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21 Jun 2013 23:31:20
Could this maybe what happens at the SOL this summer

OUTS=over 40m
Mignolet (12m)
Bardsley (1m)
Cueller (1.5m)
Gardner (4m)
Cattermole (4m)
Vaughan (3m)
Elmo (2.5m)
Sessegnon (10m)
Ji (7m)

INS=around 40m
Diakite (free)
Roberge (free)
Ba (free)
Cabral (free)
Karlsson (free)
Zoet (1.5m)
Cavanda (3m)
Rose (8m)
Guilavougi (6.5m)
Duncan (8.5m)
LW (over 10m)
Altidore (5m)

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I agree with everything I've stated but Canio correct you karlsson was 1.9million

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Ok, Karlsson 1.9m, I forgot what we payed for him so I guessed

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No he was £1.5m

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If you think were getting them fees for our outs your in dream world. Sessegnon, Ji, Vaughan and Cuellar totally over inflated and not going to go for them amounts.

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Yep £1.5 million

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Oh for god sake, how much was he

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•China club offering 10m for Sess
•Ji is in a bidding war in Germany, Dortmund are front runners willing to pay around 6m for him, could ride to 7m
•Crystal Palace, Hull and a few championship clubs are all in for Vaughan, willing to pay 2-3m
• A Spanish club is said to be interested in buying Cueller for around the 1m fee

That is how iv priced the players, from Rumours of clubs willing to pay those amounts

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Suprised Hull is in for Vaughn! as Steve Bruce wouldn't play him hardly at Sunderland!

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21 Jun 2013 23:03:12
Hearing Rumours that Catts will be shown the door this summer as he doesn't fit into Di Canio's plans and is hardly fit

This would be a massive loss

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Not really

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Di canio said when he first come to the club he said could not wait to work with catts so I think it is just the paper's making it up.

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Dissagree with the above post that Catts would be a loss firstly he has to be on the pitch and his discpline record is appaling! we need more creative ability in the midfield and less clatter players like Catts. like Migs get as much as we can for Catts and then add abilty and pace to the midfield !

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Catts?. good riddance!

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3rd post, he said he couldn't wait to work with Fletch, I can't remember sayin anything about Catts

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It was flech not catts

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21 Jun 2013 22:45:49
If you look on Asante Kotoko web page it says they are going to bring there academy players here in august to play our young lads should be interesting to see what our farm club are producing & see if any of them can fit into our future plans!

Ha'way the lads!

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21 Jun 2013 19:27:02
I just wanted to say, regardless of what the personic skunks are saying, that this is exciting times for SAFC. PDC has came into the club and has demonstrated thus far all of the qualities needed to succeed. He has confidence in his ability, an attacking mentality and a passion and desire to take the club forward. His discipline structure I believe should be mandatory for all premier league clubs and his immediate identification of a drink culture that needed stamping out a necessity to progress. His increased fitness training is simply common sense, run 9km in a match so train to that distance instead of only 25% of it as it was previously. We then have a full new transfer and scouting policy that is bringing a breath of fresh air to the club even if we don't know if the new players will be good enough for the EPL.

I have no idea if this will be successful but either way the anticipation for next season is greater than it has been for years and I for one can't wait to see how it pans out.
{Ed024's Note - I m sure there will be ups and downs but it should be an interesting ride.}

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Ed. I have never has such genuine enthusiasm as I have this close season. Who knows who we will actually sell and bring in but the squad appears like it will be completely overhauled and different and with a full new mentality in place. The outlook has to be more positive than previous years :-)

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There seems to be a big differance for the MIGS fee agreed with Liverpool! between various media from £8 million to £12 million!. well find out the true fee in due course!

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On Sunderland Echo it reports, that Migs will leave for 12 million

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21 Jun 2013 19:25:50
I can confirm that Chinese side Tianjin Teda have had a bid of 10mil accepted for sessegnon. There was a bid from france rejected of 7mil and it seems Tianjin Teda will get there man. They can offer silly wages so would expect this to happen very soon. It seems that Di Canio will have raised his transfer funds by 20mil with the sale of mignolet and sessegnon by the end of next week. Also expect Graham to be leaving Bardsley and cattermole. From what I can tell that will be the only outgoings. Di Canio is set to make the most of the rule of where you don't have to name under 21 players in the first team squad.


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Outs: 40m ish

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I watched tianjin when I was in china. progressive team. I don, t think he, ll like the food tho. all skin, bone and fat. chickens feet put me off

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Are you seriously saying Stephane Sessegnon wants to go to China? I don't think that's got any truth in it. {Ed024's Note - I agree its unlikely - but after Kinnear was made Parew's boss, I will believe anything is possible in football.}

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If it does go through. I will eat my face.

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Well then ed, if your willing to believe anything in football now, WHAT ABOUT INSIGNE!
ha, ha, ha, I'll show myself out {Ed024's Note - Dont forget your coat}

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Nice one ed

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21 Jun 2013 18:59:27
Sports News channel is reporting Liverpool have agreed a fee of 10-12m for Mignolet

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I heard its 12m

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Good deal that like couldn't turn it down

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They say its £11 million and if that's right that's a good deal. as I think there are better keepers out there for half that price!

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21 Jun 2013 18:56:22
Liverpool are interested in a lb and see danny rose as the one to play there also mignolet is def leaving but Liverpool might not be his destination as he wants to be number one and not guaranteed that if reina stays

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We should use the funds we get for Migs to get Rose

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Would offer half of the 12 on a take it or leave it but think he will sign for Liverpool mate

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I wonder if Sunderland settled for swift agreement with Liverpool for Mignolet on agreement that Liverpool will drop any interest with Rose to enable us to have half a chance at getting the best Left Back the worlds ever seen.

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I don't think it works like that

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Rose isn't the best LB in the prem never mind world lol.
1. Baines
2. Cole
3. evra
5. shaw

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No way is luke shaw the 5 best lb in the prem like! {Ed001's Note - I would question Evra rather than Shaw, personally, even the United fans don't rate Evra any more!}

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21 Jun 2013 18:45:23
Zoet due for medical next week. Hernandez set for talks has is d'ambrosio both will join next week also sounds like Vaughan, brown, Cuellar, Bardsley and graham all out as well as mignolet probable squad come August: Westwood, D'ambrosio, Diakite, O'Shea, Rose, Sessegnon, Cabral, N'Diaye, Johnson, Fletcher, Hernandez subs. Zoet, Roberge, Larsson, Hadji Ba, Karllson, Mcclean, Wickham

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Well need more quality than that mate. need more strikers and creative quality in midfield!

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This will be the sqaud next season




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Agree with that prediction apart from sess, who will probably go in the summer. Good to see a realistic 1st 11 on this site.

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21 Jun 2013 18:42:39
Stephane Sessegnon close to signing for Chinese side Tianjin Teda not confirmed so take this with a pinch of salt

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OOOOOH Chinese
They have MONEY

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All over the internet mate

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Sess going to China? ill be suprised if he goes there mind. speculation!

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There's no point sayin he's homesick then going to the complete opposite side of the world {Ed024's Note - Money Talks}

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Just remember Ian dowie, so homesick for the north that he had to move from palace to Charlton.

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Hes a great player mind, but all the footballers ever want these days is money! I mean he's noy exactly going to win ought there is he!

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21 Jun 2013 17:59:50
Mignolet has a medical at Liverpool next week. About the same time Zoet is due at Sunderland for a medical.


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I can not understand mignolet going to liverpool when pepe reina is staying at liverpool must be for the money. {Ed024's Note - I think Reina will be leaving.}

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Ed reina as said he is not leaving liverpool this season so I can not see reina sitting on the bench all season reina is a better keeper than mignolet. he said he would only leave sunderland to go to a big club so he can be number one keeper for his country he has no chance if reina stays at liverpool for me he is leaving sunderland for bigger pay day. {Ed024's Note - Mignolet is keen to be Belgiums World Cup keeper - if he's signed for Liverpool then he is expecting to play (he wont be picked for his country playing in the reserves) - I'd still have my money on Reina leaving. I'm sure his agent has negotiated a pay rise - after last season he would expect one.}

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Reina is not better than migs. But if migs did go then reina would not be first choice.

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Mag in peace - Mignolet is a good keeper but he is not Belgians no. 1. Thibault Courtois is outragrously well thought off and will have that spot.

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21 Jun 2013 15:46:32
What is the point in having a farm club if you are not going to use it.

Most be some good up and coming players Asante Kotoko & Bidvest Wits (Wits University) have.

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21 Jun 2013 13:40:16
herd tht we are after Jetro Willems for psv {Ed024's Note - He's a bit injury prone.}

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Man city were after him but he's signed a new contract at PSV.

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21 Jun 2013 15:14:06
I see kinnear has announced his primary transfer targets, Portugese winger naani bread and malaga midfielder salt and vinegar iscos

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Its going to be like the keystone cops with kINNEAR THERE!

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Its great up the road loving every minute

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21 Jun 2013 15:09:40
According to Google, Diogo Viana plays for Sunderland as a right winger. If you read his profile on Wikipedia, it says he joined Sunderland on July 1 2013. Ed, have you got anything on this? {Ed024's Note - Yes I have some good advice, never ever ever take Wikipedia as a source - anyone can change it.}

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Very true

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21 Jun 2013 14:54:05
These are the players which could leave the club if deals go ahead to fund new signing coming in:

Brown - released
Bardsley - Hull City
Cuellar - Vallodolid
Sessegnon - Marseille
Elmohamady - Hull City
McClean - Celtic
Larsoon - Lazio
Graham - Cardiff
Ji - Bayer Leverkusan
Vaughan - Crystal Palace

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Sessegeon will stop at Sunderland

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The only player's to go are the one's with a year left on there contract's.
1. bardsley.
2. larson.
3. vaughan.
4. cuellar
5. ji.
6. elmohamady.
sunderland will not release brown because he as two year left on his contract cost to much money to get rid. cuellar will stay until we find a new center half.

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21 Jun 2013 14:37:23
Sunderland have been in contact with AZ over the transfer of Jozy Altidore. he scored 31 goals last season and Di Canio is very keen on the player.


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Ed have we made a bid for him or have ou heard anything?

7SAFC7 {Ed024's Note - Not heard of any bid yet.}

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Ok thanks


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21 Jun 2013 14:20:01
ED. there's conflicting reports out of Anfiield saying the MIGS deal is in doubt because Reina wants to stay at Liverpool!. and another says the deal is nearly done. have you heard anything?! {Ed024's Note - I've heard that Reina is saying he wants to move to a bigger club - the less we hear the better - more chance of a bidding war it another club wants him.}

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Hope Mig signs and Reina stays.
That will sicken the ungrateful sod

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21 Jun 2013 13:26:26
Sunderland intersested in Jozy Altidore

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It's funny because someone suggested that we should go for him a week ago

How did he know?

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