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09 Apr 2012 22:21:24
Just spoke to a ABC reporter and he said he's heard Sess is going to PSG for $20 million it's a done deal, said his family do not want to go to UK and are happy in Paris.

He also said Gyan will be sold to an Arab Club which he is not aloud to say which one because a few clubs fighting over him in that neck of the world but he said the deal is around $25 million.

Elmohamedy off to Arab Club also and our Latinos off as well has not fitting in to Limey life.

Expecting to loss 6-7 players at end of season.

Red Neck Sunderland fan from Bluff City, USA.

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Yer right.....

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Id personally like to see more of elmohamedy, i thought he was a decent player and is well capped with his national side.

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He can jump........ That's it

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Soon as read he's not ALOUD, i'm afraid I know your talking s**te

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09 Apr 2012 17:05:44
We deserved the win today Lads.

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How do you justify that?

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We smashed sunderland second half there looking like a relagtain battle for uses

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Relegation dont be daft and when ye get beat off liverpool ye seasons over

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Like your season was when Everton beat you in your massive FA Cup quarter final?

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Is this a geordie pretending to be a everton fan. shows how pathetic they are!

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Any team should smash another team with 10 men ya geordie mug yas still couldnt get the win

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09 Apr 2012 04:49:00
The Adam Johnson rumours are kicking around again....wonder if he's the new Robbie keane lol never coming!

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Adam Johnson. God Mackems get more deluded everyday. LOL. Heskey and Davies more your level.

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I now know why the footballing family of fans hate the Geordies and love it, just love it when you fail ! Bring on your capitulation !

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Do geordies have any new banter, davies, heskey? I'm sure it's the same muppet who keeps posting that. must be a geordie teenager who doesn't have a clue about decent banter!

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Its a fact u bid for davies, deal with it smb

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Footballing fans hate Newcastle. Cheers. The Davies rumour? Didn't you bid for him. SMB.

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I know.. Davies and Heskey jokes are so outdated, Davies already turned them down and they couldn't afford his whopping 1m price-tag. Connor Sammon and David N'gog are more on Sunderland's level.

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Johnson wont go to sunderland as hes a geordie but has mackem parents

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When did we put a bid in for kevin davies or emile heskey sad geordies got nothing else to spout on about as for adam johnson being a geordie the lads from easington which is in co. durham and as a fan he followed sunderland not newcastle

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Got both those points wrong. Johnson is a Newcastle Fan and you did bid for Davies. O Neil sad as much. Did you not see it. Or are you one of the fair weather mackems who came out the woodwork for the cup run??

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Fair weather fans they are the ones who are deluded one in black and white i can go back to seeing sunderland in europe and all so visited the then called sid james park to see ye play bastia or should i say johnny rep in europe i can also remember ye so called big club with ye loyal fans playing wrexham at home in the late 70s infront of a 7,000 crowd so ye go on about loyal fans where were those loyal fans at then. also playing in front of an average 14,000 before a certain kk came along so who are the fair weather fans where have all ye glory hunters come from plus an average crowd of 44,000 this season when you were in the top 6 or 7 then mike gave them season tickets away for 100 so yes i can remember the good time and bad times of both sunderland and newcastle and if anyone has come out of the woodwork i think it is the sgbs and most probably you and the rest of the clowns from the town who write on here and who have never been to see newcastle play

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I to can recall Newcastle's days in Europe just a lot more recent than yours..... My passport is full following them round Europe. How can you call Geordies fair weather fans. when we went down we had a higher average gate than yours. Thats the same season Sir Bruce led you unwashed to your best finish. Thats say it a lot. further more you manage to fill your allocation for the cup game at Everton but couldn't fill the front row for the same fixture in the league. Why is that. Thats right Fair weather fans. Enough said. SMB.

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Large crowds when ye got relegated then promoted had something to do with the deluded ones who were on the 5 year scheme that ran out last season. thats why you were averaging 44k this season till mike gave out tickets for 100 where did the extra fans ye getting now come from out the woodwork as stated. if your a season ticket holder how does it feel that some fans around you only paid 100 for a ticket you most probably paid 600 for. but let me guess your one of those who's paid the 100 say no more

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This smb is really jealous of our success, you old git, its 2012, not 1970!

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Since when did you gey your passport stamped in Europe it does'nt get stamped in europe.

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He didn't have a reply for that one most probably aint got one

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Would hate to educate the Mackems again but not all countries in the Continent that is Europe are in the EU. So in some countries you will get your passport stamped. IE Norway, Ukraine, Turkey etc. If you have a British Passport from the Isle of Man, the Bailiwick of Jersey or the Bailiwick of Guernsey, your passport will be stamped, as it is not an EU Passport. But I am sure the comment was suggesting He has spent more time in Europe than Sunderland fans. Which I guess is a fact.

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I love Sunderland fans.. Call us for "living in the past", yet all they ever have to talk about is how we allegedly had "no fans" until Keegan came. Hilarious.

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Jesus christ you lot are all being so bloody childish. have you actually read through to see how stupid it all looks. fact of the matter is both teams are of the same quality in my books, but with one difference. newcastle have had forwards and that has been the difference.

as for stuff with johnson, there are many conflicting stories on who he supports. articles with quotes saying he supported newcastle, some saying sunderland. but who cares?! if someone gets him, then they've got a class player

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