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05 Aug 2012 22:26:37
Right lets clear things up
warnock not coming
agbonlahor not coming

Players that are in negotiations are
olsen lb

other players targeted are
heskey 1 yr deal
matt jarvis

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Well the players u have listed there just fill me with confidence ... Ummmmm

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06 Aug 2012 01:50:27
you wana b jokin heskey!

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Although mon thinks the sun shines out of heskeys backside even he is not daft enough to sign him . he knows thousands will cancel season tickets if he does

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Heskey would of come by now he has been training with Blackpool. No chance of Heskey deal

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I heard there was a 20 mill clause in sess contract, anyone else heard this? We will not sale for 13 mill that's for sure we got 20 mill for hendo. Where has all that money gone by the way 24 mill for bent and 20 mill for hendo, we might be surprised and spend quite big this summer ! {Ed001's Note - you got 15.6m for Henderson and you didn't get all of that money for Bent, a significant portion of it was owed to Spurs. Plus you have to take out the so-called loyalty bonus you have to pay to a player for ending his contract early. Those run into millions these days. Then there are agents' fees etc. You would be surprised how little of that money the club actually gets to see.}

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Load of rubbish! What you mean YOU got 15.6 mill for henderson? Obviously not a safc fan soo how come you know so much about our club? That bent money being owed was a load of tosh too as quinny said if we havent git the money to buy them then they wont be coming! We paid for bent straight away with no sell on fee!!

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The reason heskey has not come is because coming in before big name striker will cause to much unrest amongst fans
he will be here in next 2 weeks guaranteed
slso heardd big rumour adam johnson deal is back on !

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You cant pick and chose wen you buy heskey! am sure alot of league 1 teams are after him lol FTM

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05 Aug 2012 13:42:12
MON to bid 2 mill for warnock.

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Average player. would rather pay a little extra for olsson

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It was in the sun, bad journo rubbish as usual

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Keep rico at left back and lets have some quality strikers in to win games thats what all true mackems want.

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Rico in last year of contract and wont sign another so we want to cash in on any decent offer for him

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05 Aug 2012 10:21:14
According to the sun (yes the sun)blackburn are thinking of making a bid for Campbell could be used in a deal for nzonzi and olsson.

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There is no chance that we will sell another striker to get more midfielders

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Fee for campbell only 2m. tell them to stick it

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The sun should be stuck where the sun never shines

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Olssons gud but we cant lose anymore strikers we only have campbell wickham and ji and none of them will bang in 15plus a season

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Wont get 15 between them

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05 Aug 2012 01:01:07
I have heard on good authority mon will sign fletcher believed to be 11 mill plus add ons and odemwingie 6 mill plus guidetti on loan. Ses to stay, wick ham or ji on loan for experience wolves and borough possible destinations. Also a top quality winger to sign, mcready, Johnson, Philips or rumoured

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Top quality winger u say then that rules mcgready out as at euro,s he looked as good as my granny....and 6 million for odemwingie??

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We need a left back is Johnson Fabian from Hoffenheim. Adam will never sign for use could not afford his wages.

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Now all of this would be great but this sunderland we are talking about here. but heres hoping.

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Which Johnson? Adam, Michael, Philip, Roger, Alan or som other

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Adam obviously

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Johnson baby oil lol

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04 Aug 2012 23:35:24
Ed, whats the chances of us getting gudetti reports in italian media saying he is poised to join us on loan. {Ed001's Note - all I know is that he is available for loan and City would prefer him to play in the Prem, to aid his development. I don't know who is interested, nor who City would be willing to loan him to.}

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