15 Aug 2014 18:57:29
Heard a rumour coming out of Liverpool that Borini wants to go to Sunderland but because he did not request a transfer he is holding out for a pay out from Liverpool. Apparently Liverpool do not want to pay him

1.) 15 Aug 2014
Poyet said Borini wants to join but other factors are holding the deal up

2.) 16 Aug 2014
15 Aug 2014 22:48:26
Again as I've mentioned before the club should let the fans know what's going on! . Liverpool are getting £ 14 million so what are they dithering about as they don't want him anyway!

3.) 16 Aug 2014
15 Aug 2014 23:29:50
i See Hull are after Stephen Fletcher as a replacement for Shane Long!

4.) 16 Aug 2014
Yeah daily mail are reporting on us losing both SF and CW I can't see us allowing that to happen somehow!

5.) 16 Aug 2014
Ive been telling you payment story this for weeks