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06 Jul 2012 12:08:12
MON to use funds from gyan sale to help fund moves for Anita,hoilett and nzonzi

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As all the rumours fly around about the lads I just wonder if Sir Mon has a master plan with a couple of quality signings that we just would not realise are happening!

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Fund the moves for 3 players from gyan sale?? 7mil is all bein received idiot,already had 6mil last season for the loan with view to buy

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Hoilett will not be cheap.............

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He says to help fund the moves for three players, not to fund it all

Why don't you read the post fully before replying and making yourself look daft!

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Hoillet is available for little compensation as hes out of contract {Ed046's Note - 4 million to be exact

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The fee from gyan will barely fund an hoilett move........k {Ed046's Note - hoilett is 4million compensation and Gyan is anything from 3 to 8 million

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Yep have to agree it saying he will use the cash to fund the moves.and hoilett is free transfer

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They make themselves look epic because geordies are brilliant {Ed046's Note thank you-

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Yes hoilet is a free transfer but due to the lad being at blackburn since 13 years old blackburn get compensation(as ed46 says 4 million) he also will want a signing on fee and agent fee,s and rumour has it he,s asking for big your probably looking at 6 to 7 million for him to put pen to transfers do not mean he,s free they never do just mean the club he left dont want any thing unless he came through ranks does this sound about right ed.....k {Ed001's Note - his wage demands have scuppered a number of possible moves for him, they are way too high for a player of his ability.}

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06 Jul 2012 09:52:03
Big rumour in Glasgow MON to swoop for Ki great buy 8mill plus one Sunderland player dont know who

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Seb Larson is the other player going out, little known but does not have the pace oneil wants out wide and ki is more consistent with his delivery.

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Was wondering when the toon fan would come back. I am guessing your going to say Ki, plus Sessegnon going the other way or may be Richardson?????

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Celtic fan ki is a good player but hes no worth 8 million 5 million at most

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He better move fast QPR bid 11mill Ki and Samaras

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Must be good if he can deliver a ball better than larsson. massive difference in opponent though sfl and epl

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Samaras is terrible doubt they'll go for him

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06 Jul 2012 00:20:08
Martin o'neil is confident he can clinch a loan deal with Chelsea's future stars jeffery Burma and Gael kakuta source(northern echo) (princey1995)

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You can only have 1 player on loan from the same club

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