26 Aug 2014 22:46:50
Abel Hernandez turned down a move to Benfica today apparently stating he wants a move to a different move. Is he still a possibility?

1.) 26 Aug 2014
Meant to say "move to a different league".

2.) 26 Aug 2014
He wants Newcastle

3.) 27 Aug 2014
One Italian website claiming he's off to Hull! Same website says Athletico Madrid now joining Milan in the chase for Borini.

4.) 27 Aug 2014
27 Aug 2014 13:43:27
So Sad that Hull can attract a player like Hernandez and we aren't in for him?

{Ed024's Note - Hernandez spent season last season in Serie B, Hull prioritised Rhodes above him. So, although a promising talent, not one to lose sleep over. At £10M I'd put that deal in the panic buy category. We do need a forward but not Abel Hernandez.}

5.) 27 Aug 2014
The club put all their eggs in one basket with Borini. If we don't get him then anyone who comes in between now and Monday will be a panic buy.

{Ed024's Note - I think we need to forget about Borini....if he was coming, he'd be here.}

6.) 27 Aug 2014
27 Aug 2014 15:51:05
If Borini does come here either permanently or on loan it will be interesting the fans reaction to him after all the hassle!

7.) 27 Aug 2014
When Borini arrived last season it was on the premise that a successful season with Sunderland would undoubtedly lead him back into the Liverpool squad for the next season and no-one can deny he was successful at SAFC, HOWEVER Liverpool have moved on and he is as far away as ever from a regular first team place. With this in mind if he comes to Sunderland again will we see a moody so and so with a face like a smacked backside skulking around the Academy and Stadium and more importantly not putting the same amount of effort. Think of it another way. . . Chelsea, Roma, Swansea and Liverpool cannot all be wrong. I don't want the club to be "sloppy seconds" and we have seen enough players use us as a safe harbour without putting the effort in to last us all a lifetime.