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04 May 2012 13:38:44
sunderland new team next season
bardsley brown whitbread o'seha
larsson a. johnson
bendtner k.davies
bendtner 6m [perm]
whitbread free
k.davies free
johnson 5m
gyan 6m
gordon free
bramble free
anglieri free
richardson 5m
sessegnon 10m

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O'neil is after two strikers that can score 30-40 goals a season between them, so that rules out Bendtner and Davies... He knows who he wants and knows who is staying and who can leave in the summer. Source the journal

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We wont sign bendtner mon doesnt rate him why would bolton let davies go on a free when they turned down 1.5m in jan and whitbread ha ha. You really are having a laugh

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Bendtner no way, Davies don't think so me lad. Striker that are more likely to come to Sunderland are Steven Fletcher, Dexter Blackstoke and Stuart Fleetwood.

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Two strikers that will get 40 goals between them? players of that quality will either be too expensive and/or too good to sign for sunderland. put it this way aquero and balotelli havent got 40 between them this season

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Talking rubbish SGB, ba was a free and cisse was 10m, they have 30 goals between them so it can be done, look at Jelavic of everton, they took a chance for 6m and he is scoring goals for fun, 15-20m and we could get 2 goalscorers who will score the goals for us

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04 May 2012 10:57:50
Sunderland are in a lot of debt, and Ellis Short wants to reduce the squad size. To much money been paid on wages. And wants at least 8 players gone off the wage bill. And has told MoN to use the Academy players.

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Oh dear another daft Mag

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Its newcastle who are in debt my little barcode 140m owed to ashley and you rent youre ground this is why you cant get a buyer for the asda outfit

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Mate have a check at your own club short bought it and then paid off the debts person then ever year your spending more than your getting in work it out if sunderland will probably stand short at 300 million....smb

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How can you say we are in debt? Ashleys owns the club. So the money he put in is his to take back at his pleasure. We don't pay interest so we are in a very healthy position. As for rent, so what! Its a prime bit of real estate bang in the middle of the city. Your ground is stuck in the middle of waste ground. Know which ground I would rather watch football. SMB.

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Sunderlands all the time at least ye get some atmosphere

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What atmosphere there aint any its half empty thats why your old chairman was on radio twisting.....

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We could only have 10k in and still make more noise than sgbs up the road only time ye sang was when you equalised and a few kids at the front shouted your not singing anymore so i think thats what atmosphere is all about not sat in the top 6 drawing 2 - 2 with wolves and booing ye team off

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Bit of the pot calling the kettle black here from you sunderland fans I think... werent you all shouting for Steve Bruces head? and booing the teams performances then? as far as the booing for newcastle goes that was the fans letting their feelings be heard by the players after throwing away 1 game which we really should have won after being 2 - 0 up at home, surely your fans would do the same, otherwise they are nowhere near as passionate about their club as the geordies are about theirs

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You are the worst fans in the league. Look at your cup game at Everton. You sold out the stand you were allocated. Forward t the next week when you returned in the league and out of the cup. You could't fill the front row. Funny old thing. When the Toon army travel we pack out the away end. SMB.

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You owe ashley 140m FACT. short GAVE his money to sunderland. different situation. we own our ground hence we could use it as capital if necissary you only rent so you cant. yes real estate for houses maybe

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Ellis in the bank billionaire ashley on paper worth 750 mill altough we might not get the backing from short as what ashley might do at least we know our club is in a more financial better state than newcastle if the inland revenue come looking then we have nothing to fear

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Where were all the mags in the nineties when they got 12000?

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