11 Oct 2015 21:36:25
Fletcher 5 goals in 3 games. Maybe a bit confidence and a return to goalscoring form?

1.) 12 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015 10:22:09
no offence mate and some of his goals were top draw but I think you or myself could score against gibraltar but like you said hopefully this will help restore his confidence or at least put him in the transfer window

2.) 12 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015 10:52:45
Couldn't agree more about the quality of the opposition last night but three goals either way, a decent finish against Poland, and a half decent against West Ham so hopefully it restarts the habit of scoring.

And even against poor opposition scoring will hopefully breed some confidence as well.

If he can put similar effort into the next few games like he did against West Ham then we might start to see the Fletcher of the first season he signed.

Plus he will be after a new contract as well so you never know!