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09 Jan 2013 22:34:51
Sunderland are in talks with Braga's vertern '' Alan '' who is wanting a change of club and MON is keen on snapping up the 33 year old. Braga's asking price is in the region of 4-6 million for the talented winger / striker. this would certainly be a great addiction to the sunderland team. {Ed024's Note - No chance MON will pay that amount for a 33 year old - could very quickly become another Wes 'always injured' Brown.}

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6million for a 33 year old, I would disagree that this is good business for Sunderland, I would like to think that we can attract better players for 6million

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Would be a good signing for under 1 mill

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09 Jan 2013 22:10:39
Hearing rumours and lins from persian sport that sunderland are after iranian striker karim ansarifard looks the biz on youtube also linked with aussie forward plying his tradecin holland tommy oar. Looks very pacey just what we need. Have you heard anything ed? {Ed024's Note - Ansarifard has been watched by a lot of clubs but a move to EPL would be a big step up for him, from Iranian Pro League. Tommy Oar has only limited experience in Holland - dont think he would get into the Sunderland team.}

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09 Jan 2013 21:50:57
This Kader Mangane thing is gathering pace!! Danny Graham scored for Swansea again so can't see that 1 coming off. We def need at least another recognised striker and a decent Center half. Play Sess alongside the new lad N'Diaye.

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Mangane looks a tasty tackler

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Why buy a striker when Conor wickham is starting to shine.? (Princey1995)

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If fletch gets lamed its a big burden for a 19 year old princey, nailed on campbell will be sold this window too once we sign another striker

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We don't want D Graham we would be better off with K jones {Ed024's Note - That very debatable - I don't think Graham is a superstar but KJ is consistantly inconsistant.}

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09 Jan 2013 21:39:46
Graham scores again. He won't come here now
{Ed024's Note - Was he ever ?}

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Graham and fletcher up front wld be a very robust and industrial forward line, both grafters and get goals right up MON street then whickham on bench
I can see this coming off folks

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09 Jan 2013 16:35:56
Not sure how much of this to believe but this is what I've been told - a mate at work apparently know one of the scouts at Sunderland. He was talking to him last week and asked Heir he knew anything about I comings. He said all of the scouts had gotten an e-mail from someone in the club (not sure who?) that said that each of them had to put forward 5 players to be looked into that are valued between 2 and 5 million - like I say im not sure how true it is, could be total bs but just thought id say it.

Ps ed do you know if we do have solid intrest is this el-hadji ba and moussa sissoko?


{Ed024's Note - El-hadji ba has only played a couple of games so is not what Sundelrand need at the minute, one for the future maybe. Sissoko is a more realistic option - apparently he spoke to both Arsenal and Newcastle in the last window - so probably depends what MON offers him, and how ambitious he is - does he want to play in the EPL ?}

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Okay cheers ed

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It would be mint if we got downing for 5 million

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Yes it would
but brendan rodgers is smart
that would be a loss of 15mil for them but hope we can get downin 4 any price

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09 Jan 2013 18:56:50
Any deals close to fruition ed ? {Ed024's Note - Not as far as I am hearing - a lot of rumours about central defenders (which is no surprise) but nothing concrete.}

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09 Jan 2013 20:11:00
Ive heard were in for 6ft 5 Senegalese central defender Kader Mangane.

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09 Jan 2013 19:14:33
Sunderland make offer for 6.5" seagalese defender

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Who the hell are you talking about. Is it this Kader Mangane? If it is I think its all a load of crap because I've never seen all this on the google web.

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09 Jan 2013 18:59:40
Kader Mangane strongly linked to a move to Sunderland

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09 Jan 2013 18:00:49
ED, heard anything about us in for kader mangane? {Ed024's Note - Cant see this one happening - he's only been at Al-Hilal since August and only played 6 times - think he would only be wanting a move if he wasn't settling in and there have been no reports to that effect}

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Ed - he's played a few more games than that - the Al Hailsal website had the wrong info listed. {Ed024's Note - Thanks for the info - the more I hear about him the I like.}

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09 Jan 2013 14:36:46
Just signed Alfred so buzzin about that let's hope he's a good addition. S.Rooney

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Shrewd bit of buisness ..mind with Meyler leaving that means we arnt any numbers up in our small squad ..we need 4 more in least loan or otherwise !

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All we need now is a couple of centre backs give cuellar and bramble away for nowt ! granny moves faster than both put together !

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Odd that he is similar to Meyler whom weve just sold ! ..we need a goal scoring midfielder in the mould of former players Gordon armstrong Clive Walker and Alan Johnston !

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Don't no why every1 is goin on about us getting rid of Meyer, we had him forb3 seasons and he only played 20 odd games ! There's no comparison between him nd ndiaye ! Jarra makem

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I don't know much about N'diaye but I would imagine he's quite a bit better than Meyler

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To the tune of 500 miles ndiaye will score 500 goals ndiaye will score 500 more

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Yes, hope this lad can play a bit because we have a poor midfield and this has been the problem for a long time now.As long as the coaches don't insist he plays the ball sideways or back he has got to be an improvement, lets see what happens.

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Lets hope he gets more of a chance than meyler

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09 Jan 2013 12:58:27
french media reports a safc bid for young le harve midfielder el hadji ba, also strong interest in moussa sissoko

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Another BA ..hope hes not sheepish !

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No, I think he's more of a ba-gain !

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*groan* {Ed001's Note - oh god, I groaned too!}

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09 Jan 2013 07:37:01
Just been reading that the Cahill deal might have fallen through, hope not, think he could be that boost we need

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Too old and lost his pace !..we need young strong legs in the midfield !

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Yeah but at least if we do get him he won't score AGAINST us AGAIN

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09 Jan 2013 01:42:51
Ndiaye, Cahill nd juhasz to sign by the end of the week Jarra makem

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Cahill doesnt want to come

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Weve pulled out of the Cahill loan ..mind at 33 hes not gonna add pace to our slugglish squad ..!

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