10 Aug 2016 00:00:54
John Stones (bit of a liability) £47.5 million. Lamine Kone (solid) £18 million (rumoured) . Yet again the selling club willing to help out our premier league opponents, shame on us. When will our club ever learn how to hold onto our best players.

For me personally Kone along with Defoe are first names on team sheet as you know your going to get consistent performances. Along with our yet again disappointing recruitment, we as Sunderland fans have to sit back and watch our best players sold off for what in the current market looks like peanuts. To say I as well as many other red and whites will be disappointed is an understatement.

1.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 11:11:41
Why is it we can sell Kone for £20 million and not afford the likes of Fellini, Benteki at £25-30 million? there's no ambition at this club. and I hear there's a "Keep Kone " petition with the Sunderland Echo? well let's start a Short go now petition!?

2.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 14:21:37
Well said stokoe. Short seems to be the common denominator in everything negative at sunderland. I have said it would be awful selling kone although we may have unearthed a very good player with that Chelsea lad coming in. (I'm trying to be optimistic here) desperately need a striker in this window and a good right back not sure donald love fills that void. Surely yedlin at five million is a steal in a very inflated transfer window.

3.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 16:46:57
Yes FTM can't understand the Yedlin situation! obviously Moyes doesn't fancy him? at least Januzai looks like he's on his way abeit loan. apparently the player himself wanted a permenant transfer but at least we have him for a year . now where have we heard that before in the loan market here! lol.

4.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 16:48:50
Short has to come out and say where he is taking this club . I've never know a football chairman say so little! . the silence is deafening . time to hand over the club to someone with ambition Ellis!

5.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 18:54:45
Typical to get januzai for a year then if he performs man u will either price us out of a permanent move or block any sale. Bloody typical! With my small knowledge on the grand scale of football I could show more ambition and footballing nowse than ellis! Can't understand why a man would own a football club and not care for that said club.

6.) 10 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 20:51:03
General Noriega pineapple complexion Mr Short has to go. He is a recluse so go and hide yourself away at your council house in Hawaii and sell the club to someone with ambition

I am sick and tired of his corner shop mentality and there must be potential owners out there.

It is a disgrace selling our best players to Everton when they have an old decrepit stadium unlike Sunderland and they can buy our best players.

So go now Short and take Moyes with you.

7.) 11 Aug 2016
10 Aug 2016 23:42:59
Dobermann, although I totally agree with you regarding short I do believe Moyes, given the right funds could do very well for sunderland. It is sickening seeing teams like wolves being taken over and having money pumped in. Even hull are nearing a takeover. Someone must surely be interested in us.

8.) 11 Aug 2016
11 Aug 2016 08:51:29
They probably would be interested in us, however there's the small fact of the loan to pay back to Short which is worth more than the club. We're still a few seasons away from being a viable team in the premiership. How can Everton buy our best (put in a bid for that got rejected) player? Is it because of their old stadium? Or is it because they're always higher up the league that us, have a much more stable financial position, better income and less spending?

We got rid of some of our daft wage players this year, the rest will be gone next year, as long as we can survive in the premiership for a few more seasons things will improve. We just don't have the money to throw at players as we don't have the financial base to support it. Also remember the pound is devalued right now so foreign players cost more than they did, we're still not an attractive place in terms of the premier league, or europe. There's a lot more we have to do, chucking Short out considering he's ploughed in well over 300 million and has yet to make a penny from us is a bit of a bad idea until and unless someone way richer can come in and bankroll us. Even then it'd take years still before we can afford to pay the best players anywhere near what they'd want.

9.) 11 Aug 2016
11 Aug 2016 23:09:31
That's a fair comment but WHY doesn't Short come out and tell the fans what he is planning? the lack of communication between the board and the supporters could be a lot better?

10.) 12 Aug 2016
12 Aug 2016 13:18:10
Why can he say exactly? He's said every season that he wants us to progress up the league and try for Europe. As it stands we've had a succession of try hard managers who've in turn screwed the pooch season upon season, culminating in Sam's England daydream which again screwed this transfer window. Will Moyes even last till Jan? For now we've managed to survive, gotten rid of some of the dead wood, though we're still a season or so of getting rid/ retiring the last of them. What progress can we honestly make? I hear everyone yelling top 10 like it's something that's so easy, me I'd take 16th, at least it's an improvement and hopefully not a full on relegation fight. We've improved in some areas, though the team is still woefully thin in a lot of positions, still only one left back, one right back who's not the best at all and a dire need for creativity. You can see the framework of what we need just looking at our first team, you can tell where and what positions we need to fill, the plan is obvious though hard to implement.

Fill spots we need while attracting players that improve what we have. This is majorly hampered by our continual brushes with relegation, a wage bill that's still daft though improving, a devalued pound so even foreign players are costly and the sad fact we're far away from London.

The plan is simple, implementing it is hard.