07 Jan 2016 14:48:53
Kone deal off looks like, he rejected us like his team mate didn't want relegation fight.

Caulker prob back up now to give us Kirchhoff brown Oshea Kabul and Coates as CB.

1.) 07 Jan 2016
07 Jan 2016 16:53:43
I think he wasn't happy with the money offered and we tried to drop the transfer fee but think they didn't want to sell him in the first place by the attitude of lorients chairman? mind Sunderlands transfers are always complex! nothing unusual there! again the Poundland scenario!

2.) 07 Jan 2016
07 Jan 2016 18:38:12
Think prob didn't want to risk his wages being handed next season. Can't imagine us being insulted with fees, but can't blame short for being tight with money making sure it's quality money spent, after £20m on fletch and graham. To note the overpaid players.

3.) 07 Jan 2016
07 Jan 2016 21:45:09
Actually i'd like us to raid some of the promising players in the lower leauges like Watmore! . and we need to blood more from the U21 starting this weekend in the FA cup!

4.) 08 Jan 2016
07 Jan 2016 23:57:35
Right kirchoff signed who next for the lads?

5.) 08 Jan 2016
08 Jan 2016 19:08:12
Looks like we actually pulled out fee agreed but pulled out with Kirchhoff deal going through. Lorient ain't happy with us for it?