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31 Mar 2013 21:43:52
David milliband has left the club as he doesn't like di canio's political views. No real loss really IMO. Safc93

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What did he say like?

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Was going to America anyway.

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Not loyal to his own party so good riddance to him!

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A neutral - Martin o neil is abit over rated to be honest, di canio is unproven, there are many clubs who would take the risk with him though, being a big club as Sunderland, they could of surely attracted top managers that were already proven? With experience and achievements on there CV. Time will tell. Sunderland have very hard fixtures coming up. It'll either be championship football next season or Sunderland will have a top manager in the making. DTM

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Totally agree with the bottom bit
But Chelsea were looking at Di canio until things got serious with mouriniho {Ed007's Note - Don't be so stupid.}

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Miliband endorsed and supported torture ("extraordinary rendition" via Prestwick airport to Egypt and other lovely secret prisons) and closed the foreign office library (several hundred years of history destroyed).

The sooner he leaves England the better.

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All this negativity is pathetic!
I was an MON fan, but his tactics, purchasing of players, and the lack of anything from the players has been pathetic.
The team need a kick up the backside, and he is just the man for the job. As far as some of the comments people are making on here, something had to be done and you are making references to "sacked" managers with no charisma such as Hughes and De Matteo. We have tried the best and there is no guarantee any manager will succeed. just ask QPR . Redknapp has been there how long?. and they will still go down.
Also what on eath has PDCs political views got to do with managing a football club! Absolutley nothing!
We have nothing to lose now, I think this could well be a brilliant move for both PDC and SAFC.

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O'neill was a bit over-rated? He was god when he first arrived? Just because you've got an underdog manager, who could do good or bad, you have no right to say o'neill isn't a good manager.

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Was really hoping that the Di Canio thing was an elongated april fools : ( Him and Cattermole will have an interesting relationship.

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Yeah he's definitely one to WATCH.

Graphite whizz

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If Miliband cared so much about the club why make such a noise when he resigned? All he has done is to create negative news for SAFC while giving himself a positive spin. A typical polictician that won't be missed. Forza Paolo!

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31 Mar 2013 21:36:03
We have officaly got paolo di Casio! let's give this a real go

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Bit anxious about this

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He did a great job at Swindon but he is an absolute nutcase, he'll be having fisty cuffs with any player who upsets him I fear. {Ed001's Note - he did not do a great job with Swindon, anyone could have won promotion with the amount he spent there! Have you not seen the state he left them in? Most of the fans there (and all of the staff) were glad to see the back of him.}

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I'm nervous because he may have a bit of flair
But the owner must have some balls if he's bringing a league 2 manager here

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Far from it, He was very popular down here. Got the job done, not just saying that because I live here in SWINDON, but I am originally from Sunderland. {Ed001's Note - your IP says you are nowhere near Swindon, but that is irrelevant, I know a lot of Swindon fans and a number of staff, he is far from popular with them.}

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Sorry ed you are not giving this guy a chance. see what he does by end of season. mind should been till then to start with! {Ed001's Note - my mind's not open? I am merely saying what I think of him, not how I think he will get on. I really don't see anything about the man to make him a good choice, even putting aside his vile personal beliefs. His involvement with Lazio's ultras is not relevant to his ability to manage the team, so I haven't brought that into it (well other than to mention it now), but his poor attitude to the people he works with and hot temper, they are different matters. Short term, I think he should be easily capable of keeping Sunderland up, but then I think O'Neill could have done the same. Long term is my worry, he has a tendency to upset everyone around him, stability is something he is not known for and stability can make a huge difference to a football club.}

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So its pizzas now instead of pies at the SOL! lol

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Ed is'nt Di Canio a fasist (going on your lazio's ultras remark ) {Ed001's Note - yes mate he is.}

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Ed: I assume therefore you saw plenty in Roy Keane to make him a good choice. His managerial record perhaps or even his people skills. Promotion in his first season after a poor start wasn't a bad effort was it.
As for political leanings and unguarded comments made in 2005, I for one had no idea about this until late yesterday.
Whilst not condoning any extreme views, it should be hoped that the press will soon be focusing on relevant football matters.
As for upsetting people around him, if you are referring to the players, well maybe they deserve it; they've been upsetting me all season. As you will be aware, there is no football structure now between Short and Di Canio, so the only others he could fall out with will be those he brings in himself.
We'd have had him in the Championship as our new boss in the summer, so why not now? It might just work - heres hoping. {Ed001's Note - I never saw a thing in Keane as a manager, always thought he was not suited to the job myself. He did do well initially, but players soon tired of him, I fear the same with Di Canio.}

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Ed don't think most supporters would agree with you that MON would have kept us up! he's not the same great manager he was! {Ed001's Note - I don't think he was ever a great, nor particularly good manager, myself. I hate his brand of football and his strange lack of ability to change anything, he would pick the same players to the point of exhaustion. He is always buying new players on huge wages to sit on the bench watching. I just never understood the media fascination with him.}

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Ed are you actually a sunderland fan if so have you been to any games this season now i'm not against anyones opinions but there is no way mon would keep sunderland up this season I for one really wanted him to succeed but if short had not made the decision then we would definitely be going down as his football tactics this year have been some of the worst witnessed in a long time at sunderland. {Ed001's Note - no, I am a Liverpool fan, but I do think there are a number of worse sides than Sunderland and I expect any manager to be able to keep them in the top flight this season. I don't dispute the need for him to go, merely the replacement chosen, who, in my opinion, is a disaster waiting to happen. The media will love him, because he is always in the papers, but that is not good management.}

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I agree that I was surprised MON was sacked so close to the end of the season BUT something had to be done! possibly indecision by Ellis Short who should have made this call a long time ago!

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It doesn't add up for me.

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What is a facsist? Ed? {Ed001's Note - I am not sure that this is really the place to get into it, but it is a form of extreme nationalism, a belief in the right of the strong to rule by force. It also believes in imperialism and the use of violent means to attain the goals it seeks, which could involve conquering Europe. Though I am sure Sunderland fans won't be complaining if Di Canio conquers Europe at the helm of the club!}

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31 Mar 2013 20:14:57
Paulo Di Canio to sign 2 year contact.

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Wanted a bigger manager with better credentials than Di Canio BUT ill give him the benefit of the doubt!. but on a permanent basis?. i'd have gave him till the end of the season to prove himself! its a big gamble!

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At least hell give us passion and drive. if we are to go down it should be with all guns blazing not with a whimper!

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Thats what we just had in oneill and look where we are now we are totally rubish. let's see the slackers take the mick with di canio in charge, they'll get a slap

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31 Mar 2013 18:26:23
di canio next manager-best of luck because you will need it-most of us swindon fans were glad to see the back of him even though he got us promotion. spent a lot of money and wasted even more money. many managers would have got swindon promoted with the squad he had so as a swindon fan it will be intresting to see the paolo circus from the out side rather than being part of it.

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I couldn't agree with you more! Di Canio is not the quality of manager some of the deluded readers on here thnk he is! Otherwise Swindon would be running away with the league and they arent!

Not experience enough for me and far too much of a nutter

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Paolo Di Canio
"The club needs to have set rules, which for me are discipline, desire, passion, work ethic and a determination to get the right results to make everybody happy, namely the board, the fans and the club's players and staff.

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Irony as they are the things that as a player and as a manager so far he has failed to show.

He loved making the players happy when he punched one, and the board when he broke into their office.

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Bit sour grapes mate if di cannio didn't have that spell at Swindon you would have still been in league 2 have gone into administration and been heading in the direction of the conference since he left your club are going in the opposite direction and what looked a certain play off place or straight promotion is disappearing. if di cannio can do for us what he did for you over the short time he was there the fans at the sol will be over the moon.

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31 Mar 2013 17:28:14
At least Di canio has a lot of passion and he will bring alto better talant in with a bit money, instead of boring English players that are past it. S. Rooney.

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Might nick a result on Saturday
Players want to make a good impression

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Us and villa are heading down the path

Past three years we have done nothing but sell our best players

Barry, Milner, downing, Young

Bent, Henderson, Cisse, Gyan

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Yeah but we have had more good players we haven't sold

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Cisse was in on loan mate

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Bent, Henderson, Cisse, Gyan

Bent: Not sold, engineered a move for more money.
Henderson: A midfielder who can't tackle, 24 Mill. in - good business
Cisse: Just a journeyman - canny goals v the skunks though.
Gyan: 'I'll give you a pound for every grain of sand on this beach'. [circa: local hero] {Ed001's Note - you got 16m for Henderson and he can score, which is just as important. Still, there is always Cattermole there, he can tackle after all, must make him worth much more.}

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Would love to see
Weimann and De Guzman heading our way in the summer

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Haway Ed, give your head a shake.
Henderson SAFC goals 5 in 76, Liverpool 6 in 86 and he couldn't tackle. Not my kind of midfielder, just like Catts, can't score! {Ed024's Note - Scored an important one today - probably more important for Sunderland than Liverpool.}

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Henderson starting to play well for Liverpool, big goal today may turn out to keep Sunderland up. Cisse ok for a loan spell but would never sign him. Bent did ok but had a team built arround him at Sunderland

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I like Henderson and all so the way Liverpool are handling the lad one day grooming him to replace gerrard and before anyone replies at this moment he can't tie gerrards boot laces but in 4 or 5 years time think Liverpool will have modelled him into the perfect midfield player good luck jordan

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He deserves the chances he's getting
Slowly becoming a very good player

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31 Mar 2013 15:56:02
right dicanio in let's get some passion and focus for chelsea because they are by no means unbeatable and we've done it before. first 3 of 7 survival points required to stay up. I think us fans are going to be as important as any manager for the remainder of season because if we turn on the lads we are down. pardew next for the dole queue

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Di Canio? Really? We sack a manager with plenty of experience for a nutter with absolutely non? Big wow he managed Swindon. This is not the type of manager we need. What an absolute farce. We will again be laughing stock.

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Give Di Canio a chance jeeze, we had well known managers before and seen what crap they have served up. Di Canio may well have only managed Swindon but I think he will have ambition and a lot of drive, you must admit we were going down and still might but with a bit of change at the helm we could pull it out the fire.

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He knows how to beat the mags

Ye lay off him a bit
Probably gunna be our new manager
He has been linked with Chelsea these past few weeks until mouriniho pretty much admitting he will go to Chelsea next season

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31 Mar 2013 14:24:57
Probably tampering, but Wikipedia declaring new manager is Di Canio. {Ed024's Note - anyone can ammend wiki - means absolutely nothing.}

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That said Ed, 1/6 on Di Canio.
That's drifted from 1/3 in the last hour.
Usually spot on ; looks like he's our man. {Ed024's Note - He might be - but never believe wiki ! }

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Is this a good thing or bad thing

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Talk sport just reported Sunderland in talks with Di Canio. Things moving fast now. Pizza for all and he doesn't need a new scarf! Mental but you got to love him.

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Ting now 1/12 on!
Next best Hughes 14/1 against. Much more of this and I see a suspension other than Catts.

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31 Mar 2013 14:11:18
Aston Villa striker Darren Bent looks Set to make a move back to former club Sunderland in the summer in a £9m move.

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Would be happy with that
But we should get him free because they still owe us money for him

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We have no targets now as we have no manager. Safc93

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Need a major re-shuffle in summer
Should target
Bent 7million
Rose 4million
Lescott. 4million
Dede 5million
Milner. 8million

We should sell
O'shea 1.5million
Bramble. 1million
Sess. 8million
Vaughan 3million
Westwood 4.5million
Graham. 4million
And a couple of youth players. 3million
So Ellis short will only loose about 10million (not that bad)

So our starting line up
Mignolet, Gardner, Dede, Lescott, rose, Milner, Anderson, Johnson, mcGeady, bent, fletcher

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Agree except westwood he is a cracking 2nd keeper to migs

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Ye but if mignolet keeps going the way he is, Westwood would get sick and want to leave which let's him go on the. Cheap

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Migs is playin that well that i'd b suprised if he was with us next season so personaly i'd take the gamble and have a good keeper if migs did fly the nest.

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Dede is worth at least £10mil mate, man city won't sell Milner for less than ten either

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Not long left on his contract MATE

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Someone has a temper. Dede is one hell of a player, can only see him looking for a top top team to go to to be fair

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look at all them good players and they r crap

Julio Cesar
All it's about, money
Give them money, they will come
I don't particularly respect the players for wanting more money but they will come

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What's the point of selling graham you don't understand football mate

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I think he should leave
He has done nothing and we need to get someone with a little flair

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Now is his chance to proove himself

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31 Mar 2013 14:02:16
mclarens agent has come out and said he has not been approached for the job and that we already have our new manager agreed. all over twitter di cannio is that man. bit of a gamble to me would have preffered di matteo but you can't knock di cannio passion.

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Good mclaren worst manager come in dicannio :)

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31 Mar 2013 13:17:11
Di Matteo for me no question.

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I agree. De Matteo or di Canio at least would have an idea of how to build a team who have some flare. They would have a better backroom staff too and scouting network. Too many steriotypical managers have come and gone. Keane, Bruce, McCarthy O Neil. let's get a bit of flare running in the team. Haway the lads

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Everything's going wrong
Wigan, Southampton and villa winning

shouldn't have sacked O'Neill
Even if we get a new manager he needs to get used to the players and they need to get used to him with only a few games left

Star players are either out injured or not performing
All sunshine and rainbows at Sunderland at the moment

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Villa got beat

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Thanks to ex Sunderland
Jordan Henderson

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31 Mar 2013 11:48:51
Sunderland have reportly asked for permission to speak to celtic manager neil lennon on taking over at sunderland

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Utter rubbish. go and mow the grass or something

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Don't lewearn anything from previous mistakes? Even O'Neill looked good at Celtic! We need someone who understands how to motivate players who are all millionaires and organise them to win at places like Wigan and West Brom on cold, wet November afternoons- not extract showboating performances three or four times a season against big European names. Lennon is a novice in Premier League terms- maybe he has what it takes but we would be crazy to let him try to prove it here!

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Lol why would neil lennon go to sunderland no chance of that happening would be a step down {Ed024's Note - more of a challenge from a one team league, but he's not the man Sunderland need}

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He would be a good call good manager young does well with little to no money got celtic to the last 16 with no money in the 2nd hardest group {Ed024's Note - not used to managing in a competitive league}

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Hes managed celtic in the champions league which is a step above the pl and got them to the last 16 with no money spent in the 2nd hardest group so he would have no problm managing sunderland {Ed024's Note - What do Beckham, Maradona and Zola all have in common - they are all shorter odds to manage Sunderland than Lennon - enough said.}

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31 Mar 2013 11:48:49
. It Is Paulo Di Canio next manager. You heard from me-LC first

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Its all over twitter and the bookies have him as a solid fav also heard that he has spoke to ellis short mate

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Would love to see someone like di Canio in, MOn should have been sacked ages ago we were so defensive and they just forgot how to attack. 3 or 4 wins at home all season is poor. Di Canio would be like a breath of fresh air

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Installed tomorr. -LC

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31 Mar 2013 11:13:58
So who does everyone want. For me its rdm or di canio. Safc93

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31 Mar 2013 11:08:34
Have to laugh at you Sunderland fans.

You sack the manager which is a very negative thing to do, and you are all acting like the club has turned it around.

You are going to find out very soon that MON was working miracles to have you above the bottom 3 at this stage of the season.

You are done for now.

No manager is going to want to touch Sunderland, not unless they come in for a boat load of cash and are allowed to leave at the end of the season. And those types will not care if you stay up or down.

MON loved Sunderland and was a respected manager before your lot ruined his good name.

If MON cannot motivate your players, trust me, there is no other manager in the world that can.

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We ruined MoN? No MoN ruined MoN with his poor decisions and tactics. Another pathetic post from a mag. Your super team is only 2 points ahead of us, Toon Doon.

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A maggie fan obviously. I soooo hope u go down!

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Does that original post sound a bit like what you did to the north east legend sir bobby robson rip great man

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31 Mar 2013 10:57:46
Please let's not waste this chance we have got left now bring in di matio or di canio or gus poyet or martinez young and hungry please please please do not bring in mcclarren would rather keep oniell

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31 Mar 2013 10:20:56
its a good job reading and qpr are in the mess they are or we could have both us and the skunks relegated. our problem is obvious to see we can't score a goal. we don't look too bad at the back with mignolet being outstanding. as for the skunks they look exciting going forward but poor at the back and always look as though they are going to concede. hopefully with a new manager we might have a change of tactics and get the points we need as for the skunks they are stuck with theirs so let's hope mr short brings in the right man
p. s jesus got resurrected on easter sunday do you think ellis has the new messiah lined up lol {Ed024's Note - I think new manager will be appointed soon .......just not announced immediatley out of respect for MON ....Hughes or Maclaren for me.}

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Would be open to McLaren ed would like di matteo myself and hughes would have been ok before he went to qpr but I was one of those that was over the moon when we got o'neill and was still hoping he turned things around. think majority of this season has been down to his tactics and playing players out of position in my eyes led to some players seeming as though they were not giving 100%. hopefully whoever we get can get the players minds right and ready for a battle

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Definately not Hughes for me, he is a failure as a manager, nor Martinez, 3 relegation battles on the trot is poor credentials. Peter Reid has been our best manager in recent years and was let down by not having any funds till it was too late, I would have him back in an instant. But whoever comes in has big task with this bunch of losers we have as players, hope they are proud of their seasons work. Chris-s

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Sunderland will stay up and finish above the mags mark my words

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It will be announced before Friday - Season ticket 2013/14 renewal deadline date.

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Could be today or tomorrow mate means short had someone in place before the game yesterday and it looks like di canio

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Even if we go down
I'll be at the front of the queue for a season ticket

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True supporter

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31 Mar 2013 10:18:40
Bring back Peter Reid

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Sorry mate never the same 2nd time around ask the mags about a certain kevin keegan

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31 Mar 2013 09:28:45
Ellis Short is a very shrewd man - even if MON kept us up he probably would have gone - wasn't motivating the team. A new face will change the dynamic and should lift the team. If Short had left it until we'd been relegated then the choice of manager would have been much more limited - now even if we go down we should be in a better position to bounce back as we will have a stronger manager.

I see Mclaren coming, he's available, knows the area and the fans, and he has a lot of experience.

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Steve McLaren is useless wouldn't want him at all roberto di matteo my 1st choice or Brian McDermott till end if the season

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31 Mar 2013 09:21:25
This isn't a rumour just opinion, I think Ricky sbeagia as manager till end of the season then we should assess our options pathetic acting now and getting in some inexperienced chaff

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Who says it will be inexperienced chaff?
Club has already stated that a new manager to be appointed in next few days.

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31 Mar 2013 08:54:18
It is not Steve Maclaren! From someone I have talked too Alan Curbishley flew up to Newcastle last week from Gatwick.

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Curbishly being lined up to replace alan pardew if as expected they are relegated

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31 Mar 2013 08:52:22
Id love to see Martinez in the lads dugout. Maybes the offer of a half decent kitty in the summer would would tempt him. We've got the attacking talent, its just finding someone to get it all going, he could be the man lm86

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He just seems like one of those managers wherever he goes will be involved in relegation battles

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31 Mar 2013 03:53:01
Next manager for me and I understand it would be a big ask to get him would be Slaven Bilic.

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31 Mar 2013 03:39:20
Steve Mcclaren and Di Canio early favourites but for me Ray Wilkins or Gus Poyet or es could want an American in charge like Bob Bradley ex usa coach.

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