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30 Nov 2012 21:12:34
Ellis Short will sell Sunderland in June if they do not finish in the top 10.

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How many times are you goingto put this on? Its Rubbish. Ellis would only sell if his stock were high, yer person!

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He wont get much for the club is we go down

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Dont know about Ellis selling the club ,but he must be thinking about some big decisions to be made very soon.After all he did not expect this situation,and i do believe he has tried to bring the club forward.These players will see this club go under,2 good managers and they still wont give 100%.

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Ellis is scouting the far east for investors as we speak then due talks with Mon this week

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30 Nov 2012 16:42:50
Sunderland are linked with a 10 mil move for hooper in My Mind a bargain! MADDOG99

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Hooper said he will only move to a club who can offer European football so that kinda means a no to safc

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Not worth 10 bob

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What coz he plays in Scotland? Fletcher played in Scotland yet he's worth 15M. Hooper is miles better than any striker at Sunderland. But he will not go to you, a step down in many peoples opinions.

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You mean a step down in YOUR opinion. Pleased to hear you mags are interested in mcgeady after you were cracking him up last season! He should rocket you up to the champions league places where you DESERVE to be! Dozy mags
Liono74 ftm

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I'm not a mag, I'm a Celtic fan. And it's would be a step down in HIS, MINE, EVERY CELTIC FANS & EVERYONE WHO RATES HIMS opinion if he left Champions League football to play in a relegation threatened team. He has ambitions of breaking into the England squad, just like Big Fraser Forster did playing in ahhhmm...Scotland

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His opinion ? And he's told you this? If he comes down ere he will get more wages and a better chance of an England call up

Some things are just too much of a pull

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No he hasn't told me, he's told the media if he leaves it will have to be for a team with European football. Don't be stupid he was going to be in the England squad against Sweden but he was injured. Do your research, Hodgson been watching him for months. How has he a better chance of a call up playing for a side with no service who are useless than playing and scoring in the Champions League. Deluded

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Sunderland = Relegation battle + no call up

Celtic = Champions League + call up


wonder which will be the bigger pull for Hooper

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If Hooper signs his new deal he will be on more than your top paid player

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Hooper england call up playing for celtic, your crazy, he has more chance of one with sunderland, look at johnson still gets an england call up

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Hooper current deal is 18k a week his new real 7s rumoured to be 28k a week and safc top paid player is Johnson and Shea on 70k a week.

Hmm interesting

Celtic couldn't afford 70k a week.

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Celtic are a selling club Fact, players want a challenge than boring 2nd rate scottish footy, premiership is the place to be, no matter what team, if Hooper gets 40,000 a week from sunderland then he will come

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Name a current england internationl playing in the scottish leagues nothing against scotland but the league is not upto championship level bar celtic while hooper is at celtic he will not play for england

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Fraser forster

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Been in squad but not played yet

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Still in current international squad

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30 Nov 2012 08:44:54
We've been linked with a 5m move for danny graham this morning. Don't know about anyone else but I would rather pay an extra 2 or 3 million for bent. Safc93

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I'd rather have hooper

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No point looking at goalscorers when there is no-one in the side making chances. A winger who can beat a man and cross accurately (on evidence so far this is more than Johnson can manage) or a midfielder who can take on opponents, make space for colleagues and then pass the ball into it would be a much better investment. Given that we apparently were unable to attract genuine class like Moses, maybe Burke or Zaha are more realistic targets.

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I would luv to see fletcher and bent up front!!
Jan transfer window, sign rose, then BENT, CENTRE BACK & QUALITY CENTRE MID

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I'd go with that or gary hopper or jelle vossen.chris33

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Someone's stalking Hooper!

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