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07 Jan 2013 19:55:42
edd. wot do you think the chances of signin samba if only on loan are, as i can't c it but there is a lot of talk of it?...safc79 {Ed001's Note - he is unhappy in Russia and looking to leave, hence the loan talk. I can't find out if Sunderland have made a move for him, but if they have, well the chances are high of him joining.}

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Makes me laugh when players jump ship for a huge payday then complain to leave. Shouldn't be greedy. Safc93

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Cheers edd.i agree sounds a bit old fashioned but it would be all about the passion for me just to do wot i love and get payed for it..(maybe i need a new job lol)...safc 79

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07 Jan 2013 19:21:41
Hearing whispers from a source within the club that we are still after Guidetti on loan but it may not happen until next week. MON will prioritise a CH and RB once the signing of N'Diaye is over the line. Jenkinson on loan and a bid for Samba are the names at the forefront but wages the stumbling block for the latter.

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Would love this to happen, still can't believe samba didnt stay in the premier league, big strong CB who's surprisingly quick for his size, never gonna be a usual bolt but 'meh' and he's not afraid to put a tackle in either, which is always a plus

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Whispers from within the club, do you think Guidetti is the answer to our problems.He can't do any better than Fletcher or Whickham for goodness sake.Mon has a chance in this transfer window to get in players who will improve the team, is that not what he is paid for.Since Jan 2012 to Jan 2013 he has won 12 premier league games for our club, now i think Mon is probably the best manager we could hope for but i think his career with Sunderland really does depend on his signings this Jan.If he can't improve on our poor showing so far then Ellis Short will have to make a big decision.I really hope Mon gets a couple of quality players in to save our season, and to save his job.

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Would rather we signed Isco tbh.

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The way our centre-backs have played, bringing Charlie Hurley and Dave Watson back would probably be an improvement. If we don't sign at least two quality defenders then O'Neill can't have been watching the pantomime performances we have seen, and maybe another priority for the window would be to get him some new glasses so he can see just how poor the sides he picks are at the back! A decent coach would probably help too, but you can't turn tortoises into hares by coaching so it won't help much unless we replace the saloon doors at the centre of the defence too.

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So you reckon a player who scored over 20 goals in 20 odd games WONT improve our squad.REALLY??

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'twas 20 goals in 23 games I believe, aye definitely a rubbish player who wouldn't make a difference, ^.^ some people need to do a bit of research before making judgements

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I at no point said Guidetti is rubbish.I am of the opinion that he has no experience at all in the prem league and yes he did do well at Feyenoord.But that aint the prem league is it.I said he would not do any better than Fletcher or Wickham and just think he would not be the saviour some fans are banking on.

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Dont get me wrong i like Wickham but we do need someone who will change the game off the bench like a Welbeck sort of player

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07 Jan 2013 12:36:05
3.2 million bid accepted for n'daiye, player keen to join apparently so transfer should be completed in the next 2 days. Its a start now we need a commanding cb and a goal scorer. Safc93

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07 Jan 2013 11:05:37
Hi! Forest fan here we bin hearing that maybe connor wikham comming our way? Anything about it your side? Hope you have a great second half season mon will put thing rite

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Don't think it'll happen mate, he played wit fletcher 4 the first time against Bolton nd oneill said they linked up well 2gether so I don't think Helen b goin anywhere, good luck 4 rest of season

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On loan possibly if we get a few more players in the transfer window.

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Thats the first ive heard mate, id say he wasnt going anywhere unless we got a couple more strikers, our squad is to small as it is

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Nothing up here mate

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Ain't heard nothing here and good luck to you as well

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The only way you would get Whickham on loan is if we signed 2 quality strikers, not going to happen. Besides I think he will get a chance up front with Fletcher soon enough!

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Thanks and good luck to Forest this season. If you are to get Whickam it will only be for a seasons loan. the lad has done very well as late and a replacement would need to be signed by MON before even this would happen.

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Hope its not true, he is just startin to get amongst it so can't c it happenin.good luck rest of season..safc 79

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Aye best of luck to Forest too, got a soft spot for Forest - must be the Cloughie thing. Cant see Wickham going though as we too thin in that department. Wouldn`t mind seeing us taking Sharp from you though (via saints), just the type of Kevin Phillips style of striker we need.

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