01 Sep 2016 08:35:05
Joke the way this club is being run. Moyes and Short have no clue. First thing that should should have been done when we secured promotion was get Yedlin and M'vila sorted on July 1st when the window opened. Look at the business we did.
Love and McNair for £5m. Or Yedlin for £5m. Already squad is weaker because we've got an on-loan RB now instead of someone we actually own. Marcos Alonso all over again. M'vila for £7m. But £3.5m back for Kaboul, so net spend of £3.5m. Whether the guy had 3 months or 3 years on his contract, you have to balance it out. Was that £3.5m worth spending for the points he could help get us over the next 3 months? Of course it was. Still would have left us £20 million to spend on a new CM, CB, striker, winger. Instead we get second rate Manchester United rejects and two unproven players in Djilobodji and Ndong. It's just stupidity. Always go with the proven players. Our team last year showed mid table form from January onwards. Why mess it up? Because Moyes is stubborn and wants to do it his way (that worked at Man U and sociedad didn't it Dave? ) and short knows nothing about football. Where's all the money we were promised? Newcastle and Villa outspent us! And they're in the championship. Hull outspent us and they're our relegation rivals. The way the club is run is a joke. Same every year. Wait til the last moment, panic buy, loan a few reserves from big teams who will either flop or go back to their parent club if they do well, either way doing nothing to improve our club in the long run. Absolute farce. Well Mr Short, you've done it for the last time. I will always support the Lads, but now it'll be from the pub. I won't be at the SOL or the club shop as long as those two clowns are at my club. They will be getting none of my money for Short to trouser or Moyes to squander (no doubt on Fellaini or some Everton or Man U rejects-Naismith perhaps- on the last day of the January window) .

1.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 08:50:22
I agree with all you have said. Although I will be going to games this year but if we struggle and get relegated then that is it just had enough of this club? Also was informed that sunderland new Hart was not coming a week ago so what has moyes and the club been doing all week as I understand we did not get a reserve keeper in. This is just very unprofessional how can a professional club let this happen.

Need to keep the faith but it's hard.

2.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 09:50:32
I can't remember a more chaotic shambles of a transfer window than the one we've just seen, as a club we've been linked to pretty much every available half decent player on the market, we even managed to get some of them at the club for talks before they realised they would earn more at Hull, or be better off staying put in the championship, we end up scrabbling around on deadline day like headless chickens trying to pick up any scraps that are left over, welcome to Sunderland David Moyes!

3.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 18:16:44
A shambles is an understament! chops! now we have Borini out for 3 months and only Defoe as a striker whilst most teams have at least 4 top strikers! then we have the Mvilla shambles which could mean Yann not wanting to come in janurary or another team coming in for him ( Wenga at Arsenal is a big admirer) this club is a joke! whether its Moyes not being allowed to sign these players because of Ellis " Poundland " Shorts finiacial meltdown or the manager himself? th supporters deservebetter than this and the sooner Short sell this club to someone who can run it properly on a football basis the better! This could affect team moral at a time when we need the team to pull together!

4.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 19:32:54
The situation is that Short through his own stupidity and the idiots who he has appointed like Byrne and Hutchinson, Bain, we are £138 million in debt.

There is a personal loan to Short £50 million and £80 million debt with a bank.

Short has 3 options,

1. Continue running like a corner shop which will mean relegation and the value of the club drop

2.Increase shareholding and clear the debt and generate money to spend.

3. sell the club which would be my option and become the recluse that Short is in Hawaii and get new owners with ambition

Also we could have signed Ballotelli on a free transfer and he has gone to Nice and is on only £20K per week

Niklas Bendtner is available out of contract and that is who Moyes should sign and we know he is a good player.

Regarding a goalkeeper I would resign Steve Harper as back up to to the young lad.

5.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 20:35:28
If the club is this much in debt 1. why has Moyes come here? 2. where is the massive TV money going? surely if we don't invest and we drop into the championship then our debt will increase? surely investors will look at this club as a good investment, massive support, world wide, which would surely encourage sponsers AND the most important question WHY hasn't Ellis Short come out and explained the financial situation to the supporters who surely have the club at heart and have a right to know! time for a prèss conference ELLIS!

6.) 03 Sep 2016
03 Sep 2016 10:34:31
Hi, Man U fan in peace.
I think you have added a few good players from us, not utd first team quality but good Mid Table PL players given time.
Having watched Moyes I honestly think that your lack of signings is down to the board. Yes he is known as dithering Dave but he is also a meticulous planner and would have had targets lined up.
I think he will work the free agent market for you (Anichibe not headline player but Will be solid addition) . Sounds like survival the target with the aim of selling or new investment.
Not all doom and gloom for you guys hopefully. Fingers crossed Januzai plays well.