15 Jun 2017 20:38:39

the bearded jock has just turned down Sunderland and it just shows Bain for what he is a clown like Short.

I do not want a jock give it to a local lad who knows what it means to be born by the banks of the Wear

Phil Brown a South Shields lad, Colin Todd not just a footballer but a God who captained Sunderland when he was a teenager

The club is a laughing stock with Bain and Short in charge so please come from the Fatherland and take over please Guten Tag.

1.) 15 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017 22:45:32
We are a laughing stock! . AGAIN! . what a shambles this club is in! we can't even attract Mcinnes! . its about time Bains should go! typical of this club Bains has spent 4 weeks pursuing his main target without any back up or the fact we are 2 weeks away from pre season 3 from our first friendly no signings and worst of all no direction! Auf Wedersehen to promotion!