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06 Jan 2013 22:49:24
A fee is agreed for Alfred N'Diaye for about 4.5m Euros which is about £3.6m in english money from Bursaspor. According to Roker report and possibly turkish reports.

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Only thing you have right is the price and the club, its Scott Carson who is coming to Sunderland. Has a lot of clubs in for Mingolet.

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Muppet migs going nowhere

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It's N'Diaye you muppet. it's even on SSN right now.

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Who is Muppet migs? never heard of him {Ed024's Note - He's Gonzo's mate}

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06 Jan 2013 21:24:49
In what seems to be a quickly developing story, there's a hell of a lot of chatter coming out of Turkey this evening that Sunderland have agreed a fee with Bursaspor for French youth international midfielder Albert N'Diaye.

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The fee has been accepted for around 3.6 million

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According to wiki his current club is sunderland hmm

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Nothing mentioned on sky sports transfer news about this?? Never heard of the player! Us this true and anyone no anything about this lad?

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It has been mentioned on sky sports news about 20 minutes ago!

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06 Jan 2013 21:54:51
MON is trying to take Shaun Maloney to Sunderland

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06 Jan 2013 19:33:24
Ed do you think we will get hooper and downing
They'd be great signings {Ed024's Note - They would give us a few more options but - Downing, is he not just another Johnston ? I would say Hooper would be more likely}

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He might be another Johnson*, and if so sign him up. Jonno has the most assists, and chances created for us this season don't understand the hate, he'll get better too {Ed024's Note - Very good point.}

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Id buy downing and graham..and sell this rate well have a full former boro team shortly !

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06 Jan 2013 18:44:25
My team after January
{Ed024's Note - Thats 6 incoming - I would be surprised at that many}

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You can but dream. We will not sign any one tell all the other premier league are finished in the transfer market, because we are the last club any footballer wants to go too.

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You've got maybe on right there, that would be Juhasz. Do you really think he'll ever drop Larsson; I think not

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I iwsh he dropped larsson or at least play him at RB and have garnder in the middle

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Agree with above !..larsson is never a middle of the field player . his .best position is right wing always has been always will be wish MON would see that !

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Huddlestone is not the answer

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Drop Larson for who.....muppets

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06 Jan 2013 18:23:38
Ed I just heard that lucciano becchio is in talks with us what do you know {Ed024's Note - Think it might be porky's !}

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We should have got both becchio and snodgrass in the summer !

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06 Jan 2013 16:52:06
Heard a rumour from a source inside the club marco gabbiadini is going to resign for sunderland after some good performances in the local five aside league. {Ed024's Note - I think that may be untrue !}

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He has been asked to sign for the but could not commit to a 28 year contract {Ed024's Note - Now we are just getting silly !}

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That has to be a pensioners attempt at humour

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Gabbs is more mobile now than Bramble and cuella put together ! him at center half !

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06 Jan 2013 16:16:05
My sunderland dream team
A new rb lescot killgallon rose
Vaughn milner johnson
Fletcher holt {Ed024's Note - Not sure about Holt - would you not prefer Graham (Swansea) }

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Thought this was a transfer rumors page not a dream team one, {Ed024's Note - Holt and Graham - dream team ....mmmmm as much chance of a nightmare I think.}

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My best team:
Wickham. Agbonlahor

Downing Gardner. Milner Johnson.

Rose. O Shea
Cuellar. Brown

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Holt signed a new comtract so he is going no where.

Ed024 I think you could be right Graham is a more likely move.

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Brown ? Who's he ?

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Where is fletcher, cattermole ?

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06 Jan 2013 16:13:36
I think we should ethier play with wicham and fletcher upfront or go for grant holt

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I think we should try for kenwyne Jones and agbonlahor. Agbonlahor is good as he does not rely on crosses and can break quick on his own {Ed024's Note - Kenwyne, I only perform every fifth game, Jones - you cannot be serious. I'd consider Aggy, but Jones ...once bitten and all that...

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06 Jan 2013 14:00:43
Not many teams play 442 anymore. I believe playing with one up front is right. However, our problem is that we can't keep hold of the ball long enough. The whole idea behind playing a lone striker is that the two wide players push further forward which stops the opposing full backs getting forward as much and then one central midfielder bursts into the box supporting the striker.

We need two central midfielders who can keep the ball to dictate the pace of the game.

This would do me for the rest of the season.

Bardsley Samba O'Shea Rose
Huddlestone Cattermole
Sessegnon Cahill Johnson

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I put Gardner ahead of Cattermole any day.

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Tottaly disagree with the above !...4-4-2 is positive playing 1 up front is negative and means the team usually plays too deep unless you are Barcelona ...get real !

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You havent mentioned are terrible defence ! ..we desperatly need 2 reliable and quick center backs !

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Again our alleged manager has said he couldnt fill the bench because we have lots of injuries so why sell Meyler !

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At least Gardener scores goals !..when was the last goal scored by Catts ?..about 1482 !

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Catts is a great player and leader he should start but i think gardner offers a lot but none of the are what we need we need creativity alongside one of them

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Catts is our lynch pin he breaks up play keeps the team in shape and drives them on we need a ball playing partner for him, someone who picks up his short pass n uses the ball or grabs the loose ball after catts wins it, urs plain to see when oshea is missing too that we have a massive void in the middle loose our shape and lack leadership, 442 doesnt even work for humpcastle its a dinosaurs system, if oneil plays 2 up front it will be with a back 3 and wing backs which is far less rigid and keeps strength in midfield

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Catts is an important player for us, gardner over bardsley at right back though!

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My formation would be 4 3 3

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06 Jan 2013 13:23:45
Loan deal for Guidetti is at an advanced stage and should be finalised by the end of the week.

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Is this true edd {Ed024's Note - It's certainly possible, when you look at how well Welbeck and Evans have done at Man Utd after spending time at SOL and the progression Rose is making, Man City could see Sunderland as a good option for Guidetti, could be a win all round}

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