26 Oct 2014 20:35:35
Lot rumours in the Sunday papers about Short losing patience with Gus Poyet ! and his job being at risk ? a bit premature really. ?. mind the way our defence is playing I can see another thrashing on the cards ! when a team loses confidence its hard to get it raised again !

1.) 26 Oct 2014
26 Oct 2014 22:24:08
No good waiting until it is too late. It is clear that Poyet failed to assemble a squad that can compete, but worse it is clear that he is unable to get any consistency out of the players we do have. The system he favours does not suit the limited skills on the ball of our defenders, and we are still asprone to basic errors as we were when he arrived, so his coaching does not seem to be working either. I think it is time for Short to act decisively- instead of waiting till the lastminute and then doing the minimum he thinks will ensue survival. Moyes is ready to come back. I am sure that even if he can't keep this shower up we will have players who work harder and care more at the end of the season. And if we do go down, we would have a manager we can trust to re-build and bring us back stronger. Unless we get at least three defenders with pace and brains and get some confident performances out of Johnson, Rodwell, Fletcher and Wickham (who can hardly be keen to sign a contract given the current shambolic efforts) we have had it. And we will have made another managerial flop into a very rich managerial flop along the way.

2.) 27 Oct 2014
I reluctantly have to agree with those comments as remember this is Gus Poyets team and mostly his players and he's had ayear to get rid of the deadwood !. the defence is a shambles and most half decent teams have 2 good strikers we havnt got one !. there's no plan just excuses ! and worst of all the Mags are above us now !

3.) 27 Oct 2014
I don't see what a new coach/manager will do. The problem is with the players, specifically the strikers and defenders. Players who were not brought in by Poyet. A new manager will just inherit the same problems and have the same depth issues. And I would like to know what style is more suited for these players. Bringing the ball from the back is the simplest style. A counter-attack style requires pace and quick thinking. An individualistic style is obviously out of the question. So, tell me how Moyes would do any better with this lot. Stick with Gus. Better than to try and teach them a new system that they're probably not all suited for, either.

4.) 27 Oct 2014
27 Oct 2014 11:55:33
The problem is this passing game isn't working ! we don't pose a threat when going forward and for the fans its so boring to watch and you are right SAFCINTHE USA we need pace and defensively and in attack its non existent ! whatever plan Gus has he needs to sort it out and quickly before our confidence is tottaly shot!

5.) 27 Oct 2014
27 Oct 2014 12:39:54
I see Gus Poyet is 2nd favourite for the next manager behind Harry Rednapp to get the sack ! I wonder if hell make it till Christmas? we have games against Crystal Palace . Everton, Leicster then Chelsea ,Man City and Liverpool ! so if we can't beat Palace and Leics we are in trouble !