. Heard liverpool after lorentte.

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Also LFC put in a bid for Sturridge!

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30 Aug 2012 20:23:18
top three signings after deadline in premier league:

1: rvp- man u
2:clint dempsey-sunderland
3:adam johnson-sunderland

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1 true but i would say
1:rvp-man u

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30 Aug 2012 19:44:19
Seen a few rumours that MON in london speaking to rose and trying to do a deal for dempsey. Safc93

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Sunderland to sign kaka in the biggest shock of transfer window

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MON was giving an interview at 7pm in Sunderland as per BBC Sport re Sess, so hes not in London.

He dis state there is likely more incomings and did confirm we want a LB and he has enquired about Dempsey, would love us to sign Dawson
(Steve f)

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MON at AOL,so stop talking poo poo.

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Berbatov going to fulham Carrol gone to west ham liverpool going to bid for sturridge could that mean dempsey is on this way.

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Is MON having trouble with his broadband aswell? ds (mackem)

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30 Aug 2012 17:57:29
The Best players bruce signed & let go as sunderland manager

Best Players signed:

Lorik Cana £5m
Darren Bent £10m
Lee Cattermole £6m
Michael Turner £4m
Alan Hutton(on loan)
Danny Welbeck(on loan)
Nedum Onuoha(on loan)
Asamoah Gyan £13m
Sulley Muntari(on loan)
Stephane Sessegnon £6m
Sebastian Larsson Free
Craig Gardner £6m
James McClean undisclosed didn't play under Bruce

Total spending as safc boss

Best Players let go:
Alan Hutton no permanent deal
Lorik Cana £5m
Kenwyne Jones £8m
Darren Bent £18m(rising to £24m)
Andy Reid £1m (he was back then not worth £1m to me)
Sulley Muntari (refused pay him the wages he wanted & he was worth £8m)
Jordan Henderson between £16 & £20m)
Asamoah Gyan (£6m loan fee)
Total income as safc boss
aprox £60m

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You're forgetting all the terrible people he signed eg. Paul McShane.

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And youre point is??

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Keane signed McShane

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Bruce was generally very good in the transfer market... and that was all he was good at

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True.. Bruce was good on the market, but MON has much more influence to get real good players to Sunderland.. he's MON and he is highly respected.. Bruce couldn't get players to play..

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30 Aug 2012 17:50:31
hello ages ago some one wrote a dream team mini league password and pin and i wrote it down disney was the password does anyone know the pin. dempsey to safc.... love u mon

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Sunderland to sign dempsey on a 2 year contract and danny rose on loan

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30 Aug 2012 17:16:04
Sky reports Rico poised to sign for Fulham, Does that mean MON poised to sign left back finally?

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30 Aug 2012 17:00:14
Downing to sign tomorrow. Have heard many rumours that this is true.

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No chance
did you just grab that name out of the air

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Where would downing possibly fit into our side!? we have mclean and johnson on the wings as well as larsson

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30 Aug 2012 16:42:27
Elmo loaned to Hull

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30 Aug 2012 15:34:09
strange timing i think, sess extends his contract and defoe imeadiately follows suit, makes you think if a trade deal was discussed

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Norwich and Wigan put 8m bids in for him but he wants to hold fire a little bit, maybe stoke or west brom could interest him in january.

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8mil bid for defeo? Lol

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30 Aug 2012 15:33:26
Great news about Sess signing a contract extension but lets be honest, it doesn't mean that much! just means he's safe until January!

Would love to see Dempsey at the SoL but again, i have my doubts, i really think its defenders we should be looking at, and i imagine that's MON first priority before we go chasing for more attack and flair?

Plus how much do we really know about whats in the youth squad, MON might find that he has a defender already capable, would like to see one of the younger lads break through. if not, Colbeck and Gardener can both play well in those posistions


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Gardner is not a right back, and the only reason they got away with it on Tuesday is they had nobody threatening them.

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30 Aug 2012 15:02:58
Sunderland are one of the clubs in talks with benayoun.

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30 Aug 2012 15:02:03
possible deadline day transfers:

danny rose-loan
clint dempsey-8m

titus bramble-1m
kieran richardson-2m
ahmed elmohamady-loan
conor wickham-loan
frazier campbell-4m

id be happy with this happening :)

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Wont get 4m for frazier. Maybe use him in part ex with dempsey

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No leighton baines then, lol


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Baines wanted a fish lot each week and sunderland said haddock away with ya lad

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As if we had a chance with baines,wishful thinking wasnt it,plus evertons half time pies are absolute tops.tk73

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No Cabaye or Tiote either, both going south.


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Blooming hake what a load of cods wallop, maybe you should try another plaice.

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Thought wed get money for Elmo in a permenant transfer but hes on premiership wages so it gets another player off the wages bill..well some of it

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Haha 'blooming hake',like it

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30 Aug 2012 14:54:13

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30 Aug 2012 14:49:11
Heard strong rumours 3 clubs in talks for Dempsey. Liverpool, Sunderland & West Ham. Think he is gonna sign for the Scousers but MON has other targets if this does not come off. Guidetti is still very much on the cards.

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Liverpool need to raise funds before they can buy

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30 Aug 2012 14:25:07
Squad after Dealine In My Opinion.


RB-Bardsley(once fit) CB-O'Shea CB-Brown (once fit) LB-Colback
RM-Johnson CM-Larsson CM-Cattermole LM-McLean


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Cuellar doesn't make the team then?

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So exactly what it already is?

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Defoe signs 3 year deal and stays at Spurs

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What about Cuellar?

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Nonsense, no way MON will not sign another recognised striker. Saha will play a bit-part role off the bench. If Fletch injured/suspended we are back to square one 'firing blanks misses - ooh errr !'

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Be lots of p***ed off Geordies if we do.
You can see all the barbed and pessimistic comments on this site. They are all from our cousins up the road. If they lose Cabaye or Tiote the Tyne will overflow with all their shed tears.

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Rubbish... forgot Cuellar... instead of Bramble. Thought there was somebody missing.

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And theres JI aswell

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30 Aug 2012 14:20:39
Dealine day deals IMO
Dempsey 8 million
M.Olsson 3 million plus bramble

Elmo loan (hull)
Richardson 2 million (fulham) today or tomorrow
Wickham loan (brighton)
Vaughn 3 million (swansea)
Campbell 3 million (huddersfield)

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Vaughan still not fit, so move for him unlikely.

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They look likely hope we get dempsey

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Id be dissapointed if Vaughn went good creative player

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30 Aug 2012 14:14:32
Sess just signed a new contract keeping him at the SOL till 2015 - great news! FTM

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What a midfield now ! Johnson Mclean Larsson Sessesnon lots of creativity and goal threat there !

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30 Aug 2012 14:02:18
BREAKING NEWS Sess has just signed a new deal to 2015 & that shakes off the rumours from bigger clubs such as spurs city gunners & French clubs

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30 Aug 2012 14:01:30
Fulham confirm Sunderland interest in Clint Dempsey. CMON

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Just been on ssn

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Berbatov having medical at Fulham - the plot thickens !

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30 Aug 2012 12:12:45
supposedly.....demsey,defoe and berbatov been signing every day since 2 weeks ago......k

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Sess going nowhere signed new deal today !! Haway the lads

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Berbatov at Fulham. Dempsey will go, but I don't see him travelling so far north. I think marquee signings over for this year, but still need a couple in- solid LB and reliable CB cover, someone else who can do Catt's role (and pass the ball?) as he is the only tackler left in midfield.

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Only the official safc site will tell us for certain...talking of which great news Sess signed up till 2015 having a new signing

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Catts only tackler left? What about colback then

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And Meyler aswell ...well need both to stay the way Catts clocks up the bookings and another one against Morcambe !

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30 Aug 2012 10:51:02
Ahmed El-Mohamady

Elmohamady nearing sunderland exit on a loan deal to hull for the rest of the season

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30 Aug 2012 10:14:18
Sunderland will look to bring in Danny Rose if Richardson leaves decent young player could do well for us.

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I Like Rose hes quick gets forward well and a good crosser ! would be a good edition but if its on loan we still need to sort out the left back berth permamently

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Could be useful if includes sale-clause at end of season otherwise why give experience to Rose at the expense of Blair Adams. Surely must prefer also obtaining more experienced left back

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Another name clutched out of thin air. He is getting into the first team, why move to Sunderland.

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We can play colback LB every time he plays in that position he is absolutely fantastic and also we have got a inexperienced LB called Jordan Edgan who is also every good I would like to give him the opportunity (princ£y)

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Your on about John Egan he's a cb. Blair adams is the left back

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30 Aug 2012 09:52:49
Sunderland will seal a year long loan deal for Danny Rose tomorrow.

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30 Aug 2012 08:04:00
berbatov is going to fulham. My sunderland contact tells me sunderland have agreed a deal for dempsey to sign. Announced soon. {Ed052's Note -

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So many people have posted this, it ain't gonna happen. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if it did, but it ain't!!

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Wish the Dempseygate saga would be sorted one way or the other soon please...also heard that no bids for stephen warnock so with richo leaving MON must have someone else in mind {Ed052's Note - he will go to Liverpool}

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There is no Demseygate, just people on here making up stories without absolutely no foundation.

If Richardson leave and I think it's far from certain, Rose would be ok. I do hope MON signs another forward, depending on how successful Spurs are Defoe could become available at the last minute.

We will look to offload Elmohamady, Campbell, Bramble and Whikham on loan to a championship club

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Dempsey was the alternative to Adam Johnson, so you can forget him.

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Campbell will be gone only if we get in another quality usual there will be a mad scramble up to the deadline of 11pm anything can happen

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If Adam goes to Stoke i can see Dempsey going to Liverpool at the last moment ! {Ed052's Note - Adam will go, and Dempsey will go to Liverpool}

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ED052 is Dempsey doesn't go to Liverpool you will look like the biggest person ever that's all you have been saying for weeks! {Ed052's Note - Wont care}

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