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04 Aug 2012 18:55:06
Another goal-less defeat with probably the strongest starting XI we could have fielded barr Sess.
What on earth is going on at SAFC?

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What is going on at Sunderland. How long are we gonna go on without a striker 2. Weeks to go and still no sign its looking li we going to start with what we got its gonna be a long season

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I was just thinking the same, loosing 1-0 to Hartlepool and now loosing 2-0 to some unknown Swedish team. Stay strong lads, Chelsea just got beaten by Brighton 3-1 and Chelsea had their strongest squad, so it's not all bad!

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Why you so down keeping sess is a signing in its self and we are obviously gettting a striker cos we keep going for fletcher and mcgeady and wolfswinkl so pipe down

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Sure mon knows wa hes doin well i hope so at least its gettin closer to the start of season and we have one new player COMON ONEIL GET US A STRIKER !!

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Hey pipe boy we dont know that Sess is definately staying yet. Would you stay if you where in his position?
Where so one dimensional a team of robots could contain us.
No goalscorers anywhere in the side and a leaky back four will only lead to one thing...Relegation.

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The season hasn't kicked off yet and you baffoons have us relegated already. Judge any signings after we've played 12 or so games with meaning. Pre season is all about fitness and nothing else. Any decent players will be at clubs don't want to sell now so they can drive the price up. We therefore have to play chicken with the deadline to drive the price back down. Chill out.

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Cant afford to waste 12 games waiting for new signings?(where?) to bed in need them now to bed in if we wait 12 games we will be in bottom 3 with the squad we have now

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Patience patience

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So you think we need to wait until a third of the season has passed to judge O'Neil's signings? (At this time that amounts to Cuellar )
Isnt that what we did last season with Bruce and look how that panned out.

If where looking to sign quality not quantity why are we squabbling over transfer fee's, surely quality is worth paying through the nose for. Especially if those players are going to score the goals that propel the club forward.

Fact of the matter is where not an attractive club to play for and we rightly have a rigid pay structure. Fletcher is about the best standard of striker where going to attract to the club!

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Unknown Sweedish team? There Sweedish champions!

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04 Aug 2012 14:47:21
aqccording to my mates in liverpool, mon has enquired about taking a young midfielder, Ross Barkley, from everton on loan, could have legs this as a loan deal would suit all party,s....Ted

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Mon has said we only bringing in quality not quantity bringing in loan youngsters just adds to wage bill have decent young midfielders already

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04 Aug 2012 12:23:11
MON says he can rule out saying that sessangon is going nowhere....the way this looks to me is a way of touting the only asset in the team for sale as he,s now realised they funds are not as big as first thought...

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Why not come straight out and say safc will listen to offers then. your reading too much into it,its a typical mon answer to a question.

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Think he is just saying everyone has a price.

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