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04 Sep 2012 18:27:07
I want to see some 2 more bosmans like

Nigel Reo Coker
Royston Drenthe

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Has Manuel Fernandez found a club?

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What about del piero or drogba mabey wages like but ......

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I liked the look of drenthe at everton but reo coker is no better than we have just adding to wage bill with him

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If we got drenthe it could offer MON a chance to mix up the starting line-up. maybe try mclean upfront with fletcher. safc93

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Drenthe we may aswel sign Barton would never be out of the papers and not for the right reasons

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Drogba !!!??? Del piero !!!???

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Don't go there, we don't want a foreign Joey Barton !

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04 Sep 2012 17:11:09
Nothing going on for the next couple of weeks so here are some open questions. By the end of the season:

How many goals will Fletcher score?
How many times will Cattermole get sent off?
How many matches will Brown play?
Will we finish above Liverpool?

Discuss...... {Ed007's Note - Oh goody, can I play? Fletcher: 15(ish), Cattermole: 3, Brown: 15-20, Liverpool: Yes I hope so.}

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Goals 19 red cards 0 brown 30 inc cups and 1 place either way with liverpool, stripey

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15 goals, 0 red cards, 15 games, and yes will finish above

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Fletcher 17goals, catts 1 game, brown 15games, yes will finish ahead of the scousers

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10 goals, 3 times sent off, Brown maybe 10 games and not a chance of finishing above liverpool.

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Fletch 17 catts 4 reds brown 10 games and yes above liverpool dont care what ed 52 thinks. Mad max

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Fletcher 22,catts 0(probably injured half a season)brown 12,5 above lpool,they will be worse than last year 13th.tk73

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16 goals, 2 reds, 20 games and yes but think it will be tight (one or two places at the most)
Ds (mackem)

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Fletcher 16 goals, catts 2 reds, brown 22 and we will finish above liverpool. 8th or 9th. safc93

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Fletcher 18 , cattermole 2 times sent off and dont care as long as we finish above the mags !!!! jarra makem

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Fletch 2 catts 4 brown 0. Not finish above Wigan never mind Liverpool

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Fletcher 14 goals; Cattermole 1 red card; Brown 11 appearances; no, Liverpool will finish above us

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04 Sep 2012 14:24:25
Reading a post on here of someone saying we need a holding midfield player imo we dont one but if we did we should try for owen hargreaves he was at man city last season fair enough he didnt play much in the 1st team but not many would in their team (johnson) if he could stay fit he would be a useful addition and hes a free agent.

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Didnt play much because he was always injured

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