16 Mar 2015 18:23:23
Someone will already been looked at weeks ago for managers job before gus got sacked . but I think big name managers bring big name players and that's what we need

1.) 16 Mar 2015
How exactly do we pay these "big name players" We can't, simple as that, there's no way we can handle even paying 60k a week really never mind 100k-300k for the big name players, as it is we've got no name players on decent wages which is crushing our ability to get anyone to strengthen our squad, which is threadbare to begin with.

2.) 16 Mar 2015
Yeah your right mate . maybe another clear out? Maybe we need hungry players?

3.) 16 Mar 2015
Still think a big name manager will bring in "better players"

4.) 16 Mar 2015
16 Mar 2015 20:31:48
Heard they want McLaren full time Avadcatt temp ? hope that's wrong !

5.) 16 Mar 2015
I think it's more a more knowledgeble manager would bring in better players. There are many players in the championship who could make the jump to premiership, we see it every year, the trick is getting them when they're cheap and available.

As for clearing out the team I agree, yet that'll not happen with the silly contracts being chucked around like to o'shae & brown. They're past it, too slow and can't keep a decent line without folding into the keeper every time, mainly because they can't catch anyone.

The three main issues I and many can see at the club are these
1) the drinking culture, they're obviously not properly fit as they fall off in the last 30 minutes instead of how we used to be under reid where the last ten minutes we would run most other teams into the ground.
2) Player power, too many egos on too much money that can sabotage any new manager, that's not going to change till there's a massive clear out.
3) The Owner & board, they've backed every manage to the hilt letting them buy whoever without really understanding how football works, how players and positions intertwine and how not having a decent squad depth can destroy you.

We can fix 3, get more people on the board who actually understand football as well as business, 2 we can't do anything about till contracts run out/retire or we can offload them. Which sadly is hard as anything since nobody wants to come here unless it's on silly money.
As for 1. this is the hardest, Di Canio tried to change this even though he went ten leagues to the crazy house trying to do it, he was spot on with there being a problem behind the players and until that's stamped out, we're screwed.