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04 Nov 2012 14:38:48
sunderland linked with move for Wesley Hoolahan

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About right! You cant attract players if your struggling! We found that out when we were relegated! Im backing qpr to pick up but can the mackems! They not too good to go down! Worrying times on wearside!

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Your obviously more interested in our rumour site than your own.nevertheless with your wit and knowledge of football we eagerly await your next post

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To me its all down to tactics and they are very wrong here ! ...we have the talent but its being wasted !...something isnt right behind the scenes !

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My next post is as follows! If i was a safc fan id wanna be clear of the drop zone and quick and thats why its worrying for you! Simple really! Its fact!

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04 Nov 2012 13:50:28
last season sessegnon thrived on the fact he was the focal point of are attacks we need to get him in the game more as he is still are most creative player it seems mon has mcclean and johnson trying to share the burden but isnt working imo we need to get back to sessegnon running the show.

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I aree about Sess .class player but he is not happy. he wants away.come Jan he will be gone.We never could hold on to our best players for one reason or another.

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Sesss body language says it all he doesnt wanna be here ! get what we can for him in janurary but dont give him away !

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Sessegnon said he is settled here now and signed a contract in August to keep him here until 2015.

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A player of sessegnon quality needs to be given the ball at every opporturnity am not surprised hes frustrated.

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04 Nov 2012 08:57:46
How would people feel about about a bid in Jan for Nathan dyer from Swansea. Really quick clever and dynamic, minutes a can see and play a pass, just what we need at the min. He surely can't be happy with the amount of playing time he's gettin at the minute

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Why would he join Sunderland?

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Coz they a bigger and better club than swansea but forgot geordies are biased

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Swansea so far have been top class this season, he is playing every game at the moment... He loves it there.

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Sunderland would play a lot more wages! There is no sentiment with these fellas !

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I will ask him if he would move he's a Trowbridge lad from wilts very down to earth and home with his family after most games. He's a top lad

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You couldnt afford him! Liverpool enquired in summer and were told a minimum of 15 mill so wont happen plus why swap swansea who are plying good football for wearside who are draw players! Not getting beat might be a good thing but if you draw every game you will go down!

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We have out bid Liverppol before!

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Johnson was nicked from Liverpool's clutches.

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I didnt say you couldnt outbid liverpool. I said he will cost 15 million

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We just paid 25m for 2 players so you saying we can't afford 15m, get real!

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