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08 Aug 2012 17:42:06
Been told of a real good source that fletcher defo signing and also signing to other big names apparently I think guidetti and Johnson !! Watch this space deal done by Friday

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It's a good thing we don't hold our breath. This has been said for the last 6 weeks. What's another week.

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Think its milner not johnson

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Well unless we going to buy johnson we aint getting him. cant loan more than 1 player from a team i dont think. would much rather have johnson, dont rate milner at all

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I think you can loan 2 from the same club. Safc93

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Congratulations on your purchase you have a 30 day no quibble return policy haha.

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Would be gutted if we paid more than 12 for Fletcher would much rather just sign super guidetti for a season we could get fletch for 8mill at end of the season he'd already said he doesn't want to play for wolves but there just holding out for more coz they know were desperate call there bluff Mr oneil they won't want a player who doesn't want to play for them

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Ah okay well fair enough, didn't know that mate cheers, who would you rather have Johnson or Milner?

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I wud rather we signed milner we have mclean on the left milner is a hard worker in the midfield

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Fletcher going to villa for 15 mil lol cant be right hes worth 8 mil best he only scored 12 goals last season hes not a 20 goal a season man

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You can only loan 1 player from the same club

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You're allowed 2 loan signings from premier league clubs, but only 1 from each club

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You can loan 2 , short memories lads Simpson and Evans from united at the same time I seem to remember....

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The fact that the team are staying in Midlands between the Derby and Leicester games, it's most likely that the Fletcher deal will be tied up then.

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Wolves fan here. Its the British player transfer market Andy Carroll 35m joke, Jay Rod 8m Burnley to Southampton not proven in prem Fletcher 12 goals a season for last 3 seasons and wolves dont need to sell. Im gutted that Fletch is leaving but for 12m u have a good striker who I think will score goals for fun in a better team, come on he did score 12 for our pile of s***e

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Or they have a training base down the midlands and want to keep everybody together.

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Thats what i think fletcher deal and maybe gudetti of man city, midlands not far from manchester

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08 Aug 2012 17:06:30
SSN saying Fletcher has confirmed that he has handed in a transfer request

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Its wolves own fault for getting too greedy that hes handed a request in,if you keep playing that game it bites u on the arse moxey,if i was oneill i would pull out cos wolves wont get a 12mill offer off anyone else now he wants to leave.tk73

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Villa bid 13 mil for fletcher.

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Villa gazumped deal believe a player swop/loan deal has been done for fletcher.

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Hope so got a wolves mate who thinks they paid well over the odds at .6 mil. Mon needs to sign quality not 12 mil bench warmers.

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If villa bid thats it he aint coming its that simple.

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Hope villa get ripped off instead of us that would be class they could have someone to play up front with that donkey bent

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Why is it Wolves own fault. We have no debt our players contracts automatically reduced on our relegation. We have no need to sell and therefore no desire to sell. We have consistantly said we will only consider an offer that we cant refuse. Or should we just sell him to you now you have decided you want him? Now with him handing in a transfer request we dont have to pay up any contract and no percentage of transfer fee to Fletcher. So Wolves are the winner not the loser. Also make a lower offer if you desire Villa have already offered more.

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To the bloke who said his mate a wolves fan reckons we payed over the odds for Fletcher at 6 million. You dont know a wolves fan because if you did he would have told we had a bargain at 7 million.

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How is bent a donkey, best player we had in a while

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Was 6 mil with a profit sell on to burley of 15 per cent.

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Fletcher whant's to move close to scotland so i dont think he wil go to villa.

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Was 7 million with 15% of future profit on sale. Any Wolves fan knows that as it was common knowledge that he was a new transfer record for us beating the 6.5 million we payed for Doyle.

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To the wolves fan 12 goals last season yous got relegated and the man who should have kept yous up you want 15 mil for WHY where does 15 mil come from ?? why not 8 mil or 6mil ?? if sunderland buy fletcher it will be another craig gordon over rate jock we paid too much for

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08 Aug 2012 12:16:13
Wolves have denied that they have accepted a £12m pound bid from Sunderland for Fletcher. They say they want more than that for him. I say look elsewhere.

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Definitely think that fletcher is worth 13 million if Gyan was, fletcher scored 12 goal last Season and consistentlygets double figures in two teams that got relegated ! He works hard for the team, just think its wolves playing silly buggers at the moment

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Made final 12m take it or leave offer. i hope they leave it and we look elswhere

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Can't believe you think Fletcher is worth 13 mill that is ridiculous they've only just paid 7 mill for him and he got relegated again! Let them keep him and they can stew in the second tier together forever! Sounds like some people are getting desperate just like kean & Bruce

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Rather we pay 6M for Rhodes and Hooper they could be the next Kevin Philipps......Otherwise let Wickham and Noble have a go

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Sky Sports news report Steven Fletcher has handed in a transfer request

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I agree 12m take it or leave. Look for someone else. Why do we always end up been taken to the cleans. And expect to loss out when we sell. Does the management have no spine.

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Give Wickham and noble ago are U for reel theses guys have big futures but ae need more fire power than that personally I rate Fletcher more than gyan and how much did he cost at least Fletcher won't go out on loan to al ain

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You won't be getting fletcher wolves have done a deal taking two villa youngsters on loan baker and Clark will fill you in later story just breaking

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My brother lives in brum as confirmed villa have bid in he's a safe fan n rates fletcher but thinks we've bin a pawn in a biding war.

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Deal will roll into tomorrow fletch wants villa baker wants wolves Clark wants prem loan Norwich qpr n reading interested Villa youth my source

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If we give Wickham a go we'll go down as he's rubbish, let's face it, we were well done by Ipswich

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Let him go to villa ang get rhodes and another for the 12 m

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08 Aug 2012 11:58:40
Now hearing that James Milner could be a Sunderland player this weekend.

The Prophet

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Finding this hard to believe tbh, he's on 80,000 a week apparently and man city like spurs demand stupid money for players that didn't work out for them just because they paid inflated prices for then


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha PRICELESS.

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What's that I smell? Oh, I think it's Bulls**t

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I heard it talk sport this morning

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Theres 3 or 4 teams in premiership where he would go before sunderland....k

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Qpr,west ham,fulham etc are 3 teams who would be intrested in milner along with villa again possibly everton and think liverpool could be a shock contender so he defo aint going to pick safc when he has to cut his wages by half......

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Hmm fulham westham or qpr or sunderland i would pick safc any day you person

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Thats because your a safc fan ....west ham and qpr can and will pay 80k a week and safc are about 40k a week wage take a guess where he will go and it aint safc..on top of that he will still be near the capital......

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Wage cap is 50m

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40 k wagers D BENT was on 66 k aweek ?

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08 Aug 2012 11:49:45
Been informed that Sunderland are working on a deal for Guidetti on loan with few to perm deal. This being the priority after Fletcher.

Also discussing possible deals for Adam Johnson and James Milner.

Part of this a hinging on City bringing players in, in particular Scott Sinclair.

The Prophet

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U seriously saying man city are going to fund 80k a week thats 40k easck a wek for them 2 players on loan.....k {Ed001's Note - they paid more than that for Adebayor to go on loan to Spurs......}

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They did edd and i believe they also dropped how much they valued him at but dont think they would pay half the wages for both players to come but we will see.....k

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Hi all sunderland fan's i am a man city fan and i can tell u now that adam johnson is off to liverpool on loan.i no sunderland whant guidetti on loan and milner for 8 mill so we will just after see.

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08 Aug 2012 09:25:55
Other football rumour site oneill has bids accepted for fletcher,guidetti,nzonzi,olsson and should be in sunderland for medicals etc by friday.campbell going to blackburn hence nzonzi and olsson coming.

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Would accept that plus im hearing milner for 5m

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08 Aug 2012 08:26:32
Rumours starting that James Milner and John Guidetti will be signing from Man City, can't see it happening myself but it's a rumour, so I thought I'd share it.

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