26 Oct 2016 21:59:49
Appaling display against a reserve Southampton side! it just gets worse . Why didn't Moyes throw in some of the Kids like Greenwood, Asro, and Robson? we played the same defensive display as if we didn't want to win! . Moyes should go now! not next week, next month . NOW!

1.) 27 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016 19:38:33
Bob, there are fans who say we must stick with Moyes for stability. I say since 13 august we have not won 1 game, what if by boxing day, we have not improved, what then? that would be another 9 games on and probably too late. Last night we rested 3 senior players, any one with me saying we should have rested the manager.!

2.) 28 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016 23:14:25
Something has to change! whether its tactics by the manager something in the board room? We are going round in circles and not getting anywhere! those who say we would be better being relegated and build from the championship! I don't agree with this as teams like Fulham. Leeds and many other former premiership teams are going to have to wait ages to return to their former glory! Moyes isn't installing confidence in this squad and I agree Chris that Moyes should be rested or go! we need a new direction and playing the same team tactics and players like Rodwell where young players like Honeyman Robson and Gooch could do amuch better job! its all right packing the midfield but if non of these players gets into the box we will never score goals from midfield!

3.) 29 Oct 2016
29 Oct 2016 17:45:36
AGAIN the same abysmal performance! nothing changes no tactics at all our club is being run like the headless chicken syndrome! i'd put Samson the cat in charge as he has more idea of running the club at manager or board room level! . We are a laughing stock its so embarrassing! Moyes has to go! and take Short with him!

4.) 30 Oct 2016
30 Oct 2016 14:53:47
Very sad indeed, some of the fans were sitting crying at the end of the game. I can only repeat what I've said in previous posts, what the hell are these people being paid for?, that includes the manager, his assistant, coaches, and every single player that are letting these wonderful fans down.

5.) 30 Oct 2016
30 Oct 2016 15:05:48
Got to agree Chris change is needed but all through the club yesterday was as bad as I. ve witnessed in a long time and that's some statement when your a Sunderland fan who goes o every game home and away I just feel desperately sorry for all the fans who deserve so much better.

6.) 30 Oct 2016
30 Oct 2016 15:25:58
The amazing thing is nearly 45 thousand loyal fans turned up to watch that dross that is commitment, and I wish the team showed the same! what I can't understand is why play Rodwell when he just isn't doing anything! its like playing with ten men! if you look at the statistics we had one shot on target! Defoes penalty and NO corners! that is shocking in a home game and that is Moyes tactical mismanagement, he just won't change things and that is a recipe for disaster, as i'd rather go down fighting than with a wimper!