26 Aug 2014 09:03:56
Rumour is we are close to getting Sebastian Coates (Liverpool defender + Uruguayan) on a season long loan which means Borini is not coming unless on a permanent deal because you can't have two loan deals from rivals. Also probably means (unless Borini has said he's not coming) that we are close to securing a move for a striker/winger.

Kalou? Welbeck? Anyone else?

1.) 26 Aug 2014
I'd take anyone from the Kalou, Welbeck, Borini category, don't really want an average player brought in after all of this mess of trying to get Borini in

2.) 26 Aug 2014
Yes, I'm guessing this means Borini isn't coming. He's been quoted as saying he would only consider a loan and I don't see Coates being bought with the risks over his knee so it's one or the other.

If Borini isn't coming I would like to see Welbeck but I can't see that happening, especially when he's said one of the reasons he's leaving MU is because he wants to play as an out and out striker and we can't offer that.

So who else? Kalou, I'm not convinced about him; I always thought he was an average player made to look good by those around him. Salah, maybe on loan? Sinclair, seems to have gone cold now. Not sure who else.

A £2m bid for Ben Arfa?

3.) 26 Aug 2014
26 Aug 2014 12:18:02
Just heard that Borini will be happier with another LOAN move to us rather than a permanent switch but then he has said to be interested in a permanent switch to AC Milan, well I would just withdraw from him like we should of a while ago and let him sit on the bench at Liverpool cause in all fairness out of his 10 goals he scored for us 5 of them were penalties so he is not exactly a guaranteed goal scorer for us that's why we should use that 14 million on someone else who will get us goals. I would happily take Kalou or Welbeck if rumours are true about them, not long left though!

4.) 26 Aug 2014
Great idea about Ben arfa. he would be a canny signing. I have no idea why the mags aren't playing him

5.) 26 Aug 2014
26 Aug 2014 20:06:01
Billy apparently Pardew has the hump big style with HBA to the extent there is more chance of you and me together playing for Newcastle than Hatem.