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07 Jan 2012 14:20:41
my uncle has just come back from working in th UAE and told me while living in Al ain he caught a al ain fc match and after spoke to Gyan and told my uncle he would stay at sunderland next season if we finish in a good position

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F*** him, we don't want him..

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So that means hes off then

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Would not take him back under any circumstances. Who is he to say if we finish in a reasonable position he will come back.if it goes pear shaped he will just pack his bags and piss off again. Total mercanary

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Don't want that backstabber back..

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Just get 20om for him off al ain, happy days

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I would take him back any day over Bent. The board forced Gyan out by accepting the loan bid. Bent left to further his england career. Bent is the traitor not Gyan.

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Gyan was already in dubai was already there when the board accepted the offer! gyan publicly stated he was thinking of the money for his future so how did the board force him out? it was gyans decision the same as it was carrolls decision to leave nufc! both were money greedy!

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07 Jan 2012 13:21:26
hope mon gives ryan noble ago on sunday if not loan the lad out

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Great call mate. Bruce should of give him a go when we couldn't score, but that's how clueless he is

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Totally agree. Bruce's tactics if they exist were to do nothing and just to watch us lose games.. To be honest I don't understand how he didn't use McClean, the lad is amazing surprise and while Noble got red hot while playing for the reserves, he didn't get a chance that he actually deserved, as there was no solution anyways..

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07 Jan 2012 08:05:44
i work next to the sunderland training complex and the sercurity guy has said Piennar is on his way for a medical this morning, his plane landed at 7:30 at Durham Tees! theres already bout 20 fans hanging around the entrance!

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I'll believe it when I see it, but I think O'neill will concentrate on buying defenders and a striker 1st

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20 fans around waiting. You don't even get that amount for your home games. SMB.

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Could be true as the lad said 20 fans hanging around because if it was up the road the disillusioned would have ye believe there would be hundreds

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Mags need to get a life yous need to watch skysports news to see whos going out of your BIG CLUB

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Will always be a bigger club than yours. Watching sky sports. what is it I am looking for? You watching it through someones window and getting confused? SMB

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Why don't you concentrate on your own clubs page or indeed, sky sports just incase something happens at your massive club, there may even be a new signing at the "no fear, lotto Lonsdale arena of gola"

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Newcastle will never be a big club again every team hates you and wer sick of your fans posting rubbish ftm. Rgjp

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I do go on our page. But this one makes me laugh so much. No more Man U rejects to buy so you are going for Villa's casts off. Heskey spotted at Sunderland airport, sorry thats right you don't have one. SMB

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So y it then evri one likes going to Durham tees valley cos its better and a load easier than Newcastle anyway this isn't about airports it's about u posting rubbish on our page gone and talk some rubbish on your own page with the rest of the clowns FTM rgjp

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Remind me who signed Simpson and Obertan?

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Thank God u did cos theyre both *****.
Ba was a gamble but he has not cost u nowt, but if someone is prepared to put cash up hes off!

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And they look much better than brown and o shea smb

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Nothing to read about your own club? obviously a closet fan of safc. sad,sad, mag.

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Would rather have Simpson and obertan than O shea, brown. Both Fergie casts off good work agent Bruce. Now you will be getting villa's cast off. Heskey and Dunne.

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That last comment sums up the knowledge of football these clowns have -.-. Also Poor crack, boring banter and horrible patter

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I hope we sign some quality players because we have spent a fortune over the years on rubbish. To be fair to Newcastle they havent spent anything the last few years and on paper they do have a better team than ATM if were been honest.

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Wot a waste of time discussin this !! original post obviously a load of b------t !

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