Sunderland Rumours Archive November 03 2012


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03 Nov 2012 20:57:52
I cant believe there are people asking for mon to be sacked 11 month after being the fans choice for manager if we can give a mag nearly 3 years in charge am sure we can give mon that aswel.


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Exactly, our 3 best players are just going through a tough spell. Johnson looked decent today and once sess and mcClean pull.their fingers out Fletcher will score again. Hooper and evans in jan will see us safe for the season and rose permanent plus another cb and matty phillips in the summer we will be set. Safc93

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Agree with hooper or maybe jelle vossen can also see us going back in for kevin Davies again at cb cant see evans coming think he'll be ferdinands replacement would like michael dawson or craig cathcart from blackpool.

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The players are doing what the coach tells them to do. Mon is lost without robertson. Walford has not got a clue about attacking football and it shows. 1-0 down against boro and we switch from 442 to 451 hmm makes sense not. We need to sack the coaches and bring in better. Guppy was brought in to help mcclean and mcclean has never been worse need to act now or going to be relegation battle and short will walk

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Evans will leave because once smalling and jones return he isn't going to get a chance

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03 Nov 2012 20:29:11
Well another let down today, lets face it were used to it.With this combination of management,coaches,andplayers it seems another relagation battle is a real possibility,I dont think Ellis Short will let it go on for much longer.One league win in seventeen says it all,nothing will change in the next two weeks ,two away games ,good chance we will be in the bottom three.Something is wrong at the club and has been for a while,maybe Ellis will sort it out sooner rather than later,I know i would not make millionaires out of the present staff and players at this club.

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Agree with that sentiment why should we accept second best its always a relegation battle season after season manager after manager ..and some supporters on here accept 2nd best i dont !

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It's quite clear that we're not scoring goals, so why is MON so negative and insist on playing with just 1 striker and why did he not sign a another top striker. Also need an attacking midfielder who will score goals to take the pressure off Fletcher. Looking at a relegation battle already !

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