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08 Jun 2013 20:03:47
Lucas orban will soon be officially announced a sunderland player

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What's he like?

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He's also agreed deals with other clubs and hasn't decided yet where he's going if indeed he does leave

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08 Jun 2013 17:49:16
Fletcher leaving Sunderland and signing klose and bent on 1st Jul {Ed024's Note - I'm going to stick my neck out and say ..... Fletch wont leave and Klose and Bent wont sign. In fact if it wasn't for Fletch getting a mention I would have thought you were on the wrong site.}

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Would have taken klose.

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08 Jun 2013 15:41:07
We are being linked with Guidetti again

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Looks a top prospect, I would take him.

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Wanted the boy last season got to be better than graham

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Di Fanti is his agent! So there is a high possibility that he might persuade him to join.

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08 Jun 2013 15:38:04
Rose and Mignolet were neck and neck for me last season
Goalkeepers aren't worth that much, so if we are rating Migs at 10m it must mean Rose is worth just as much

I will be really disappointed if we do not get him, he has already said he would like to stay, so fork out the money for him, otherwise it shows the club have no ambition at all to get quality players

I cannot be ar*ed with mags sayin that he would prefer to move to Newcastle than us because its absolute sh*te, so don't come sayin it now

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I completely agree, I think he is worth that

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Sunderland can't afford Rose.

Plus, Rose wants to play for England, meaning he would want to play for Newcastle, not Sunderland.

Be honest, you may not survive next season.

We had a terrible season, but are expected to improve a lot.

You are in another relegation battle.

Rose wants to ply his trade, not fight a relegation battle with a unhinged manager.
{Ed024's Note - Cant afford Rose - Not even going to comment on that. But what I would like to know is why, given your terrible finish to the season, you expect to improve next season. The euro's are spent so unless you sell you wont buy - the french lads attitudes look iffy at best and the Newcastle fans I know really dont share your optimism ??}

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How d'ya know we can't afford Rose ed?
I think he's worth it, if we rate a GOALKEEPER at 10m, I think he's worth 9m, because he did just as well for us last season

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Oh sh*t
Sorry ed, read it wrong, I know what you mean now

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08 Jun 2013 14:28:11
What's the latest in the Rose situation

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I doubt anything will be resolved until he comes home from the U21 euros!. which could be sooner than anticipated!

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I hope we get him, he was one of the two players that shone last season, and the other one is off.
He is worth 9m, we need to get him, otherwise the club is showing a lack of ambition yet again.

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I agree

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08 Jun 2013 14:07:24
Migs or Westwood
Johnson/Alfie/Sess/Insigne or Mertens

Subs:Cueller, Roberge, Colback, Catts, Vaughan, Cabral, Guidetti

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WAKE UP!!!! Mr Di Canio will buy, or, sign freebies, who he wants. What must worry EVERYONE is his tactical nous as shown in the thrashing at Villa, let's just hang fire and see if he has a job at xmas.

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Ridiculous post. I've seen enough in a few games to know di canio is tactically excellent and way above the levels of O'Neill and Bruce. He learned a lot from the 6-1 defeat especially the attitudes of some players after 2 excellent wins. How anybody got that group of players considering injuries, suspensions, huge lack of quality, poor attitudes is an impressive achievement to start his Sunderland career.

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08 Jun 2013 13:30:13
We are also being linked with juventus left back reto Ziegler as backup if we don't get orban they will accept just less than 2 million

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08 Jun 2013 12:47:42
Apparently Sunderland are planning a swap bid with Napoli
Migs for their goalkeeper De Sanctis
This would be a terrible deal, he is 36 years old and not as good as Mignolet.

Think we should do Mignolet plus 2.5m for Insigne
And let Westwood do a job for us

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Agree we should get as much as we can for Migs then pick a young keeper. how about schemichael !

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I think Westwood will do a good job for us

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08 Jun 2013 12:12:03
I do wish we'd stop saying we're signing insignie! It's never going to happen, no ones reporting it what so ever. I'm embarrassed to be a sunderland fan when I see the posts! I do hope we sign big players but insignie is just a ludicrous shout.

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It was coming from Italy
So something must be going on

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Is this a mag
The reports were coming from Italy

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Poor GE0RDI3 I know your jealous that were linked with good players and pretending to be a mackem

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Im a sunderland fan and he's right. can't start calling every sensible sunderland fan a mag. Some of you seriously need to take a look at our situation and the fair play rules and come back down to earth.

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Ha he is a mag after we are callin him a GE0RDI3 which he is he does not reply I wish the GE0RDI3S would stop pretending to be a sunderland fans

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They are just jealous because we will have a new breed of top class attacking players heading our way
Whilst they spent all there money on the Frenchies (panic buys)in January

Lovin the Wonga top, apparently Cisse is too, lol

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Take your rose tinted glasses off people and realise that he's a top prospect at a top club with CL football, I want top players for us too but think even contemplating the possibility of him coming is daft tbh. And no I'm not a GE0RDI3.

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08 Jun 2013 11:03:06
apparently we've signed hesky for 6 mil and are placing a 9mil bid for akinfenwa {Ed024's Note - No we haven't my Black and white friend - is it so quiet at St J's that you have to make things up on this site .....sad.}

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Na were just biding our time {Ed024's Note -'ve spent all your euro's}

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God dammit ed
You said exactly wot I would have said on BOTH

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Akinfenwa has been release anyway

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Pratdew wasted his budget in january, the mags will get 2 players max, and they will be frogs end of.

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Akinfenwa is going to port vale I think. Pardeauxs French revolutionists should go back to there own sad little site. Heskey sums up Newcastle's city centre.

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08 Jun 2013 10:46:30
Would anyone else want miroslav klose

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No too old.

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He sort of is
Good but, for not much longer

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08 Jun 2013 08:29:17
This morning's papers are reporting we've signed orban and are set to sell wickham. Safc93

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Josuha Guilavogui has said we are interested in him. Would be a quality signing!

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Josuha Guilavogui is yet another defensive midfielder. We are now linked with at least 4 DM's so it doesn't look good for Catts remaining at our club.

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08 Jun 2013 01:13:35
Gettin sick of all these negative comments,
You never know what could happen in football, if Di Canio is willing to let big players go like Sess and Mignlolet, he must have some pretty special players lined up because he wants to improve the club, not ruin it
There will be a lot of business at the SOL this Summer, wether its Bosmans or real quality players, along the lines if Insigne

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Hearing from sources that we've signed Lucas orban argentine left back, ed can u confirm? {Ed024's Note - One of this mornings papers is reporting this - while others are saying Orban wants to stay in Argentina !!!}

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Dirty mackems need to clean your stadium and stop eating cheesy chips and bin your burberry caps {Ed024's Note - This from the horse punchers ......hahahahahahah}

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My God, this one must have the brain of a houseplant. Chris-s.

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