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03 Jun 2012 20:37:57
iv heard adam johnson could sign for us.

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Wages are to high. Sunderland can not afford him. Can not see him going for a pay cut. All players are greedy so will see out his contract at the Citizens. Would me a good signing for the lads me thinks!

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We've been linked with Johnson for seemingly an age around 3 years, and do you not think that if we were interested a bid would have been made by now before he went to City and his value and wage demands increased exponentially.

We have to get rid of dead wood before we buy i am afraid

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Rumour is its all sorted and he will be playing for us next season on loan I think, if its a loan city will pay some of his wages, yeah of course johnson is gonna stay on the bench for city until his contract runs out, he almost joined us before city came in with higher wages

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Spurs fancy adam johnson aswell...

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Nice to see lots of geordies hitting the disagree button or its the same one which is sad but would be funny if we did get johnson

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City WILL NOT loan Johnson and we certainly won't contribute to his wages. Mancini is happy with him as a squad player, so he'll only move if it's on a permanent transfer and Mancini can bring in a replacement. We can't loan players and pay their wages any more due to FFP regulations.

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03 Jun 2012 18:08:09
Sunderland goings:

Gyan - Al Ain

Bramble - Ipswich

Kilgallon - Leeds

Angeleri - Club Atletico Indendiente de Avellaneda or to Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima la Plata if deal does not come off.

Elmohamady, McCartney, Richardson - WHUFC

Sessegnon - AS Monaco

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Obviously a mag, sess to monaco? not a chance

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Sess is staying at S.O.L.

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So why is Sess not leaving the club? Monaco has a new arab owners with big plans for the furture of the club. Read in a French paper that ASM are prepared to give the Mack'ams 17m plus a fringe play. And offer sess E125k a week. Forgot Mack'ams don't read French papers.

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Lads im a newcastle fan and I think sessengnon will mostly likely stay at the club... unless a team with european football come in with an offer in excess of 12 million

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Im sunderland and i cant see us letting sess go his family still not moved to england cant be good for the lad same applies to gardener who i think will go back to the midlands and richardson back to london so good luck to them in the future they have done ok at the club

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Rumour I heard is that PSG officials were over talking to him in africa after his last friendly for Benin, shame if he goes but if we get 17m+ for him then thats good business seems though we bought him for 6m

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Noble to Shef Weds nominal fee

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03 Jun 2012 16:00:23
Sunderland manager Martin O'Neill is poised to offer Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor a chance to revive his career

Would be a decent signing !

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No he wouldnt hes average at best

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Average at best?? you obviously don't have a clue!O'neill brought the best out of him for Villa he was quality {Ed001's Note - you do realise that when O'Neill was there Agbonlahor was often booed by the Villa fans because he was so poor?}

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He's a fan favourite at the villa now

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03 Jun 2012 14:45:29
Victor Mosses eager to exit Wigan Athletic and has metioned Sunderland as a team he would love to join. O' Neill and Mosses agent are in talks over a possible signing.

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That would be a good signing

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Be such an impact

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Really? this is hardly damien... source please?

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Source = alma

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Moses to us?! You're dreaming, imo we won't finish higher than mid table, our squad simply doesn't have nearly enough very good players such as sess, who will probably go. Moses is much better than mid table. I expect a move to Liverfool.

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03 Jun 2012 11:40:58
The sunday sun claims we will sign atleast 6 players and that mon trying to unload quite a few players

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03 Jun 2012 11:19:15
Bertrand (loan)

Wickham (loan)

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Defoe wont leave london mcgeady wont come either

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Out's's, not a chance, for all of them its a backward step!

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Omg you missed of sessisong

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Defoe could easily get us 15 to 20 goals a season and wants to move for first team football, hangaland is brilliant and bertrand looks to be a real prospect

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No he didn't as sess is staying, defoe will want to stop down south, the others is quite possible

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Missed out Marcos Angeleri me lad he is the first one leaving the club back to Argentina.

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We are linked with defoe reguarly but he has just built a 4 million quid home in london and is settled with his family in the area if he leaves spurs it will be to another london club

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02 Jun 2012 23:30:08
ed any news on manuel fernandes coming to SOL. he is a really great player that id love to see playing for sunderland next season {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard who is interested in him, I will see what I can find out, he does seem a MON type of signing.}

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Mon type of signing? Good defender is he?

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Hes a great midfielder who is very tidy and can score a few goals.he is in a contract dispute with besiktas so we could get him on the cheap

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