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06 Jun 2012 15:41:15
Aiden mcgeady and Gabriel agbonlahor are strong of Targets of Martin o'neil , agbonlahor should sign when holt signs for villa And mcgeady will sign after euros also Gary hooper is a possible traget for Martin o'neil

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Agbonglahor wants to stay at ston villa

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Before you argue get your spelling right (ASTON) and its been confirmed when holt signs for villa agbonlahor will be told he is free to leave the club as he's not apart of lamberts plans

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06 Jun 2012 22:02:25
confirmed by who exactly? the daily mail?. and agbonglahor confirmed from his own mouth that he wants to finish his career at villa

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Well thats a lie isnt it....

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Type it in google mate. Agbonglahor has pledged his future to villa on numerous occasions. He has no reason to leave. The only time he will leave is if a bigger club than villa come in for him. Unfortunately Sunderland are significantly smaller than villa

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Tytpical SGB so if sunderland is smaller than villa I suppose you lot are bigger than barcelona, real madrid, man utd ect..? arrogance of you lot is a joke, villa were close to be relegated last year, they are in free fall and it is well known that agbonlahor loves working with O'neill so don't bet against him coming to sunderland SGB!

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Significantly bigger? Based on what exactly? Fan base, ground size, history? The only thing Villa have over Sunderland is they are more established in the Premier League though based on their near relegation during the last two seasons they are obviously trying to change that. The player concerned may want to stay at his home town club but if he's not in the managers plans he may feel differently when the thought of spending time on the bench becomes clear.

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From a Liverpool fan. Villa are a much bigger club than Sunderland with a far better history. Although if agbonglahor won't play under lambert he may be tempted to leave. {Ed007's Note - If you are an LFC fan why are your other posts saying you are an AV fan? I will just delete them and block you until you decide who you support and you learn to stop being a pathetic little troll.}

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The only thing bigger about Villa is the ego of their fans

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LOL nice one ed007.

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Someone seems to have forgot that ED can see everything haha!

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As villa have never been relergated from premiership since it began and they bought d bent for 24 million a fee that safc would never be able tp pay for 1 player...

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Villa bigger than Sunderland, don't make me laugh.

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Coz we not that stupid to pay 24m for a player and how much of that you still owe us for bent about 12m of it, so really you only spent 12m so far and our top transfer fee is 13.2m for gyan, sad sad deluded villa fan, enjoy relegation next season

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Add up the fee u paid for bent then add on top the sell on clause to spurs u probably only made about 5 million...and by the way i,m a toon fan and we are bigger....

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Yes toon fan around the waist very embarrassing on tv

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Lol, the "who is bigger" discussion is embarressing enough as it is, but for Sunderland to enter it and make their claim is just laughable... Jeez, the club have been up and down the leagues since the EPL started and showed nothing last season

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06 Jun 2012 10:43:16
Been told that AS Monaco are going to make a £15.75m offer to the lads for the services of Benin International Attacking Midfielder Stephane Sessegnon plus the services of Romanian Striker Daniel Niculae, 29, who is valued at £1.25m.

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Sessegnon is valued at 17m? If the deal go's ahead that is good business for the lads, Seen Niculae play, he would be a awesome signing for you. Good player Lads fans.

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No thanks

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Good deal for us but cant see it happening think niculae would fetch more than 1.25mill

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Who have you been told by?

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Why would sess leave a premier league club to play in the French 2nd division which is where Monaco are currently playing seems a bit unlikely

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Why sell sess? no need

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Daniel Niculae plays for nancy at moment for 1.25m could be worth a gamble

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The same reason gyn left prem league to play in saudi arabia...the money

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New owners of Monaco are Billionaires. So who knows. Looked up Daniel Niculae and he is valued at between 1.6-1.9m Your Sessegnon is valued at between 12-17m. Properly my investment head talking but if I was Sunderland I would sell. Got him for 6m so if they can get 12m+ for him good business. And your club needs a striker. Maybe I am looking at it not has a fan but has an investment banker.

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