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03 May 2013 22:01:20
I think we should try to sign Rodrigo Moreno from benfica he is only £10 million and a great striker to partner with finnbogason. My team after the summer:

Mignolet GK
Buttner RB £3.7 million (Manchester UTD)
Oshea CB
Bassong CB £2.9 million (Norwich)
Rose LB £8 million (spurs)
Pablo Hernandez RM £4 million (Swansea)
Sigurdsson CM £4 million (spurs)
Sessegnon CM
Johnson LM
Finnbogason RS £7 million (herenveen)
Rodrigo LS £10 million (benfica)

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Would be great but would cost 30mil including what we sell 10 mil dead wood

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Where's fletch

If we sign the players we don't need I think we could get under 20 million

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Good team their but instead of Hernandez, get Huddlestone and put sess on the wing
2 CBs should be Diakite and rogberge

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Id add Mahloney of Wigan. great little player!

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I expect Man City striker John Guidetti will sign since our new to be director of football De Fanti represents him

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On the 3rd post it's supposed to say
If we sign the players we need, (not don't need)

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Mine is




Either finnbogason, Rodrigo, sow, bony, emienike, Gamerio
(Need a couple) {Ed024's Note - Might cost a few quid - to replace half the team !!!}

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Bassong and that heereven guy are realistic options, but the rest my word you play way too much fifa! Why would rodrigo quit first team football for a world class team for sunderland? Why would Pablo quit Europa league football for sunderland? Why would man u sell one of their most promising youths for just 3.7mil to a mid table team? A loan would be more realistic I think! Why would spurs sell one of their young players who's just coming into form to sunderland let alone for just 4mil when they bought him for like 12! Plus why they want to join sunderland anyway? Why drop N'diaye who looks a decent player? Why drop fletcher who's kept you out of the relegation zone all season?
Just read before you post man!

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We need to sell more than half the team

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Rodrigo doesn't get first team football
Richards is 3rd place for RB at city
Diakite wants to come
Rogberge want premier league
Rose is a strong possibility for 8million
Huddlestone doesn't get first team
Siguardsson is in and out of Tottenham

My striker I would want to go up with fletcher is either, Yilmaz (wants premier league) or finnbogason who has been heavily linked

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Yilmaz too big for sunderland, sigurdsson won't be sold, diakite will go to liverpool, rodrigo will soon break into the benfica first team, richards possibility but probs go to a top 8 club.
Sow won't quit his massive wages, neither will emenike, gameiro and maybe bony possibilities, man u will never sell one of there best youths for just 3.7m. Pablo won't quit europa league for sunderland.

Am I right ed?

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No, you are wrong
Yilmaz wants premier league and no other team is interested
Diakite has said he WANTS SUNDERLAND MOVE
Sow isn't on that high wages
Emenike and Gamerio Both looking for a move to premier league
I don't want Hernandez anyways

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Bit premature to be talking about transfer until we find out which league we are playing in next season

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This is far too ambitious as some people have said, also, where's the balance in that team? Sess and Sigurdsson in the middle would get completely overrun

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03 May 2013 21:20:59
Modibo Diakité and Valentin Rogberge heavily linked with Sunderland both in on free transfers. Diakité has said he is keen on the move also Danny Rose 8M if he doesn't go back to Tottenham.

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Half the players we sign will come on a free transfer, and I reckern only 4 or 5 will go being bramble, killgallon, vaughan and brown. Spurs will stick a stupid price on rose so that were priced out and he isn't worth any more than 8mill. We could have 2 decent LB for that. Don't expect to see much more than 20 million to be spent guys.

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Di Canio has demanded the same amount of funds O'Neill got

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03 May 2013 12:26:42
I think we should try for scott sinclair from man city decent player just not get are pants pulled down like we did with johnson.


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Roberge is a highly rated defender aswell!

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