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05 Jun 2012 16:09:08
Sunderland to look at bringing Steven Fletcher in from Wolves. Possible offer for Gary Hooper. Gyan will be off to

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Don't want fletcher would rather have agbonlahor, hooper looks a good striker

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Im 52 and i could look good in the SPL,

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I can't see agbonglahor leaving villa to be honest

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Always a risk buying from the SPL (stokes) however he could be a real success a bit like Jelavic so I think Hooper is worth a punt

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People saying they would like gary hooper from celtic. In my opinion he would be a massive gamble for the amount of money celtic would be asking. He has scored goals in the spl, but so did anthony stokes who struggled to score in the championship for us. Another example is chris killen who struggled to score a goal for oldham in league 1, however when he left to go to hibernian he scored every other game. We need proven goalscorers in a decent league

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I just laugh at the english saying our game is rubbish might not be that strong but celtic have top players not to mention gary hooper has scored in ruope against rennes and udinnese so if he can score against top teams lik that he can score goals for you so stop with the talk its a big risk celtic ahve a fantastic bunch of players that would beat sunderland every game and not to mention martin o neil is a top manager and nos a good player when he sees 1 so if he likes hopper take the hint

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05 Jun 2012 14:30:52
Sunderland want left back Jorge Fucili from Porto

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I will
beat my meat if we get him

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05 Jun 2012 13:49:21
Aiden mcgeady and Gabriel agbonglahor both to sign for Sunderland in the next couple of weeks both one is a pretty much done deal as holt is off to villa to link back up with Paul lambert.

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Not a chance.

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Where did you get this from?

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What is

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Where did you get this from?

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Agbonlahor rumour is in the sunderland echo, mcgeady rumour is hotting up and as is the Adam Johnson one which looks possible, would be great for sunderland if we could sign 3 players of their quality

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Didn't agbonglahor say the other week that he wants to finish his career at villa. I think its just the papers putting two and two together.

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Would like to see the 3 of them come to sunderland but of the 3 only think mcgeady realistic as johnson on to much and i would think lambert would like to have a look at agbonlahor before thinking of selling him

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The papers are never right

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04 Jun 2012 22:51:27
ed what type of player is liam trotter of millwall and what are the chances of us getting him {Ed001's Note - I only know he is a midfielder, because a Millwall fan tells me that! I have never seen the lad play. If a bid goes in much over a couple of million, Millwall would probably consider it, over 3m, they would most likely take it.}

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This guy above obvoiusly wants sland to be a bottom half them wanting players like that? are you kidding trotter is sh**

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04 Jun 2012 22:48:58
ed is der any chance of sunderland getting kevin gameiro of psg or any decent goalscorer? {Ed001's Note - I can't find any interest in him from Sunderland, sorry.}

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Gameiro not a chance...

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Gameiro was offered to Newcastle recently, but interest has waned. He'll probably stay at PSG for another season.

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05 Jun 2012 12:27:47
Lee Clarke coming to Sunderland to be O'Neil's number 2.

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What's your source please

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Neil lennons gonna be no 2

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Geordie wind up

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It's a strange one but my mate works for east coast trains and he told me MoN and c666k travelled to London together this must of been 3-4 weeks ago but it's strange seeing this rumour after he told me that

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05 Jun 2012 11:21:13
Fee agreed for Zigic (Birmingham) around 1.5m, Doyle (wolves) and Huth (stoke) being enquired about too, Doyle 6m,Huth 5m. Outs-- Richardson,Elmo,Gyan,Killgallon,Bramble,and unfortunately, Sess!!

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Sess will be at the sol for 1 more season

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I hate to say that with his family still over in france he may be sold for 17m+

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Agree with most but Zigic is coming on loan till Jan as Birmingham cant afford his wages and if he impresses well sign him in Jan for 1 million plus Killgallon not leaving Turner is along with those mentioned hate to say it but sess is going to PSG

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