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07 Apr 2012 17:48:41
Asamoah Gyan has stated that he would like to still be a sunderland player next season when his loan deal is finished at Al-Ain
me personally i would love to have him back aslong as he does the buisness

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I liked Gyan when he played, he can score goals and I think O'neill will bring the best out of him, he may save us spending 15m on a top striker

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Exactly we can save money if we keep him and yes o'neill will get the best out of him

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Why do you want a player back that did not want to be there?who went out on loan purely for money, no thought for the club!

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No way, GREEDY!!!! MONEY MAN!!!!!. Would rather have Leon Best from the toon.

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He left because he could not work with Bruce!! same reason Bent left.

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It's all Brucey fault. where have we heard that before. I wonder if Bruce is to blame for the economic down turn. SMB.

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Yet again geordies talking deluded again

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Bent did not like the north east mate its that simple....

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Always bruceys fault . if the makems took gyan back, that means their desperate

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No Bent and bruce fell out and bent was having a relationship with bruces daughter, thats why he left. Bent was happy until he fell out with bruce, Gyan fell out with bruce aswell and left, but O'neill wants him back. don't forget think Gyan scored 10 goals with low confidence under O'neill he could be quality

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Steve Bruce in charge, the team were dreadful and in a relegation position.
Martin O Neal in charge and we are winning games, the 3rd inform team and could finish 8th.
Bruce has a record of not getting on with players and putting them out in the cold! these are facts.
Gyan, if he has the right mind set would be welcome back, the facts are he did not get on Worth Bruce. Bent didnt and a few others have come out and said so scince.
The same squad for both managers. Bruce to blame, simple as, end of!

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Bent was told by cappelo was to leave sunderland

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07 Apr 2012 11:56:40
double swoop for Darren Bent and Gabby Agbonlahor?

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Deluded. Darren Bent left for a bigger club and Gabby is die hard Villa.

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Deluded its about the only smart word toon afns no i bet half the ones who use it dont know what it even means and at the end of the day we have a big stadium mint manager good set of players no dodgy owners so they would love to come to sland i bet

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3rd comment you just summed up deluded. Bent left the same set up you mention, why step back? Gabby is die hard Villa. You are smaller than Villa. Backward step for both. Just because O' Neil was the boss there doesn't mean players will come.

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Bet Bent is delighted he went to a relegation threatned side....i thought he went cos he wanted success..oh no it was the money!

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How on Earth can you say leaving Villa would be a backward step. They are facing relegation. Even if they survive, they will struggle next season.
Wouldnt have Bent anyway. Over priced and greedy to boot.


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Villa were bigger under O'neill now they have Mcleish and are poor, O'neill gave Agbonlahor his chance at villa and I'm sure he would love to join up with O'neill again, I would have Bent back, he left because he fell out with bruce and also he wanted more money

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Big stadium??? lots of empty seats only time its ever near capacity is when take thats there now come on if bent leaves mate he aint ever come back to sunderland

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Empty seats blah blah blah, geordies craic is getting boring now, sunderland are a big club, sure would like to fill our stadium every home game but people can't afford it, the only reason you lot fill your stadium is because ashley gave away season tickets for 100!

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You give your tickets away to school kids and still can't fill your stadium No real logic in that comment. SMB

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