11 Oct 2015 21:57:00
What do we expect from Sam
2 year deal = 3 transfer windows
1St window deadwood out 3 - 5 new players in hopefully stay in the premier league.
2 nd year everyone knows it's his final year.
Who will join?
If we are serious about change, if we stay up extend his contract and let him get on with it.
Don't want Nolan he was finished 2 yrs ago.

1.) 12 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015 09:59:30
1st of all I agree with most of your post but like we have been saying for a while the deadwood won't be easy to move on as the club gave them silly wages so a lot of clubs won't touch them with a barge pole so we will have to wait till their contracts run out. as for nolan yes he has seen his better days but he is the kind of player the club lacks and needs badly a leader on the field someone who isn't scared to give out orders on the pitch yes I would be wary of giving him a contract but i'm sure he realises himself he is getting on so a contract on pay as you play deal would be a good deal for him and the club

{Ed002's Note - It is a pity there are so called supporters like you that refer to your club's players as deadwood. Perhaps Sunderland would do better if they got rid of "deadwood" so called supporters like you?}

2.) 12 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015 11:01:59
Bit harsh Ed . We all as fans know there are players at the club who give their everything and there are others who prefer the playboy lifestyle and drain the clubs finances.

Take young Mr Wickham. Good business getting a contract signed then moving him on at full market value. PDC highlighted he had an attitude, didn't train well, liked the drink and wasn't fully committed. In my opinion he was 'Deadwood' in the squad as his priorities were elsewhere.

As per my other posts there are in my opinion players who form a 'Rotten Core' within the club. These are most likely senior / longer serving players who have seen off Keane, Bruce, MON, PDC, Gus and now Dick. I find it hard to believe that all of these managers are to blame for the state of affairs at the club so fingers must be pointed towards these players.

I agree somewhat that we need to support the club no matter what and players must be given a bit more patience than some of our fans currently provide. However, you can surely agree ED that we would be better off moving on some of the longer serving players, none of whom have excelled to a high level (ie Quinn & Phillips standard) and these have been constant through all of our relegation battles?

{Ed002's Note - It is not harsh. It is a complete lack of respect - the club and the players deserve better from the fans.}

3.) 12 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015 12:00:37
Slightly blinkered view there Ed . What were your views then Ed on PDC who highlighted the 'Drink' culture, the poor diet, low fitness of some players so the 'Senior' players went above him to Byrne and off he was sent?

Me personally, he might not have had the right man management to deal with it but it didn't take him long to identify the route of the issues at the club.

You then have players like Roberge, Mavrias etc who will never make the grade but instead of terminating contracts by mutual consent and moving on they stay on the books taking money. Ok this might not all be their fault but between them and the club surely this could have been sorted.

You then have poor quality players signed under Poyets remit which, while 'Deadwood' is possibly not the most respectful term to describe them, 'Unwanted' and 'Transfer Listed' would certainly fit the correct criteria.

For parity I have 4 season tickets for myself and my kids and I go and support the club no matter what the results have been. I never boo our players regardless of the performance as this is not productive in any way and will not motivate the players to perform any better.

I also accept that sometimes you just get beat by a better team but as long as the effort and commitment is shown you can live with this. Sometimes this effort just isn't shown so players who are lacking confidence (and possibly ability in some cases) stand out a mile and get the crowds backs up. That would be the crowd who have spent their own money to go and what them!

I agree with you that the club is trying to move forward and the players, on a whole, do try to get a result. You can't however criticise the fans when they have justified reasons for their comments, only unjustified ones!

{Ed002's Note - It is not blinkered and nothing to do with anything PdC has said - it is simply disrespectful.}

4.) 14 Oct 2015
14 Oct 2015 10:56:39
Deadwood is a completely justified description of the hard core of senior players at Sunderland - they had our respect and they lost it. We don't expect success by right but we do expect committment and professionalism from the players whose wages we pay. They have not delivered this.

Calling 'One Gary Rowell' a deadwood supporter is blatant hypocracy and merits an appology from Ed002

{Ed002's Note - Fortunately not all of the supporters are disrespectful cretins like you and "One Gary Rowell". Perhaps they could recruit some replacement supporters in the January window.}

5.) 14 Oct 2015
14 Oct 2015 16:38:15
I think what is disrespectful is that some of these players that we are talking about are lazy, could not care if we won or lost, and are quite happy to sit out these over inflated contracts. Knowing that they are not good enough and probably will not play for the club again. Whilst 42,000 pay good money to watch their dross. DEADWOOD might seem harsh to you ed, but I strongly agree with the troops on this. Its very apropriate for some of the present playing staff. If these players were honest I think they would agree.

{Ed002's Note - You are an idiot then.}

6.) 15 Oct 2015
15 Oct 2015 14:20:02

{Ed002's Note - It is a pity your father wasn't the wanker you clearly are.}

7.) 15 Oct 2015

{Ed002's Note - The club need to rid themselves of brain dead trash, like the two of you, as fans and move on to others who will give their support and not be disrespectful to the club and players.}