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03 Jun 2013 16:54:35
How much money do you think we will have I think around £20m-£25m because were after a lot of bosmans like diogo viana valentin roberge modibo diakite etc

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Ive given up trying to calm supporters down but i'm going with 10m on actual transfer spend. No such thing as a free transfer anymore so these potential bosmans will cost a fair bit and still need to keep wages under control. Our accounts showed huge loss last year but new premier league tv deal saved day. i'm sick of wasting money on complete crap year on year so I think there's more to be excited about than ever before anyway having a manager who understands the international game/market even if they are on bosmans.

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Think it will depend on who we offload nd how much we pull in off transfers going out, despite es bein a billionaire he seems 2 run a tight ship so I don't think the deficit from players comin in nd going out wil b more than 15 - 20 million

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Sorry meant no more than 15-20 million!

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03 Jun 2013 16:49:49
I think we will spend big this summer

Mignolet has said he wants to leave unless big changes happen at the SOL including transfers
I know one players is never bigger than the club, but this has been backed by Di Canio and is an opening to keep Migs and get real quality signings this summer

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We are also willing to listen to offers for sessegnon

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If we are, I want 15m
Only creative player we have

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If Sess does leave and is not replaced by pure class then another relegation scrap ahoy.

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Sess is the only creative player we have got. Yes he was hit and miss throughout the season, but when he was missing through susspension. We looked big time relegation fodder.

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03 Jun 2013 12:57:57
Does anyone actually know any strikers we're linked with? We desperately need strikers yet we're linked with non can someone comment with some REALISTIC targets if anyone says Lukaku or cavani please feel free to no longer support sunderland as your an embarrassment

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Hi hooper 3m plus mclean and a young kid from italy insigne will cost 10m to get him zarate for free ba from chelsea could be up for sale. dave sunderland fan

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Damien Ormerod is a winger from Kaizer Cheifs who is ment to be signing for Newcastle United, apparently he's aload of s**t

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I've heard a few different names. Lorenzo Insigne, Luis Muriel, Mauro Zarate and Burak Yilmaz.

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We should look at Jozy Altidore- ex Hull but great season in Holland and US national side. Majeed Waris or Dame N'Doye, two Africans who did well in Scandanavian leagues but not really settled into their Russian clubs since moving last year. Or we could look at Rhodes, who has done well and might fancy a crack at the premier league.

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I like the Mclean to Celtic + cash for Hooper deal as that would benefit both clubs!

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Zarate and Insigne would be very good signings
Muriel and Yilmaz would be super signings

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Hooper would be lost in the prem, looks ok in Celtics team but in England Scunthorpe was about right,

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Anybody also thinking the same way as me, 8 million to Schalke for Klaas Jan Huntelaar maybe 12 if they reject?

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Of they fail to qualify for champions league, yes

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Mcclean to celtic. I'll drive him ther myself.

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Nobody seems to be mentioning who I think is an obvious target in the striker department
- KONE from wigan

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I'd go for aruna kone, franco di santo or loic remy.

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03 Jun 2013 07:25:15
Hi ed,

Keisuke honda is leaving cska this summer! Would you have him on you wishlist? Would love lukaku to come too think him and fletcher would bully defenders together but think its a bit of a dream.

The mags might be tempted to sell cisse and get chopra back on a free to make the fat cockney some more money to open another shop haha

Cheers ed

Dave the mackem {Ed024's Note - Dave - Honda would a be a great signing........but it wont happen}

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The only Honda you will see is a civic! Lukaku?? You must be having a laugh. You can't attract top drawer players no matter how much your chairman has. Never played in Europe can't fill your stadium. says it all about the tinpot outfit you really are.

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And i'm guessing this came from a bitter and twisted Mag as per usual

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I sense a hint of jealousy there ge0rdi3 boy

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eYo Geordie boy! Just our fellow fans having a little light hearted banter! Read the title of the site muppet! Keep your mince pies on your own site and who wants to get as far as possible from the Asda shopping aisles. Cisse Moscow go off to Russia and Johan is off to the tower! Now do one and give Perch a new deal! and we have championship players?Elliott, Simpson, Williamson, Ryan Taylor, Stephen Taylor,, Gabrielle Over the hill tan, Pirch, Santon, and many more! It looks like you need a good clear out as well! If they not good enough for the coca cola league they off! Rebuild my friend rebuild!

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Jealousy? What on transfer that will never happen. Yes we are really Jealous. If your going to give it expect to take it.

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He took the bait big style haha

Dave the mackem

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Skunks getting two players. says so in The Journal, Mag Rag so must be true. Go on Pardiola lad, 7 more years. Hey ge0rdie boy, do you remember all the "Grey Seats" when the 3rd one went in?. Oh! by the way ge0rdie, have you got ya WONGA top yet?

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03 Jun 2013 08:13:23

my opinions are solely based on what I've read from the rumours below/BBC/tv etc.

firstly I think the bosmans are a good idea, and something i'm very happy about. but I don't think we can go and get super excited about people the majority of us have never heard about or seen play. so they will need to prove themselves, although I do like the look of the 2 CB's

but for me it is clear that di canio is trying to sort out the defence which i'm pleased about and ill be over the moon if we keep migs! and I agree with him getting the bosmans in these areas so we can spend money in areas that really need to improve. and to me that's central midfield, hopefully a playmaker. and a striker. based on stats alone I think we should go for bas dost. (Apologies if spelt wrong) his goal scoring record looks brilliant and he phisically looks capable to deal with the PL

i personally would get rid of mclean, and i'd be looking to pinch a couple of wigans players. malooney, mcmannam etc. and as an outside bet I wouldn't be surprised if we have a cheeky bid for Kone. not exactly exciting but he gets goals.

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We need 3 other top strikers NOT one! after the debacle of last season surely we have learnt that strikers get injured and we need quality stand ins!

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Im not saying we should only buy ONE! if you read my post it clearly mentions 2 strikers. i'm very well aware we need strikers but other areas of the team must improve which are just as important.

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Don't think we should risk going for McMannaman
•He had 1 good game agains Man City
•Remember McClean last season, though we got a bargain, didn't turn out so good this year did he, same will happen to McMannaman

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Agree with that but as PDC is a striker and hopefully he will make strengthening in that area a priority!

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03 Jun 2013 09:35:42
so PDC says he wants atleast 6 transfers so what deals can you see happening? mine are;
diakite - free
roberge - free
ba - free
cabral - free
rose - 8.5m
krasic - free
insigne - 7m
zarate - free

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Sorry krasic should be 9m

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Thou rumours will be flying about that's a bit realistic that mate

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03 Jun 2013 00:39:11
Di Canio has said the club could do with major spending this summer (around 40m), this has been backed by the club and owner as well as the fans (including myself).
Di Canio said he wants at least 6 or 7 new faces at the stadium of light this summer, with 3 or 4 bosmans already in place (who don't cost anything), expect around 3 top quality buys this summer {Ed024's Note - I'd be really suprised if we spent that much ...probably only 07/08 have we approached spending that ...that was when Kenwyne Jones, Gordon, Richardson and Chopra etc were signed.

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Apparently we only have £20 mill to spend

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Apparently from where, everyone is saying we only have 20m, how do you know, I bet the owner hasn't made his mind up yet

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All depends on what players are available and weather they represent value can't see us paying over 15mill for anyone will be happy with 6 or 7 bosmans me like if there is a bit of class.

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Maybe he's getting many Bosmans so he can spend a lot if money on a couple of class players rather than spending average money in average players

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Bosmans hopefully
diakite, roberge, cabral & el hadja ba

then spend cash on following
£8m - Burak Yilmaz
£6m - Keisuke Honda

team then
roberge, diakite, oshea, colback
sessegnon, cabral, catts, johnson
yilmaz, fletcher

bench - westwood, cuellar, vaughan, ndiaye, ba, honda

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02 Jun 2013 23:00:43
ed what do you think on lucas orban apparently di canio wants him {Ed024's Note - Got to be honest ...I know absolutely nothing about Lucas Orban.....

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03 Jun 2013 00:17:18
Ed, how much money do you think Di Canio will spend in the transfer market? {Ed024's Note - Its a Guess but after concentrating on Bosmans initially I'd say he has a £15-£20 Million commitment from Short

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02 Jun 2013 23:05:21
Apparently we're after full back lucas orban he can also play centre half

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