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10 Jun 2013 23:27:50
tv italia reporting safc close to signing cavanda from lazio,, he's a right back

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Hope it's true, the lad looks like the RB we need, strong and quick and good defensively. Lazio are our feeder club lol

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Hope its true although he is their first choice rb now. safc93

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10 Jun 2013 21:28:18
Ed is it true de fanti had to give up his agent license to become our director of football? Safc93 {Ed024's Note - Really good question - I've had a chat with the other Eds and we cant find anything in the regulations or reports in the media that he would be forced to give up his licence. That said it does seem that there could be of conflict of interest.}

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Cheers ed. Safc93 {Ed024's Note - On further checks it looks like it is ok for an agent to represent the player and a club as long as the agent makes the player aware that he interests on both sides of the deal.}

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End of the day if someone can own two football clubs he should be able to keep his licence

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You talk to other clubs Ed's

Never felt do betrayed {Ed003's Note - bog off :P }

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He was guidettis agent {Ed024's Note - Yes as far as I know he still is.}

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De Fanti will no longer be representing these players.

The Prophet

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10 Jun 2013 21:07:55
With 3 now in looks like Alessandro Rosina will be next.

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Don't want him

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10 Jun 2013 20:18:48
I'm not saying we're going to sign world beaters but a mate of mine was saying angeloni is responsible for the likes of alexis sanchez, gyan, vicenzo laquinta and david pizarro so he knows what he's talking about. Exciting times ahead. Safc93

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Couldn't agree more got a eye for talent the guy let the good times roll

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You said that there were exciting times ahead when you signed johnson and fletcher but you still went into a relegation battle. {Ed024's Note - S
Do you think they were poor signings ?}

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10 Jun 2013 19:52:03
Ed, what is this recruitment set up at safc? {Ed024's Note - De Fanti is likely to be confirmed as director of football and due to be joined by Valentino Angeloni, Inter's outgoing chief scout who will become technical director. These two line the deals up after input from PDC and Margaret Byrne, Short's chief executive,negotiates the actual deal. Likely to be ratified next month - deals including Cabral, Diakité and Roberge.}

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On tv signing diakite, rodbege and cabral pardon the spellings

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Don't know much about Roberge, will he get into 1st team

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How can you disagree with a question?
What is Roberge like?=disagree

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Those that agree believe he will get into the first team and those that disagree believe he wont.

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10 Jun 2013 19:50:35
Looks like di fanti has been a busy boy with us confirming three signings.

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Wonder if he has anything else in the pipeline

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Sounds good about that argentine left back aswell, expect him to sign after the argie season finishes in 2 weeks

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Is Orban any good

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Ed is it likely or unlikely that Orban will be our player for the new season? Were cabral and roberge wanted by other clubs before they agreed to join us and if so any idea who? Might give me an idea how excited I should be by a busy day in Sunderland. {Ed024's Note - I think its 50-50 for Lucas Orban, interesting that we seem to be lining up Reto Ziegler in case Orban stays in Argentina. I cant find any reference to other EPL clubs chasing Cabral and Roberge - that may partly be due to the speed with which Sunderland tied up the deals.}

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10 Jun 2013 19:21:24
Team next season
I'm missing out Insigne because I'll just get loads if sh*t for it

D'Ambrosio /Diakite/O'Shea/Rose 50/50



D'Ambrosio-Torino-RB 4m
we have been linked to him, he has had a very good season, likes to attack and is an exceptional defender.

Diakite-Lazio-CB. Free
He is very big and strong, good in the air, with the deal pretty much tied up, good signing in our defence

Rose-Spurs-LB. 9m
Di Canio is an admirer of him due to his good performances a left back for us last season, he is wanting to bring him back on a permanent basis.
Currently away with England he will make his decision when he returns, Tottenham are also going for a few Top class LBs such as Alvaro Pereira and Fabio Coentrao who will walk right into the first choice left back position at spurs so that might do us a favour

Huddlestone-Spurs-CM. 4m
A very good all round midfielder, a very good range of passing, good strength, good reader of the game and descent at set pieces, he has been linked with us in the past and Spurs willing to sell, would be a good playmaker in the middle of the park

Bernard-Atl. Mineiro-LW. 12m
A very talented youngster (19) who's brilliant performances at his club has allowed him to break into the Brazil National squad, he is only 5 foot 4 inches tall, but makes him extremely quick and agile. He is brilliant on the ball and extremely skilful, would be the perfect replacement for the departing Sessegnon

Hooper-Celtic-ST. 7m
We are favourites to get the English forward, he has had a super season bagging 31 goals, 6 of them in the champion league in 7 apps is Fantastic
Would be the ideal partner for Fletch up front

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Bernard the Brazilan linked with a host of top clubs? And you were worried about get S**T for mentioning Insigne. The rest looks reasonable.

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Haha, Bernard is even more unreasonable than Insigne. Dortmund looking to him as Gotze replacement, Spurs also interested.

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Sorry didn't know that

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You mad bro?

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Instead of Bernard what about André Ayew,
He is 22, plays Left Mid for Marseille
He is quick, great crosser and a good passer
Marseille want Sess, so we should put a swap bid Sess plus 2m for Ayew

Would be a good buy

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Ayew playing CL football and if memory serves me his brother also plays for the club so couldn't see him leaving

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Maybe Sess will take his place if he goes to Marseille

Or, He might not like his brother?

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Di canio will play colback as well just saying as he will be a key part of our squad

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Na it will look like this





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Nobody is getting ahead of O'Shea in centre of defence, fact. He'll be made our full time captain also.

The Prophet

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10 Jun 2013 19:02:49
Well our player recruitment set up is officially complete. Safc93

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Bring in the top signings please

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10 Jun 2013 18:32:23
Simon Mignolet is willing to stay at Sunderland for the remainder of his two-year contract, according to his agent.

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10 Jun 2013 17:13:15
Reports today saying we have opened talks with allessandro rosina from sienna

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He is 29 bit old?

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Same age as sess so I would say no

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Looked decent playing for a mediocre team 6 years ago don't know why we would be in for him

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10 Jun 2013 15:57:21
Mignolet's Agent has said he will respect his contract
It is in the hands of the club to decide if he stays or if he goes
If the club accept a bid for him, he will likely leave, but if the club rejects all offers, he will stay and not force a move away

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10 Jun 2013 15:41:55
Talk that Sunderland have bid 10mil for the striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Would be a top signing

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He would cost 12m atleast. Safc93

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Would prefer Insigne {Ed024's Note - He's not not not not coming}

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Why say rubbish? If their was a source say it?!

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Like I said Ed, block any post that mentions the word Insigne. or I'm calling the Police.

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Ed I'm sorry, but how do you know, anything can happen
They would put a 15m price tag on him if he wasn't for sale

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And even if there was a 15 million price tag he still won't come to Sunderland. Other clubs with a european pedigree will be well ahead of us in the queue. But Napoli won't sell him anyway. Either way you need to understand although we appreciate the size of our club with a great fan base, were not seen that way in the european standing.

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There isn't any other clubs interested in him

He is on the bench at Napoli (who qualified for CL)

They would not put a price tag on him if they refused to sell him

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There's no way he'll go to sunderland neither will insigne, he would reject you anyway, its only paper talk that say they've "slapped a 15m price tag"

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Who the hell is Aubameyang?

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Well you might aswell stop ranting on about him then too on your site
If he rejects us, he rejects you

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Right lads it is ok to say we really want insigne but look at him he is world class and with napoli loosing cavani insigne will be looking to step up to cavani's boots i'm not saying it couldn't happen because I don't know everything but it probably wont

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Doubt Napoli will let Insigne lead the line, isn't the best finisher
Napoli are after, Gomez, Torres, Tevez, Dzeko, Suarez
With the money they'll get for Cavani, they're bound to get 1 or 2

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10 Jun 2013 14:57:17
Here is a very realistic team for next year. Only one debatable is Insigne. You can replace the CAM with another ST if it suits you.

GK - Mignolet
RB - D'Ambrosio
CB - Diakite
CB - Roberge
LB - Orban
RM - Johnson
CM - N'Diaye
CM - Guilavogui
LM - Insigne
CAM - Leitner/Sessegnon ( if he stays )
ST - Fletcher

Subs: Horn / Cedric / Ginter / Cabral / Mcclean / Guidetti / Dost

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Id love mig's to stay, but financially it would be the wrong decision, let him move on for a nice price and let westwood do a job for us, he is an excellent keeper. and for the rest of that team, I WISH! not very "realistic" at all though IMO. would be nice none the less, but I very much doubt it.

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First team Signings/// (just over 40m)

RB D'Ambrosio. 4m. Already linked

CB Diakite. Free. Pretty much got him

LB. Orban. 4m. OR/ Rose. (8m). Up to him if he comes, Spurs already going for other LBs, he won't get 1st team

CM. Huddlestone. (4m). Not enough game time, very good all round midfielder

LW. Insigne. (15m) Still a high possibility, The type of player who Di Canio likes and the ideal player to replace Sessegnon

ST. Jackson Martinez. (15m)- very good striker who will get us loads of goals, on 10k a week, give him 40k and he's ours
/OR Gary Hooper. (7m)- favourites to sign him
Outs (Around 35m)
Wickham (possibly)4.5m
El Mohammody-2.5m
Vaughan-3m {Ed024's Note - Insigne and Marinez are very low possibility}

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But Ed, if you don't buy a ticket, you don't win the raffle

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But can't you see 'if you don't buy a ticket you won't win the raffle' is invalid on that post! He doesn't want to come simple as that

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No way are all of those players leaving, 9 plus the others released!The squad is already too thin.

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Ideally, rose will come to his senses and join us and we'll get D'ambrosio or Orban and then huddlestone and hooper will come and then i'll be more than happy especially with the new trio of Valentin Roberge, Cabral and Modibo Diakite.

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If be happy
Need a LW though

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10 Jun 2013 14:22:00
Connections in connor wickhams hometown of colchester say he will be rejoining ipswich in the summer

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10 Jun 2013 02:19:27
I honestly think Di Canio has been givin the quoted 20mil to spend and the new Italian scout has been brought in to get us the next big forward for 10-15mil. The rest will go on players like Orban for 4mil. and if he wants other players then we have to sell first. Hence all the Bosman signings and linking migs and sess with away moves. I think sess with go for around 8mil to fund another signing like leitner for a playmaker. Your looking at Orban 4mil D'ambrose 1mil leitner 8mil and Insigne 15mil. And with other players going like catts and Larson bardsley etc that funds a move for Bas Dost 8mil. Then we have spent 20mil and leitner and dost funded by player sales the rest are free.

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Nobody but Di Canio and The owner know how much he has to spend

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10 Jun 2013 01:32:36
Press Talk:

Sunderland Outs:

Mingolet - Arsenal - £10,000,000. 00
Sessegnon - Marseille - £9,000,000. 00
Ji - Freiburg - £2, 500,000. 00
Graham - Middlesbrough - £4,000,000. 00
McClean - Celtic - £2, 500,000. 00
Bardsley & Elmohamady - Hull - £5,000,000. 00

other rumours of players leaving which look unlikely but it is the crazy season.

Sunderland Ins:

Watmore - Altrincham - Undisclosed
Roberge - Bosman
Diakite - Bosman
Viana - Bosman
Ba - Bosman
Cabral - Bosman
Ritchie - Bournemouth - £2,000,000. 00

linked with 10s of players non will come off in my view. Hey we will see.

Enjoyable reading this site this time of year.

Keep the good work up ED!.

James Nesbitt - Sunderland Fan

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That is the most depressing thing iv ever seen. Have some ambition.

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At least it is realistic.

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That would be our signings if we were relegated

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Hi yes u are realistic all sunderland fan's whant to be realistic di canio will have to sell before he can buy player's there will be no big names coming in free transfer's and lowe fee player's so can be sold on for big money.

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Hi having a close connection to the board of Sunderland I can confirm there is no set transfer budhget as this is not a realistic way to do business as this means every target that is possible is at an inflated price. The way the transfers will work is that paolo will night the type of player he wants for each position the scouts will then come back with a list of possible targets that match paolos needs this will then be discussed with the chairman who will then say which players are feasible at which point di canio will make his mind up on which to target first with a back up player in mind. I can also state that Sunderland are in a good financial state and will again look to improve the squad with quality and those with the right attitude to play for this team

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Again another sunderland fan trying to be realistic and not being deluded, but what happens? He immediately gets shot down by fans who think sunderland will sign honda, insigne, sigurdsson! Why would they quit CL or europa for sunderland, at least if they want prem football they'll go to a club playing in the champions league or europa!

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I think I'm more likely to have 4 mil than boro :') soon as I read that I knew you were talking a load of rubbish. As beanie slaven says "boro are skint"

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I would prefer to play with a premiership (which is regarded as the best league in the world)side who is not in Europe every week rather than sitting on the bench for the team who is in Europe

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But they don't sit on the bench for a team who's in europe, because every top teams squad is always rotated.

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10 Jun 2013 01:15:40
Potential Sess replacement
Insigne. 15m
Bernard. 12m
Honda. Free
Sigurdsson. 7m
Ljajić 10m
Weimann. 8m
Valbuenna 10m

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Arshavin or benayoun? Experienced playmakers

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Take out Honda, insigne, sigurdsson

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Everyone's is a possibility
Honda Is a free agent who would like to move to prem
Other 2 sit on the bench

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Honda would like to move to the prem who are PLAYING IN EUROPE.

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Yeah but as far as I'm aware, no clubs In Europe are after him

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Weimann has just signed a 3 year deal with Aston Villa

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09 Jun 2013 23:46:19
Ed I read the past post who do you think we will replace sess with now weimann has signed a new 3year deal with villa {Ed024's Note - That's damm inconsiderate - i mention his name and he signs a contract extension. How about a cheeky bid for Clint Dempsey - think Spurs might let him go and he has couple of seasons left in him.}

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Has he signed a contract extension {Ed024's Note - Yes - it was reported late last night}

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