29 Aug 2016 09:17:50
this might make light of the plight
Ellis Short ready to sell according to the Mirror


1.) 29 Aug 2016
29 Aug 2016 18:44:21
I hope he does Roker Roar because the club is £138 million in debt through his stupidity and the clowns he has surrounded himself with

Who would have Margaret Byrne as a Ceo, Hutchinson as a Commercial Director and the latest appointment Bain a former male model who is bald as a brick. What was he modelling hairpieces

The man is a laughing stock and the sooner he sells the better and he can be a recluse Short as he has always wanted.

2.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:40:04
Just gets worse! Of those with an equally poor start, Palace, who have already strengthened thoughtfully added Loic Remy today, while Burnley took Bamford from Chelsea. Of those we expected to be scrapping at the bottom as the season progresses, 'Boro nipped in for Chamberlain, while Hull have signed Mason and Keane, as well as a GK Marshall, and Swansea have picked up Mawson- another player we were rumoured to have an interest in. Meanwhile we have failed to land taregets from Seville, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and God knows where else in the space of 12 hours! come the end of the season we may well be wondering why we let one of our more creative players and (given we have so few players who seem to know where the net is) someone we have to regard as a regular goalscorer and source of assists go out on loan before we had recruited anyone who could do either to replace him. Is there any chance we could send Short on loan to a Turkish club, or Bain to the Conference South.?
Does anyone manage the club's transfer strategy? Does the club even have a strategy, because there has been precious little evidence of one for a good six seasons now. The continuing failure of the club to match the passion and commitment of the supporters- either in the boardroom or on the field- is a disgrace.

3.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:46:55
Good Riddance Ellis! I just wish a mega rich middle eastern football lover would buy the club ( like Man City) and bring the glory days back to this once famous club!