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08 Feb 2013 16:18:16
So wickham goes out on loan a that means more of hoof football up to the lone striker boring boring thank you martin you are just ruined my season tbis negativity cannot go on please

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Let's hope he scores a few for us then keep a place in yours always liked him it will only do him good, from a true owl

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The wickham loan shows this manager hasn't a clue. what manager would transfer loan sell 4 strikers in their squad leaving them with 2 strikers left? none! we need to get rid of this manager now!. crazy decision that will come to haunt him. I wonder what short thinks of this?

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We still have mcfadden aswell, wickham needs games sheff wed have 6 games between now and march 9th, we only have 4 and wickham would not start. if wickham can prove himself in the next 6 games and get some goals it keeps him sharp and gives him a chance at getting a start for us!

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He's also lacking in confidence and not yet ready for premiership football

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Who, Wickham or MON?

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Wickham needs games, he's one for the future, good idea he is only away a month and he will get six games, england future no9

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08 Feb 2013 13:46:33
wickham is off on loan to shef wed so that leavs flech and graham what is going on? CRAZY

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Yes, when the manager complains about the size of his squad before the transfer window and then goes on to reduce it, once again leaving the club with only two forwards, it simply underlines that he has no clue how to develop the club. No doubt Westwood will be next to go. Meanwhile we still have four poor centrebacks and no creative midfield. The way things are going we will finish below Newcastle again. Maybe then those who think MON is some kind of saviour will realise that he is not the solution here, he is part of the problem.

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There goes the 2 up front completely baffled by this one?????. safc79

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And I bet MON plays one up front tommorow!. even Adam Johson has come out saying he wants to play with 2 strikers!. stubborn to the core!

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Crazy decision from a crazy manager!.

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To the second post there are eighteen other teams in the league m8

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