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04 Jun 2013 22:41:34
Scocco is quality

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Watched this kid on You Tube. very talented, defenders nightmare. get him signed!. Haway The Lads!

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Would be a great singing, and got to love the name

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Not a kid at 28 though. sign him up but let's not get carried away

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If he's that good. why? at 28 have none the top clubs, picked him up by now.

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MIght of been late to develop his goals speak for them self

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Look at Nile Quinn his best years where in his latter years

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Fair enough he's a goalscorer but you have to remember what league he plays in. Will he be able to do it in the BPL?

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Isnt he currently playing in the top argentinian division, and scoring a lot of goals!

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Nile Quinn? he's not a river. Niall Quinn mate.

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04 Jun 2013 22:31:01
why is everyone asking ed who were going to sign? is every person backwards?! who the hell would he know no one outside the club will know all this s**** on here is just journo crap. {Ed024's Note - just opinions, banter and rumour - if you don't like it........}

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Sounds more of a you problem

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Ha, quality

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04 Jun 2013 22:07:11
Anyone else heard about the Charlie Austin rumours. Could be 8 mil highly rated too. 24 yes old Burnley. If rumours are true hope he's not another wickham

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Weve had everyone linked to us bar Elvis!. as usual the. rumours are flying around and the papers are linking us with everyone!

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Who would we prefer
Austin or Hooper {Ed024's Note - Hooper}

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Hooper or scocco

Baring in mind they both play in let's face it, crap leagues
Hooper has 31 goals, 6 in champions league, impressive (age, 25)
Scocco has 27 goals, sometimes he didn't play as a striker so that is a good record (age 28)

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27 you mean

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We could sign them both. Hooper is an out and out striker. Scocco looks great cutting in from the left, on to his right foot.

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Leave it up to the master that is Paulo.

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Play scocco at LM (we need one)
He is very creative, and scores goals

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Plays in argentinian premier league, left UAE due to family reasons. I'm guessing that league is a little better than SPL.

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04 Jun 2013 21:39:00
Why is there a report that Seb Larsson is waiting to see who Di Canio is going to bring in before deciding on his future as is Mignolet apparently. If that's the case then he seriously mistakes himself for a good player. I didn't miss a game last season and all I saw was him complaining to referees after every stoppage of play. Taking dead balls out of the equation the guy is a poor winger, dreadful centre mid and a poor character to have around the club. i'd be delighted if we got rid of him.

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Disagree!. Larrson is a squad player and we were desperately short of personell last season!. I agree not a first choice but a good back up player!

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Weve got to come away from saying poor players like mcclean and larsson can be squad players. The premier leagues evolved. You should have 16 or 17 players at a similar level vying for positions otherwise it sets a poor mentality within the squad and you may as well go with the kids who only lack experience. You do not go in with 11 v good players and 5 or 6 v average players just because they are already there. Need to get rid of both of them and bring in better alternatives even if they do not start the campaign in the first 11. {Ed024's Note - You make a good point but its probably only the Top 3 that can say they have anywhere near 16 players at a similar high level.}

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Larson will want first team football. If we sign some of the players we are being linked with, he will go right down the pecking order. He's in his last year, and will feel vulnerable. Still think he's been a canny squad player for the Lads, and wish him well if he leaves.

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Quite right- if you are not good enough to start, why would you be good enough to come on, or come in as cover? Larsson never had pace and now just can't get around the pitch. McClean is a not a Premier League player- in fact I doubt he could hold a regular place in a good championship side. The league of Ireland was his level and the sooner we send him back there the better. Blooding young players better than bringing on carthorses, but O'Neill was the worst manager of a squad of players we have seen here for years so we did not even do that. The problem here is apart from about six players- and two of those are goalkeepers, the rest are either past it or will never make it. Cattermole is the borderline- not quite good enough to be the ballwinner we want to see in midfield, because his distribution is terrrible and he can't head at all, but at a pinch he can fill in. Anyone less useful than him is not a squad player, they are a liability. Maybe the top teams don't have 16 players as good as RVP, or Aguerro, or Mata, but they all have twenty players that would get into our starting eleven easily, so that is not a useful yardstick. When you consider Malouda can't get on the bench, the fact that McClean can get on the pitch shows how weak this squad is. It needs to be strengthened in every position and we need squad players who are pushing for starting eleven places. This clearly rules out half the side that so nearly went down last season.

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We should keep larsson, he can play rb, rm and cm so he will be great back up. not to mention the free kicks once he finds his shooting boots. safc93

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He must have lost his shooting boots last season. It's ok though he found his offcial whinging head. Players like that are just not good enough if you want to avoid a relegation scrap.

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Even at his peak (long gone) he was not much of a goalscorer. Yes, unlike some players here, he has not been good enough in several positions, which might put him marginally ahead of Cuellar, who specialised in being not good enough in one! The idea that he is a Premier CM player is laughable.

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Let's not compare Mclean and Larsson. Larsson is a very decent technical player who is versatile and his set pieces are a major asset. Yes he had a relatively poor second season, but he still offers more quality than the rest of our current squad. Mcclean on the other hand has been completely found out by the rest of the league and has shown no signs of developing as a player. Hardworking, but ultimately, has no future in the premier league. The sooner we offload him to Celtic or somewhere the better - at least we'll get a profit on what we bought him for

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04 Jun 2013 20:59:22
Anyone know any good right backs we are possibly looking at

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04 Jun 2013 10:58:41
The latest player being linked is nacho scooco playing on loan at newalls old boys. His agents is having talks in Sunderland on Wednesday looks a good signing if we get him.

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27 goals in 36 games looks the part

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Wow this guy looks the real deal

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The only problem is that he is currently earning 60k a week so will have to take a pay cut


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Surely we can pay 60k a week for a player of this quality

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If West Ham can pay these wages why can't we?

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60k a week for a 28 year old that no one until today has heard of, You think he is going to sign a one year deal like?

This rumor is going nowhere fast

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Will be a good singing

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Just watched him on u-tube looks like a good finisher with a good goal scoring record. think he may well be a good signing.

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04 Jun 2013 08:46:37
Been linked with a 7m move for hooper this morning, I know he's a clinical finisher but is he really worth 7m. Safc93

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For me we need a striker with lots of pace, hooper has no pace at all plus he's to similar to flech, danny and conner

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Answer no it hard to judge any player in the spl its such a poor league

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In my opinion he is worth more than that he finishes everything and is a good link player

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Also after the Argentine winger Scooco who is again highly rated. !

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Trade Mclean in for him + couple million be worth it. Mclean dosent want to play for this club anymore!

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Yes, I think he is worth that. Looked very sharp in the Champions league and bangs them in for fun in the SPL. Perfect foil for Fletcher?

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Bangs them in for fun yes that's ok but so could I in the scottish league it's not even up to are championship standard I would say league 1 at best

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Not worth more than 3m. Anyone can look ok and score goals in that league eg Anthony Stokes, Daryl Murphy for example. don't want him here

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Might be playing in the spl but the lad scores goals in the champions league which sets quiet a high standard

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He only played 6 games in cl

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4 goals in cl?!

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4 goals in CL is great

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If Graham is worth 5mil, Hooper has got to be worth 7mil. but personally I would pay 8-9mil and bring in Bas Dost.

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03 Jun 2013 20:50:39
Ed, what's the latest situation on diogo viana and valentin roberge and has that scout valentino angeloni came? {Ed024's Note - No confirmation on Angleoni yet but expect it soon, pre contract agreement looks to be in place for Roberge, not so sure on Viana.}

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04 Jun 2013 01:06:25
Think Wickham needs a chance this season
In training sessions (available on youtube (U21 England), he bangs them in left right and centre, and when he has confidence (playing for England) he looks more and more the player we thought we had signed, scoring plenty of goals
Future England no9

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I know but who is he playing against in the u21 set up there's no premiership defenders in those games we should cut our loses and let the lad go championships about his level

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Connor Wickham has great potential. Paolo see's himself as a teacher of football, and he's putting together a back room staff that just love to develop young talent. give them time to work with Wickham and this kid could be a gem.

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03 Jun 2013 22:48:56
Ed did we ever make an actual enquiry to Napoli about Cavani or was it complete nonsense? Is there anything to suggest Insigne is a genuine possibility? Who if you had to take a punt would you say our actual monetary purchases will be? Appreciate that will be relative guess work like the rest of us. {Ed024's Note - I dont think we spoke to Napoli - that said with PDC's Italian conections never know. But there was never any chance of him coming. The Insigne story seems to be coming out of Italy ....not being reported much over here - could be his agent talking things up. If i had to guess i'd say theres not much in the Insigne rumours. It would be only guess work for a striker signing, I'd like PDC toput a cheeky bid in for Remy but more realistically - Moses from Chelsea, or maybe Dempsey from Spurs (although he's getting on a bit) }

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Dempsey far too old. would love to get Remy, Skunks would be gutted.

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03 Jun 2013 21:37:38
According to tv we have been linked with auxerre midfielder George mandjeck u heard anything ed?
Jarra makem {Ed024's Note - Some web sites reporting same thing so there could be something in it.}

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Another defensive midfielder?. we already have Catts and Alfie. we desperately need a creative centre mid, with an eye for a killer pass to pick out the likes of Sess, AJ, Fletch and the other attack minded players that we are hopefully bringing in. But I would think that Paol03 will be working on it.

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03 Jun 2013 19:41:37
Ed is it true sessegnon could be sold {Ed024's Note - This sounds like the same rumour from last close season, Sess had a poorer season this time round so I think he will be less in demand from other clubs.}

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Come to form at the end of the season sure a lot of our teams poor form was down to lack of fitness

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