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03 Jan 2013 20:11:23
mon has got 15m to spend this window or he can roll it over till the summer where he will have 35m

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How do you know that man! Know one nows how much he has to spend.

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Yeah right! 15 million lira is that? MON has already stated there is a small amount of cash there if needed but doesnt like this window.

the vast amount of the kitty was spent in the summer!

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When was this small amount of money mentioned? like you or anyone else knows how much we have to spend.

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Just heard that we're gonna offload Campbell for 7m is this true? Surely this money can be spent!! What do people think bout Djorou from arsenal centre back??

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7m ?? I feel he could be a good player as he did go through periods before injuries of scoring goals, but 7m ? has the world gone mad?

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Mon is offloading Meyer and Campbell and is hoping for 5 new faces

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Campbell closer to 700K than 7 million.

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New faces? are they playing the SOL this year? dont hold your breath!

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Believe me its true 15m and 30m in summer

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03 Jan 2013 17:56:47
Spurs have just bought a new left back... Could it be a replacement for one going out? I.E Danny Rose?

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03 Jan 2013 14:26:25
O'Neill joins battle for Wolves 19yr old hot shot Striker Liam McAlinden reportedly along with Liverpool, Everton, Newcaslte.

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Just done a bit of research on him as I had never heard of him and it seems he's a bit of an up and coming star forward, found some new reports confirming the other interested party's. I wouldn't have thought he was any better than our Conor Wickham mind although very similar big tall lad.

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Found a few youtube clips of this lad looks good very calm and calculated good finisher, he has a lot of press on the net, had a look on the Wolves fans forums they love him and a very upset that he hasn't signed a new contract yet so their may be something in this one I would imagine Fletcher knows him well.

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This one's been put to bed, SSN reports he's signed a new contract at Wolves.

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03 Jan 2013 10:01:52
Sunderland will sign in the next couple of weeks Guillaume Hoarau and Joel obi and adien Mcgeady these look tob done deals all will round up to a total of £19million for the three (princey1995)

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Would be happy with that for January. Rumours spreading of either a 2.5m move for Palacios of Stoke or Rodwell on loan until the end of the season.

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We need these now not in 2 weeks !

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Would be very surprised if Ellis would give Mon 19 Million.We of course would love this but Ellis might think , well i gave him 12 mill for Johnson and what did i get for my money, an overpaid player, i aint going there again.He will bring in players but they wont be world beaters, as we simply cant attract them.Shame really because our supporters deserve much more than this set of players who never seem to want to win more than our opponents do.Sorry but thats how i see it. Chris-S.

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Absolutely right. Overpaid underperformers managed by an overpaid underperformer. Presumably ES will have view on that, though unlikely to share it with the fans who support the team despite the garbage they see every week. Maybe fans need to take action- if we boycott a home game then perhaps ES will get the message- we don't like watching this crapany more than you do, and if you don't do something about it might cost you more than you think...

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I heard MON hasnt much to spend !

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5 million and the loose change he has in his pocket

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Trouble is johnson doesnt exactly get much help either

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Jhonson has spells of good play its just he is never consistent enough h

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Heard mingolet to man united, in return we get danny welbeck, not liking this, he's the only reason were not in the bottom three

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03 Jan 2013 09:51:52
A defender


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I agree

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03 Jan 2013 09:43:13
sunderland manager MON is targeting PSG striker Guilaume Hoarau, 28, after being told he can leave.

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03 Jan 2013 09:26:55
Mon interested in PSG forward Guillaume Hoarau.chris33

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