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30 Jul 2012 20:18:56
rumours on other sunderland sites saying that sunderland have put in a bid for aaron lennon and this is being thought over by spurs just hope sess is not part of the deal. also on the fletcher front wolves will accept 10mill but they are wanting wickham on loan

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Villa watching fletcher situation, sunderland bid is 10 mill wolves not interested as they paid 7 for him and have to give burnley 15 % sell on. wolves will only sell if fletcher puts in transfer request.

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Wolves will accept 10 mill as burnley are after sam yokes from wolves and will get him for free instead of the 15% sell on money,wolves will pocket 3 mill from the deal.

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Please let him go to villa instead

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I'm a Wolves season ticket holder and trust me Black Cats you want this player!

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Read the posts my friend. we DONT want him. very average and overpriced

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30 Jul 2012 17:04:41
sunderland will only sign Fletcher if he asks to leave. Gary Hooper will then become his priority signing with a tentative enquiry already lodged. Guideti from Man City is also on the radar of MON and the clubs are at the early stages of agreeing a year long loan. Martin Olsson could sign this week and the player is keen but no fee has been agreed yet.

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30 Jul 2012 16:49:21
Spoke to MoN, He said we are a long way from buying any one, but is hopefully to buy at least one player maybe two by the start of the new season. But is hopeful to offload a few more players.

That seems to surpeice me only after max 2 players, emmm

And I think the players he is trying to offload are Ahmed Elmohamady, Titus Bramble & Keiran Richardson.

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Yes, because MoN is going to tell you all this. Get real!

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Of course you spoke to mon i imagine he tells all his plans to everyone who asks him

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That's funny. MoN came round for a coffee morning with me and the girls and told me you're full of it...

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30 Jul 2012 15:55:15
O Neil has said we basically have 1 forward with Campbell and wants to play 4-3-3 so 3 new attacking players the first will be fletcher and we will pay full wack of 10 mil 2 nd signing will be aiden mcgedy reunited with o 'neil for about 6 mil and last on the right wing will be gouffran for 8 mil. Back ups will include wolfswinkl and Adam Johnson and hooper but that's only if we dont get our first 3 targets

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Then you woke up......

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Bang on the guy who wrote this heard exact same thing

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Mcxlean better than mcgeady hope we dont up our offer for fletcher dont rate him or hooper rather pay 6m to bring kenwyne back

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Hooper is our better than jones

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30 Jul 2012 15:34:44
Hi ed great site followed for years first time post tho! Sky say wolves are holing oit for 10 million for fletcher so i assume sunderland have offered less. I think 8 would be enough! Also a fact from last season "most headed prem goals last season was?" yep steven fletcher with 7 of his 12 prem league goals being headers! Mcclean and larsson have someone to aim for then we could do better than people think. If o'neill believes fletchers good enough then that will do for me! If it wasnt for him we wud be in the championship! Trust the messiah lads!

Also does anyone else think jack colback should have been in team gb? Hes better than joe allan in my opinion! Better than jordan henderson too!

Thanks again ed hope to become a regular poster!

Dave the mackem {Ed007's Note - Welcome to the site Dave.}

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Sound comments dave,we have to trust mon even though its a bit frustrating at moment. your right about colback too,probably should have made squad.

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Colback will be one of our main men this year,he was miles ahead of henderson then he got injured,lpool bought the wrong player teehee.tk73

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My gran is better than henderson agree big future for colback

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30 Jul 2012 11:30:08
steven fletcher deal to Sunderland should be completed by tuesday. Shane Long and Martin Olsson to become sunderland players.

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Fletcher maybe done by tuesday. Olsson strong chance of happening. Shane long no chance of happening will be a right winger coming in

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Absolutely devastated if fletcher is the best calibre of player we can attract. i foresee a long hard mid table finish again 10th at very best

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Fletcher has a good goal scoring record and with another top notch striker and top notch winger things will start to take shape.

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Totally agree If we pay minimum 12M for him it will be a "winter of discontent"

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Have patience.
Mon has said he is looking at two strikers if possible.
Fletcher is a great start.He scored 12 goals for a relegated team.
How many goals did we score when we were relegated?
How many goals did our top goal scorer get that season?

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I think we all should wait till the transfer window closes and judge mon then not on the 1st player he has bid for.

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If you do manage to sign Fletcher you will be buying a great talent. Never heard one Wolves fan ever criticize this bloke. He's what i would call an old fashioned centre forward . Great eye for goal and hard to mark in the air. He will do fine.
Any way .Good luck for the season.

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Fair play mate,you watch him every week. i personally dont think he's as bad as a lot of fans think. always looks to be working hard,handfull in the air,and an eye for goal. lets just see,if indeed we sign him!

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Agree with that he can score goal he scored against us this year and caused our defence problems with his presence

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At first i was a little sceptical about fletcher,but now i reckon he is the right player for us,he will frighten defenders if he gets the service,and he will get the service.if we do get him we just need a poacher to feed off him,i really think mon is going for the right player.safc have had nothing like him since sir niall.tk73

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Eye for goal??? HE ONLY SCORED 12 GOALS AND THEY WANT 15M FOR HIM!! much better players available for that price. he has been relegated twice in 4 seasons man. just not good enough.

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Our defense was shocking last year everybody caused us problems

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