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06 Jun 2013 21:23:14
Ed, is it true that we are preparing to bid 15m for lorenzo insigne {Ed024's Note - I very much doubt it}

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Aaahhhaa keep dreaming mackems mackemsyous call us deluded haha

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How are we deluded? It's the media reporting these thing. Safc93

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You loony toony lot said that before we signed Johnson!

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All paper talk he's many classes above your football level

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I love it when our inbred cousins in the fool army come on our page to criticise us for our ambitions of signing better players. having seen their clubs wane from its dizzy heights they are now crippled with envy at seeing us have a better chairman and a manager who has the potential to bring a keegan style era to the sol with new and exciting players remember no one knew of the ginolas asprillas etc when they arrived.

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Johnson is a step down from insigne

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The only reason you got Johnson and Graham is because we passed on them.

The same goes for Whickham too.

Sunderland F. C = The Newcastle Reject bin Squad. {Ed024's Note - But your not bitter ?}

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At least your not jealous so that's okay

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Got ya WONGA top yet ge0rdi3?

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06 Jun 2013 19:52:11
Just watched Mobido Diakite vs Juventus highlights. He put half of the Juve players on their backsides! He looks a class signing! Have we actually agreed a fee for him? {Ed024's Note - He would be a bosman}

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Yet he strugled to make the first team at lazio

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Be a bit better if he put the ball in the back of the net.

It is not rugby.

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Just because he struggled to make the first team at Lazio doesn't mean he isn't a great player.

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He struggled 2get his game at lazio because he refused 2 sign a new contract! Keep up or stick 2 yor own site!

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06 Jun 2013 19:44:48
I've seen a few rumours roaming about that we have had a 7.5million euros bid accepted for paulinho plays in serie B for Livorno and we are in advanced stages with him any truth in this ED? {Ed024's Note - I have heard a few whispers but I hope not, I am not convinced he could do it in the EPL.}

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The livorno chief executive has apparently admitted we're in advanced talks. Safc93

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Mind lots of clus in Europe including a top rich Russian club are after him!. as usual ill beleive it when he actually signs!. good player mind!

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06 Jun 2013 19:00:38
Ed would you agree with this - DONE -Diakite,Roberge, Cabral - Probably will happen - Lucas Orban and a GK if migs leaves - Might Happen - Livornos Paulinho Betanin and joshua guilavogui _ signing we all want LORENZO ISIGNE {Ed024's Note - I'd agree with your dones, dont think we'll see Orban (will stay put), Paulinho (not good enough) or Isigne (Napoli might loan him but wont sell). I'd say Guilavogui would be one for the future rather than the finished article. If we sell Migs we will defo get a GK.}

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06 Jun 2013 19:43:32
Ins- matt Richie 2 million Alcatraz 1.5 million James perch 1million Barry bannan 4 million prognebyk 5.5 million Outs- mignonlet 10 million sessegnon 8.5million.

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Simon Mignolet's agent has denied claims his client is looking to leave Sunderland this summer.

In reports published on Thursday, former Huddersfield goalkeeper Nico Vaesen was incorrectly cited as the player's representative. Vaesen had suggested that Mignolet would be keen to step up a level due to his ambitions with the Belgium national team but the 25-year-old's actual agent, Guy Vandersmissen, has refuted such claims.

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James Perch, are you for real, he is a keystone cop defender from Sid James Park, we are trying to improve not get worse, dear me.

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Its a mag posted original

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Ritchie maybe, but the rest. you cannot be serious!

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More magpie rubbish!

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06 Jun 2013 18:16:59
Ive just spent 2 weeks on here trying to calm everyones expectations about a man city style spending spree and now find myself telling people not to panic. Even if Mignolet and Sessegnon do leave we've not brought in the most outspoken manager ever seen and planning to bring in a director of football from milan and a chief scout from inter to panic the minute 2 players may or may not want to leave and a target wants champions league football. They may be arguably our 2 best players but let's be honest, there's so much crap in that squad that I could look good in it (and i'm that 2 year old from yesterday). i'm confident that di canio will have a squad he's happy with come the beginning of the season, what happens after that we'll have to let nature takes it course. Agreed Ed as they are more likely to listen to you than me? {Ed024's Note - Its not often I agree with a toddler ...but your spot on. While I agree Mignolet was out top player last season, Sessegnon was inconsistent for most of the season, we have been the most active EPL team since the end of the season - lets see who's coming when the bosmans are confirmed in early July. Absolutely no need to panic.}

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Totally agree mate why would we bother bringing these top people from Italy to help with improving the squad if there is no money to spend. its good to see sunderland giving the fans the positive signs for a change. money will be spent players will come in on bosmans and players will leave if its mignolet or sess so be it no one is bigger than the club

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06 Jun 2013 17:29:18
First of all don't know why everyone moaning if Migs wants to go let him but for no less than 10 mill based on today's prices we have a great keeper in Kiearan Westwood ideal replacement and then get decent cover such as the guy from Celtic for about 4 mill Migs is a good keeper but when Westwood has played he's never let us down and the short period when he was playing regular he was great Migs only back in the team due to illness
Second point the muppet mag who said people want to join Newcastle to make a name for themselves the question is who they have a load of overrated overpaid French footballers who went there for big wages and you can guarantee if they do any good they will be gone to a bigger club they may have been able to get the best players when sir Bobby was there but who outside of British football has heard of Pardew no body going to go there because they want to play for Pardew or they think the chairman is great only going for one reason they are getting more money and it's a stop gap untill something better comes along even good old Geordie carrol was gone as soon as possible to Liverpool he couldn't wait to get away and now won't come back

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I doubt any one other than Colo is on big wages. As for Carrol that was a great bit of business. He is also stated he is disappointed we are not showing an interest to bring him back. Anymore rubbish to spew out. Don't cry just because you best 2 players are leaving. Is rose still signing? {Ed024's Note - Are you trying to say that Newcastle not going for a Carrol is positive ? He's just the kind of signing you need to lift a squad that was struggling last season}

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Ed I wouldn't want carrol back. We would just continue to play long ball football. Which is awful with the creative players we have.

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06 Jun 2013 17:22:13
Where is everyone hearing the 15m rumours for lorenzo insigne

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06 Jun 2013 16:42:35
We might now actually get Danny Rose
Tottenham are after Inter Milans Left Back Alvaro Pereira, who would get straight into the first team

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Looks like Migs is OFF! so be it let's move on and get as much as we can for him and Westwood isn't far behind Migs. or others many young keepers a fraction of Migs value!

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Sorry but we are not going to pay the price they want for rose. Forget rose he won't be coming and it looks like Orban is going to sign there's our new LB

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You never know
He won't get first team at spurs, sooner he realises it the better for everyone, he can say he wants to leave which will take a couple million off the price tag, he gets first team football with us and we have a great player at our club
Everyone wins

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Why won't he get first team at Spurs?

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Look at the Original post
They won't pay a lot of money for a top class experienced left back just so he sits on the bench

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06 Jun 2013 16:41:24
Looks like Migs and Sess are off.

It is probably lucky Fletcher was injured or he would be gone too.

How come when players want to make a name for themselves they leave Sunderland. {Ed024's Mignolet was unknown when he joined Sunderland - made enough of a name to get chased by Arsenal and Liverpool}

Whereas, players join Newcastle when they want to make a name for themselves. {Ed024's note - who}

I feel sorry for Sunderland, what a mediocre, boring and rubbish club.
{Ed024's Is that in your unbiased opinion}
No wonder you lot come onto our page snapping at our heels, looking for a bit of excitement at a big club.

Best laugh I had for a while now is you lot mentioning players like Insigne and Tello.

Finally gave up on Cavani have you, so now you think you are buying the best young players in the world. LOL {Ed024's Note - Who are Newcastle chasing ?}

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HaHa these toon goons make me laugh! why ridicule Sunderland when they themselves JUST escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth!. at least we are attempting quality intakes not the barmy French foreign legion!

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How stupid are you ? It's not like we have made up the Insigne story just what the Italian papers are saying. Just like when Rooney was linked with you lot lol you where all buzzing then the club said its rubbish not the top club you think you are lol

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aWe are chasing Belhanda, Bony, Martens and Valbuena amongst others.

All top players. {Ed024's Note - And all not coming.}

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I don't even need to reply
Think Ed summed it up perfectly

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Worry about who's leaving your own club geordie friend, the good ship Newcastle is sinking. You display the same integrity as your sponsor. that'll be none!

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You say you're linked with them which you may have been in other papers, yet still highly unlikely anything will come of it. It's the same with us and Insigne

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06 Jun 2013 16:29:04
Where's I'd everyone hearing the 15m rumours for lorenzo insigne

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Sunderland put a starter 5.5m bid for him
They want over 10m
We all think he's worth it and the club should sign him

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Even at 15 mil, bargain. Great player and only 22 yrs old. Would add pace to the squad

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06 Jun 2013 15:42:19
What's the facts we know about Scocco ED? Heard a lot of rumours on this site but not so much from other sources, do you know anything? {Ed024's Note - I've heard we are interested but he's staying put.}

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Both Scooco and Insigne aren't moving anywhere!

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Why not Insigne
It must mean its possible, if they are willing to sell him for over 10m
If they don't want him to leave they would say that

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06 Jun 2013 15:32:29
Everybody knows about the 4-5 free players it looks like we are getting but here is a list of people Sunderland have enquired about or bid for.

Insigne - reported 5.5mil bid rejected Napoli want 10mil
Orban - deal looks set at 2.9mil waiting for player to decide
De Sciglio - contact made no offer yet. Milan would want 7mil
Cristian Tello - contact made no offers and doubt there will be
Leitner - contact made no offer yet. Dortmund would want around 5-7mil
Dost - reported 6mil bid rejected
T. Horn - reported 2mil bid rejected
Welliton - reported 9mil bid offered don't know if it's been rejected or not.

Mignolet - 10mil bid offered from Liverpool waiting on players decision
Sessegnon - PSG have offered 6mil which is what we payed for him offer was rejected. If they offer 8-10 I can see him going.

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If Di Canio wants Sess gone, why don't we do a swap bid with Napoli
Insigne for Sess

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Id accept a swap deal. bargain!

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Well, a swap deal plus 2 or 3 million

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06 Jun 2013 14:47:40
not trying to follow the media lads just got in from work so couldn't post any earlier both my sons get a bit of info in different ways about the club one has a mate who works in the offices at sol and the other gets his info off an agent. both reckon that mignolet will sign for Liverpool when the transfer window opens I have since spoken to a couple of mates from Liverpool and they have heard the same story and they reckon the fee is 6.5mill rising to 10mill depending on apperances. although I don't put my name to posts I was one of the first to post on here about the fletcher Johnson and graham deals. I for one would rather see him stop and if the club is to show ambition we should offer him a deal to stay but also if the player doesn't want to be at the club then the best way forward would be to sell him no need keeping unhappy players {Ed024's Note - I'm not saying he wont go but an intial 6.5m fee chance.)

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I was surprised by the fee as well ed but i'm only posting what I've been told. I could exaggerate and say we are getting 15 but it would look stupid mate we will have to wait and see

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06 Jun 2013 12:52:30
What a crap day! Mignolet is leaving, sess is apperantly going, scocco wants champions league football every single thing that could go wrong has. {Ed024's Note - Mignolet is still tied to Sunderland for 2 years - if he goes it will be for a kings ransom as we are under no pressure to sell. After playing below par for 75% of the season I'd be surprised if Sess went - dont let 2 decent games towards the end of the season kid you.}

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Mignolet will go to a team playing CL

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Liverpool are not in champions league

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06 Jun 2013 10:18:54
Does anyone know if its true Paolo wants to get rid of Sess because he 'doesn't like his attitude' I hope not. Last few seasons he's been our best player by an absolute mile!

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I have read he wants of get rid of Sess but personally I think its paper talk, if he goes we should ask for £15 million

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As you say Sess is probably our best player, also reports suggest Mig wants away which would be bad news for our club.

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£15 mil for sess, are you mad.

His market value on transfermarket. uk is 8.8 million.

And even that is a stretch.

He is 29 years old and would jump at the chance to play for a big club.

6 million MAX.

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If your saying sess is only worth 6mill, how on earth did we end up having to pay 5mill for Graham? THIS IS MADNESS!

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12 million

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15m? are you insane? he's 29, starting to go past his peak. Worth max 9m

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I think the 6 mill max poster is a skunk, the "big club" bit gave him away ha ha. {Ed024's Note - He is .......but he's allowed an opinion}

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We are under no pressure to sell migs if we wish we can make him see out his contract which is a further two years. me personally I would keep him for 1 more season and then let him decide what he wants to do also sess only had 3 decent games last season he is very lazy not the type of player di canio likes

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05 Jun 2013 23:38:34
Hi ed,

Ive heard from a few places now that our new director of football de fanti is john guidetti's agent! Is this true and could he influence him to sign for us?

Cheers ed

Dave the mackem {Ed024's Note - Yes de fanti is Guidetti's agent.}

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Well if that's not an opportunity I don't know what is!

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06 Jun 2013 00:48:51
I think Lorenzo Insigne is a strong possibility
We are the only club as far as I'm aware to come in contact with the club about his availability
He is Italian, so is Di Canio, said he will buy from Italy
He is the perfect player that Di Canio wants,
•Very Creative
•can score and provide goals
•Always a threat throughout the game
That's got to be worth 15m, Come on Di Canio, Sign him up

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You won't pay the money, and he won't leave napoli. He's a great young prodigy so why sell him to a smaller club?

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That's easy to answer first team football in the EPL and the biggest thing these days money. He's young so is probs on around 10k a week offer him double that and all of a sudden he warms to the idea. Not forgetting agents love transfers more money for them and I'm sure agents have a big say to these players

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Correct its about money, 'smaller' club has nothing to do with it. Your 'smaller' thoughts are ridiculous.

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