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06 Aug 2012 23:05:36
John guddetie is on way to Sunderland extremely reliable source spotted most transfers in January for all clubs

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06 Aug 2012 22:58:29
Word on the internet is sunderland have given up on fletcher to high a price tag and are looking else where.

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Hope that's true can't believe were expected to pay more for Fletcher than arsenal payed for podolski a top class player

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Wolves want 12mill sunderland will pay12mill so deal will be done it is in the sunderland echo.

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If its in the echo its the truth they always tell the truth . T Foolery

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06 aug 2012 01:04:55
lazio have but a £13m bid in for stephane sessegnon plus libor kozak has part of the deal.

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Lazio come calling he,s gone its that simple and mon had said on skysports on saturday that he can not guarentee sess will be staying....think mon just realised he needs to clear the hugh wage bill left by keane an bruce...

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I think Mr.Short has told MoN. That he needs to save money? Makes you think what is the financial situation at the club, Was reading that the club has gone from the 7th most expensive squad down to the 11th. And Newcastle have gone from the 8th most expensive to 7th. I think if a big deal does come in for Sessegnon I think we will sell.

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If sess goes then it will be the championship for us because no strikers no creativity=:(((

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Hopefully we keep sess hes by far the best player we have, like above sed we need to cut the wages down keane f****d this club up spending silly money and wages on average players brucey wasnt much better i think oneil will try he=is best to keep sess gunna be a nervery month for us this

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I think it's a case of O'Neil not putting himself in a situation where he ends up looking like a w**ker. How many managers have we heard say ' he is definately not leaving'-2 days later a bumper offer comes in and they're gone. The manager is undermined and the fans loose complete trust. At least O'Neil is being completly honest and not blowing smoke up our arses.It makes me more inclined to believe everything else that he says in the press.The truth of it is that all clubs will desperately want to keep there best players. If stupid offers come in then the situation changes.Of course we all hope to keep sess But if someone offers silly money then let him go and rebuild with the money

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Will take a lot more than 13m for us to sell. remember we have to replace him

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If this is the case where is the bent,gyan money gone,i know the henderson money got spent ,so gettin rid of sess means we have to replace 3 quality players,i reckon were a bit buggered if this is happening.tk73

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I think 13m is a great deal for Sess,one season doesnt make him a superstar, if he had scored 20 goals yes but to replace him with Fletcher would be a mistake. As for saying ` he`s going nowhere ` then selling 2 days later, that comment is just stupid. EVERY team will sell if the price is right ie Carroll 35m, Henderson 20m, Downing 20m, Ronaldo 80m. As for Sess 13m is good business. safc1973

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Blackpool have failed to agree a deal with Emile Heskey, 34, who has been training with the Seasiders after leaving Aston Villa.

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^^^^^^^^ and?

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^^^^^^^^^^^ and.... It will mean that Sunderland may put in an offer now.

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With Sess leaving it is going to be curtains, All the teams in the premier league are improving their squads, Should not have got rid of Gyan for a start.

Southampton have developed good players, Reading are in the best form out of the 3 teams that came up and have invested, West Ham have money and Big sam knows how to survive in the premier league.

Tough times ahead unless a few players come in, Larrson cannot do it all on his own.

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What would have been the point of keeping gyan? a player who obviously didn't want to play for the club,not even sure he wants to play football!

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Safc1973 you have clearly misread my post. I actually said 'How many managers have you heard say hes is not leaving'-hence O'Neil is absolutely right not to do that. By bringing up Carrol you are merely backing up my point-Pardew said he was going nowhere-2 days later he was gone. It made Pardew look like an person even though in the end it has proved to be the best decision the club has made. I suggest in future you read things properly before calling someones opinion stupid. As in this case you have called my comment stupid then gone on to back up what I have said.....

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