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03 Jan 2012 22:42:45
Martin o Neil has sent scouts to look at Justin Rhodes for Huddersfield as got 20 goals already, fee of 2 million or 1.4 million and some low rate players in exchange being considered {Ed001's Note - he had a scout at Blackpool last night watching Matty Phillips.}

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Would that be jordan rhodes? according to an interveiw lee clark did a couple of weeks ago he said it would take a huge offer fotr him and huddersfeild to consider selling rhodes before the summer as they are chasing promotion! they wanting around 4 to 5 million for him!

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Martin O neil, will just spend all the money buying young players, which wont feature fully for another 5 years. Waste of time, but he chooses great future players, as well as increasing your wage bill.

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Won't be sold as lee clark says but 12million could see him leave huddersfield

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03 Jan 2012 22:10:23
think kieron richardson is off looking at him tonight well if thats the case bye never puts in 100% anyway

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He was messed about by Bruce. Played him at left back and made him look bad.
Consistently one of our best players, sorry to see him go.

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His passing is poor though but he has been a great servant to us

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Kieron is a far better player than most fans give him credit for. despite what bruce thought, he is never a left back. if the rumours are true i'll be sad to see him go

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Not saying hes a bad player just dont get the full game out of him

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Not a left back ? why are arsenal chasing him to be a leftback

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They have had a loan offer turned down i heard, who does wenger and arsenal think they are. give us 7m and you can have him if not f off you ugly git!

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Spot on m8

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03 Jan 2012 16:13:16
I'm hearing MON will try and bring Bent back to sunderland with homesick Craig Gardner going the other way. Would be brave from all parties, how do you think he would be welcomed back?

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With open arms

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If he scores the goals then he will be a fan favourite again

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Really do not see it happening tho

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As good as it would be for safc this will not happen! its common knowledge that bent didnt settle to well up here and wanted a move further down the country to be closer to his lass and his family so wont be coming back up this way!

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Bent was ready to move into a new house.but fell out with bruce

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Would be hard to forgive him but if he come back would be awesome

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Never going to happen, which is a huge shame. if he goes it will be to liverpool

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Why would he go to you when Liverpool want him.

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Bent will be a liverpool player this mth lol poor villa they still owe us money mon might get that lol

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Why did wickham come to us when liverpool wanted him, we beat liverpool to his signature and arsenal to larssons, enough said SGB!

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We couldnt match his wages

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Please take him back we want a refund. Rather lose him than gabby any day. Be happy you got big bucks for him! And while I'm on the subject of big bucks you better hope your chairman keeps throwing it at that big baby of a manager of yours because he will soon be off if he don't get his own way. Signed a lot of dodgy players for us for big money and high wages. 100m and got us to 6th (and wembley twice) then dropped us in the sh!t!

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Those were just rumours, liverpool didnt make an enquiry so that was just talk THICK SMB and if arsenal had offered larrson a big money contract he would have went there you SMB SMB

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But he didn't did he and they didn't offer him one so unlucky SGB, such bitterness and it sounds abit like worrying in your comment, we gonna catch you SGBS

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Yer bitter as in the summer we never even talked to him we offered 1 million i think in last january window and he wanted big wages like 60k a week and he,s not worth that...arsenal wanted him then he would be there

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Keep gardner bent left and let us down

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03 Jan 2012 15:53:58
Sunderland linked with pienaar, petrov, agbonlahor, dunne and warnock

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha not a chance why would any of them come here

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They might get signed up by the Loons first ha ha.

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Not warnock

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Links with old players...why not come here.

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I like a few of those but please not warnock

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Collins and agbonlahor would be nice

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You really think randy Lerner will let CEO and manager do business with MON after what he did? Haha is all I can write.

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Money talks

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How deluded are the SMB. Dreaming way out of your comfort zone. MON will be off as soon as he doesn't get the money he wants. same as he did at Villa.

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Thats 5 villa players you mentioned no way thats going to happen dream on mate

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Agbonlahor would been an amazing signing for us..

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03 Jan 2012 11:51:03
Why do we keep on being linked with Papiss Cisse?

Just another greedy player, who would never come here, unless he was on big money.

Stick with home grown players.

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03 Jan 2012 10:26:34
O'Neil is making a move for Roman Pavlyuchenko
and should be his first signing as the sunderland manager,and is also recalling gyan to resolve his striking problems

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He cant recall gyan recieved 6m for his services and year loan is the contract signed only emergency can recall him

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Gyan CANNOT come back within 1 year of leaving due to tax reasons. Pavlechenco will not sign for us either. How deluded are we getting? We have NO money unless mon shifts some deadwood out so lets be sensible in our posts,

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Oniell does have money to spend dont know where you got that from

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Probably the same place as the origional poster got gyans being recalled!

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Gyan out injured for five weeks!

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03 Jan 2012 07:28:33
Richardson to arsenal

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02 Jan 2012 23:47:00
Sunderland Transfer 2012:


James Collins - AVFC
Marcell Jensen - Hamburg
Maarten Martens - AZ
Ola Toivonen - PSV
Nafiu Idrissu - Asante Kotoko
Robert Mirosavic - Helsingburg
Craig Cunningham - Man.City
Cameron Park - Middlesborough


Craig Gordon - Arsenal
Ahmed Elmahamedy - Al Sadd
Stephane Sessegnon - Lyon
Nyron Nosworthy - Brighton
George McCartney - WHA
Cristian Riveros - Getafe
Marcos Angeleri - All Boys
Alejandro Gorrin - Las Palmas
Asamoah Gyan - Al Ain
Nicklaus Bendtner - loan cancelled

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Sess will not leave

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Guan is returning later this month

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Why would you want Gyan, tipical modern day footballer greedy and lazy. don't ever want too see him in a Sunderland shirt again.

Has for Sess first I've heard about this. But did hear that his family prefer to live in France.

Has for the rest of the players let them go.

Players coming in you've said, can not see it, Yes Maybe James Collins, Craig Cunningham, Cameron Park and Robert Mirosavic. Can not see Ola Toivonen, Maarten Martens and Marcell Jensen coming to the club. And please inlighten me who on earth is Nafiu Idrissu.
We will see.

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Not a chance of bringing in that many maybe 2 or 3 and gyan wont be happy to be brought back so whats the point in having miserable player. thats why we loaned him in first place cos he didnt want to be hear

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Gyan CANNOT come back within a year

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Gyan can come back its called negotiating?

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Nyron Nosworthy - Brighton
George McCartney - WHA
Cristian Riveros - Getafe
Marcos Angeleri - All Boys
Alejandro Gorrin - Las Palmas
Asamoah Gyan - Al Ain

CRAIG GORDON is free in the summer think he will go then

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When MON took over at safc he looked into bringing gyan back then and was told there is no chance till may when his loan expires as safc were paid 6 million for the loan and its legally tying! can negotiate all you want but unless his loan is cancelled then he wont be back before end of may!

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Gyan should never beable to player in UK again, He is a disgrace

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Who the hells this gorrin? Not on the back of any my programmes. I've had season ticket 20 years and never heard of him

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Gorrin is a reserve player brought in 2 yrs ago from Tenerife native Spaniard.

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