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09 Jun 2012 19:43:58
Rumours all over twitter (only rumours as well) that steven fletcher is about to join sunderland for £9 million. Good player and would happily have him here however 9 million seems a bit steep.

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He is a good target man and tries, bentdner didn't try but could hold up the ball decent, 9m abit much but he did score over 10 goals in a struggling team so could be a great signing getting on the end of larsson and mccleans crosses

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Only worth 4m. Why does Sunderland have to always pay to much for players. Yet Sunderland players linked with leaving the club are always under valued. Its wrong. Linked with Moses 10m, Agbonlahor 10m, Fletcher 10m. All over valued and would not buy them at those prices.

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He cost wolves 7 million and he's only got better. It sounds a lot but I think that's what you've got to play for class these days

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Only about 5m overpriced

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That's what you pay for class and Fletcher in the same sentence. Poor deluded SMB.

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Wolves will be pleaced just to get him off the pay roll, so will but a high price on his head, but at the same time if that club wants to save money they should except a sensible bid. Fletcher is only worth 5m not 10m. Moses 5m not 10m. Agbonlahor 6m no way 10. And Toon fans Richardson is not Valued at 1m try 7m, and Sessegnon u valued at 6m. He's 12-17m. I know you toon fans are spreading the rumours of Sessegnon leaving the club because his family want to stay in France. And he's going back to PSGFC. Toon fans have seen him in CDG airport.

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Not a fletcher fan myself but the guy did exceptional in a very poor wolves side last season would like to have seen how good ba or cisse would have done in that team

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Instead lets put SGB and pathetic in the same sentance!

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Considering the constant rise in players valuations, if Fletcher could be acquired for around the 8m mark then that would be a solid buy. 7 mil for Richardson? lay off whatever your smoking mate!

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As we will be rumoured by many sources this summer, I think just wait and see and if the sad mag muppets want to compose a little fiction on our sites then so be it! they are only a red and white closit fan disguised in a zebra outfit! red and white army all the way lads!

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To the mackem who said Ba or cisse wouldn't have been able to score as many goals as fletcher this season if they were playing for wolves - Ba was playing 4 an arguably just as bad team last season (west ham), and scored more than half the goals fletcher scored all season from January onwards. Plus Cisse was 2nd highest scorer in the Bundesliga playing for a relegation threatened side last season. So yeah, I think they'd have done better.

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09 Jun 2012 17:32:14
fletcher to sign next week and deal for mcgeady has been agreed he will sign after euro's. source was on cricketer mike athertons twitter account his good friends with fletcher

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Crap, Fletcher is over valued. And McGeady is focusing on the Euros and will not make a move to any club till then. wheres the common sense.

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I went on his twitter and he hasn't tweeted since May the 22nd?

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Hope you do not sign fletcher is a quality player in a poor sidewho did not start all the games lasy year as we played doyle up front on his own. wolves do not need to sell and was player of the year by a mile hope he stays and leads us back to the premier league

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It will be 12mil+ for fletcher....

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