29 Jul 2014 17:22:41
I have no idea what's going on at SAFC what the board is doing. All I know is our squad is worse off than last year with fewer players and we stayed up by the skin of our teeth. Would have thought poyet would have been told he can sign who he wants and how much he can spend before he signed a new contract. We get knocked back by Borini who to be fair is not a top player and now Rodregez deal is off after his family in ururgay wanted the move to happen so it must be a deal could not be reached between the clubs. Maybe the board wouldn't play 7mil for a 29year old or his wages who knows. But what is for sure is we can't attract good players unless we pay over the odds which this club won't do so how can we possibly do anything but try and stay up again. Unless we uncover a Benteke like villa did it's not going to be a good season and can see poyet not putting up with it much longer.

1.) 29 Jul 2014
29 Jul 2014 22:28:56
Lets put things in perspective here. Sunderland are in far better shape than last season because we have a stable manager and director of football and we have players in the squad with good premier league experience, we have also learned a heck of a lot from last seasons rollercoaster. Weve brought in more than a lot of teams and there will be more to come whether its now or closer to transfer deadline. Take Hull City for example, Bruce doing v good job and everyone happy with there transfer activity but is Maguire better than Brown, nope. Is Robertson better than Van Aanholt probably not. Is livermore better than Cattermole, debateable. Is Ince better than Johnson, nope. Is Snodgrass better than giaccherini, nope. So should we have gone in for these players, nope. I don't expect anything like the dicing with death as was last season but are we going to set the world on fire, course not but better quality of football, without a doubt. New signings will follow, have some faith in the management team. I think a lot of you will be pleasantly surprised. unless your expectations are ridiculous like top 6.

2.) 29 Jul 2014
29 Jul 2014 23:54:42
Mind suprisingly we haven't (as yet ) signed any of the 5 allowed loan players so perhaps that will happen soon but we need to pay top dollar if we want quality in permanant signings!

3.) 30 Jul 2014
The thing is lemon chops we need a squad of players with premier league experience not just first 11!! If one of those players you mentioned above gets injured or suspended we have some serious problems.

4.) 30 Jul 2014
30 Jul 2014 09:13:38
I don't disagree but I fully expect some more players to come through the door even if it has taken longer than expected, I just wouldn't be fooled by some of the transfer activity of other clubs. West Ham paid 12m for a player who had a great world cup but had any of us heard of him prior? Smacks of something we would do last summer (minus 11.75m of course). I suppose I can see why as passionate sunderland fans people get a little panicked but I genuinely think there's far more reason to feel positive about the club than negative in comparison to the last 6 or 7 years. Thoroughly enjoyed watching us at times in the second half of last season (with a few major wobbles).