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03 jul 2012 19:43:55
sunderland after vurnon anita a target for newcastle as well. source sky sports.


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Come on Sunderland beat Newcastle for once.

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Yeah its either him or Jorge Fucile to solve our left back problem

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Anita been valued at 9 million so theres both of us out of the chase!

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03 Jul 2012 19:00:16
Sunderland will attempt to battle Newcastle for Ajax ace Vurnon Anita. bid to be in region of 10-15 million. Source : Sky Sports News.

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10-15 million give your head a shake son, NUFC rumoured to have offered 4m, if SAFC are talking those figures they can have him

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Where does it say how much the bids are as am sure nufc bid 6 million and that was rejected....k

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10-15 mill for a LB bloody hell

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According to SSN they said Newcastle's bid of around 10-12 million rejected... and he's a midfielder... not a left back. Only going to what SSN have said.

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If the Mags are in for him hell go there as they are the Barcelona of the North

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Deluded isnt the word if you are comparing newcastle to barcelona

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03 Jul 2012 18:47:47

Hi been speaking to Gary hutchinson SAFC Commercial Director.Seemed a nice lad had time for a quick chat (shocking hairstyle and sky blue suit,fake tan,teeth like Simon Cowell looks like an essex boy) but seemed down to earth.

Asked him about transfers obviously gave no names but said we will be making 3 or 4 exciting big signings and a couple of frees with quite a few leaving.

Got talking about Ellis Short and he sang his praises which he would do as he has just gave him a promotion and is the boss.But said Ellis Shorts heart is in it and wants to do something special this coming season and compete.

Gary also said over the last five or so years since we got back to the Prem we have been buying and selling far too many players trying to do a quick fix and Ellis is not happy to do that anymore as its not working so he wants us to buy quality from now on and not quantity rebuilding all the time.

Talked a bit about the commercial side and that they are working hard behind the scenes to make sunderland a big club worldwide.Says him and Margaret Byrne are determined to take safc global and seek investment not only into the club, but the city too and are working with the council.

So with the new investments coming in and Martin Oneills first season in charge,the new singing section and away fans move also some top draw signing should be a season to remember for good and not bad for once.

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Hope your right

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03 Jul 2012 16:34:22
MON interested in bringing Ajax Vurnon Anita to the SOL

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This is a interesting rumour and I think this 1 has legs , this could defo happen plus he would never want to sign for the black and s**te down the road

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Never want to sign for the Toon? Funny that since he said he would love to join Newcastle. Keep signing over the hill players SMB.

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Ajax midfielder Vurnon Anita will consider any offer coming his way this summer. Sunderland have joined Newcastle United in their interest for the young Dutchman. "Ajax and I will listen to what other clubs have to say, it is always possible (to move). We'll see. If something comes my way, I'll listen and I look at it," Anita said.
That was a quote by him, cant see anything mentioned about loving to join the cartoons. Especially with only a grade 2 training facility. {Ed046's Note - good player but with SEB and MClean winger should not be priority.

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Newcastle made an offer of around 4 million asnd it was turn down. Newcastle are looking elsewhere now.

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“Newcastle are a beautiful club. I’m open to anything. We’ll see what happens, but there’s nothing wrong with listening to Ajax and what interested clubs have to say.”

“I will seriously consider anything that comes up. Does it matter to me that Newcastle are not in the Champions League? - No.” ”However, I’m an Ajax player for now. I’m focusing on Ajax.”

“Newcastle’s interest has made me think about a potential transfer, though. It’s a sign that I’m on the right track and have to keep this up. I haven’t set a deadline for when I want clarity. I’ll just see how this pans out.”

That’s a strong statement from the Dutch International that he wants to join Newcastle, and we think he would be a good acquisition for the club.

This is what Anita said when asked about Newcastle.
Its not like a mackem to use the source thats suites them best. SMB.

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03 Jul 2012 15:25:11
The Lads are looking at

Benjamin Acheampong,
Ge Wei,
Aiden McGeady,
James Collins,
Cieran Clark,
Adam Johnsons,
Stuart Downing,
Matt Mills,
Grant Holt,
Ola Toivonen,
Rasmus Jonsson,
Michael Dawson
and others been looked at.

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Grant Holt is a definite no because he just signed a new contract with Norwich. Downing is highly unlikely to join... I think Aiden McGeady may be the only one we could land there...

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Holt just signed a new contract,,,k

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Sounds like every Lads fan, you been very relisting, Every fan thinks that we will look only at frees, bosmans, championship players and ones coming to the end of they football career. Marco Avellino

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03 Jul 2012 13:14:02
Only news I have heard is ASAMOAH GYAN is going to Al Ain in the next week. The Lads are going to big a hugh loss on the deal, But at least he is off the Books.

MARCOS ANGELERI is off the books in the next few weeks.

Has is AHMED ELMOHAMADY going soon.

All quite other end of players coming in.

MoN and Short are keeping everything close to they chests, because club always lossers out to other clubs. But have heard AIDEN McGEADY is still favorite to join the lads.

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I very much doubt we will make a huge loss on Gyan. We will prbably get our money back. Mcgeady possible.


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How are Sunderland going to take a huge loss on the deal with Gyan? Nothing has been announced . The only thing comming out of the Middle East is through the dodgy Ghanaian news site which hasn't had a report right yet!
Know one knows what is happening ? he is still a Sunderland player till the Sunderland board say otherwise.

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I'd be happy with 10m for Gyan add the 6m loan and thats 16m, 3m more than what we paid for him! just terrible tabloid trash saying we only getting 4m for him, no way would we sell him for that

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No huge loss................

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We got 7 of him including with 6 mil we got our money back

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03 Jul 2012 11:48:23
Anyone got any concrete transfer news? Safc93

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All rumours. But Gyan is going soon

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