20 Sep 2014 17:32:13
This is when I worry

We have played WBA, QPR and now Burnely and only got 2 points out of them and we didn't deserve any, don't give me the "a point away from home is a good one" it's fu*king Burnley and we struggle dearly producing a shot never mind a goal, we all knew we needed a goalscorer and it basically looked like we covered every position and avoided that area and was prepared to rely on our very poor strike force, this isn't good Poyet, sort it out because we are going to struggle massively again if this is how we play and miracles won't happen twice

I wasn't at the game, but as far as the reports I've read are concerned, we fully deserved our point today. 12 shots today 6 on target.
I'm not saying we don't need a quality striker, but only losing 1 of our first 3 away games is hardly a disaster. I'm certainly happier now than I was after 5 games last season.

1.) 20 Sep 2014
20 Sep 2014 18:42:00
Another post I completely disagree with. Total disrespect for the Premier League suggesting we should walk all over Burnley. Points tally ticking over with 2 important home games coming up. Satisfied with start considering played more away games than home games and the 2 home games against better teams. Plenty of room for improvement but Rodwell much improved today and Giaccherini, Van Aanholt both look more settled in side.

2.) 20 Sep 2014
You may be right, it may be thr alcohol talking but I just can't see our strikers performing (I hope I'm wrong), a team like Subderland can't afford to carry passengers, wether it's a striker or Larsson etc where games seem to just pass them by

3.) 21 Sep 2014
If you cannot win a game THEN YOU MAKE DAMNED WELL SURE YOU DON'T LOSE IT!!!!!
We were not that good today but Burnley are [despite what everyone assumes] difficult on their own patch and what they lack in quality they make up for in effort. I honestly believe we are not too far away from a half decent side. I just wish people would remember how the Italian Loony caused so much chaos and where we were one year ago this very night. No I don't think we will trouble the Champions League draw event next summer but a non-event season is just maybe what we need right now.

4.) 21 Sep 2014
It's certainly seems to be going better than this time last year, but to me it looks like the same bare minimum football we saw for the bulk of the last season. The only difference is we're having a bit of good luck instead of bad. But you take away the unlucky own goals, injuries, and rubbish red cards and it's the same play: More possession, but still no real attacking threat. I trust Gus, he's a brilliant young manager, but something needs to change. Bringing the ball from the back allows the defense to settle in. You need a much more creative attack than in other styles because you're going up against nine men. I'm not going to pretend I know more about football than Poyet, but I can see something isn't working. We do have some pace, which works well with a counter-attacking style, maybe that could work.

5.) 21 Sep 2014
21 Sep 2014 19:24:23
yes on paper we should have won Burnley but then again shouldn't Man U have won Leicester. enough said

6.) 22 Sep 2014
I just hope that we start hitting form because I really doubt we will get as lucky again, I mean we have played Burnley, QPR and West Brom who are in the bottom 5 are didn't deserve to win any of those, played a terribly off form, injury struck MAN UTD and failed to capitalise on it, and somehow got an ever so lucky draw out of Spurs, there is time for this to change but knowing SAFC, it will be another struggle, I mean, teams that we should class as equal to us are putting us to shame already, Villa and Swansea flying high, west ham smashing Liverpool, Leiscter showing how it's done, even bl**dy west Brom have beaten spurs

7.) 22 Sep 2014
22 Sep 2014 14:25:48
Your optimism, Lemonchops, does you credit, but I fail to see what it is based on. Surely you saw, during another uninspired and uninspiring performance against a Burnley team that do defend strongly, but will probably finish bottom and are by stretch of the imagination of Premier League quality, that we were no better? Even Poyet thought we were 'average', and many will feel that was an exaggeration. Over the weekend West Ham, West Brom Palace and even Leicester all showed how far we are below average in this league. I doubt any of them will finish in the top half this year, but they all show higher skill levels, better organisation and greater passion then we do. Of course, Poyet oversaw a miracle last season, but he spent most of it praying for one because we were so poor in the league. He has still not shown that he can assemble or manage a Premier outfit. Despite a surfeit of midfielders- none of whom (Cattermole apart) has put tpgether a strong 90 minutes so far, we have a disconnected and error prone defence and a threadbare attack.We are not fourth off bottom because we have had tough fixtures, we are there because that's where we deserve to be.

8.) 23 Sep 2014
22 Sep 2014 21:01:29
I think its because it depends which way you look at it. Nobody can say there's no progress from last season because its simply not true and I completely accept we've not set the world alight but 1 defeat in 5 after not even getting out of second gear, its certainly not disastrous. The next home games are important but I think there is goals in the team and I think there are some good footballers in the team. If i couldn't work out what Poyet was trying to do then i'd share your panic but I've watched every game and I definitely see an identity he's trying to instill, we stop that and were back to square 1. Were solid and have shown glimpses of really good football. You can't get thrown by other teams getting excellent results this weekend, well done to them but Sunderland will get better as well, its very early days and we've got something on the board which is important.

9.) 23 Sep 2014
Obviously our strikers are a big part of the problem, but I think it all stems from lack of creativity from the midfield. How many crosses did Wickham get on Saturday? Or did we see it passed into the box to him? There was no service from the middle of the park. I hoped Giaccherini would help out with this, but he didn't contribute much offensively, although he was everywhere. Hopefully, Alvarez will get fit and be the start. Maybe this cup match can kick it on. HTL!